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Exclusive Décor & Fashion at Banarsi Designs

Banarsi Designs offers exclusive Indian décor for every occasion. Our collection features decorative table runners, tablecloths, placemats, throw pillow covers, and duvet cover sets. Luxurious and high quality silken fabrics are expertly crafted with exquisite details to make each and every piece beautifully one of a kind. Embroidered and hand painted designs adorn our attractive pieces, creating a unique and personalized style. Whether you are looking for a creative gift idea, to decorate your home or to host a special event; at Banarsi Designs, we provide a unique assortment of vibrant table linens, bedding, and tissue box covers to enhance the beauty of your furnishings.

We also offer vibrant and fashionable women’s scarves crafted with 100% pure silk, soft wool, and colorful satin fabrics. Explore our widely variety of tones, styles, and fabrics of Banarsi’s scarves collection and create a unique style that embellishes your everyday outfit, party, or event.