10 Cute Halloween Costumes That Are Surprisingly Easy

Remember that scene in ‘Mean Girls’ when Lindsay Lohan entered the party looking like a demented corpse bride? That is our worst nightmare right now! Luckily, cute Halloween costumes can be easier than you think and can often be created using pieces that you can wear again and again.

Halloween may be all about blood and death, but that’s just not us! Here’s 10 cute Halloween costumes that are surprisingly easy to recreate.



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Suede and fringe are all the rage right now! If that wasn’t enough of a reason to invest in them, they can also be put together to create a stunning Pocohontas costume.

Opt for a suede, fringe embellished top or skirt, than cinch in with a brown leather waist belt. Recreate her iconic necklace with blue ribbon and a plain pendant.

Daenerys Targaryen


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Costumes don’t get much more stunning than the Mother of Dragons. Best of all? You can recreate it with a versatile Grecian maxi dress. Tie a scarf between your shoulders, such as our solid color scarf, to recreate her cape. Finally, curl your hair into effortless waves and add a Daenerys style braid.

1950s Rockabilly Babe


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This 1950s costume is about as easy as Halloween costumes come! Begin with a high waisted flared midi skirt or a pencil skirt and team with a bustier or collared top. Polka dots and gingham are a sure fire way to get this one right! Finish with a bold red lip, a hair bouffant and a silk hair scarf. Our artistic print silk scarf has 1950s chic written all over it!



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This one is perfect for any makeup moguls! This cute and sculpted deer makeup can easily be recreated with a highlighting and contouring kit.  Add a cute pair of antlers or even braid your hair into two ‘ears’. So cute!

As for the costume, a brown top or dress will suffice. Hardcore costume-ers can stick felt circles onto the back of a brown jumpsuit for a more authentic Bambi look.

Haute Hippy

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With so many gorgeous bohemian pieces around at the moment, a stunning hippy costume is really easy to put together. The general rule is the more textures and fabrics the merrier. Opt for suede, lace and bold prints. Embellish with chunky belts, lashings of jewellery, flower crows and hair pieces. Finally, drape a floral scarf, such as the Spring Flowers Wool Scarf over your shoulders for a final touch of effortless 70s style.

Greek Goddess


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Got a white maxi dress or even a sheet? Boom! Your Halloween costume is sorted!

Turn a white maxi into a stunning Greek goddess outfit with chunky gold arm cuffs, gold leaf crowns and gladiator sandals. All of these pieces will make wonderful additions to your outfit too.

Cookie Monster


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If you’re after cute Halloween costumes that no one else will never even consider, look no further than this cookies monster ensemble! Simply take a blue t-shirt and attach two felt circles for eyes. Then do your best art with a permanent marker. Add a blue tutu or skirt and embellish with cute cookies.



(Photo Source: pinterest.com)

This leopard costume is another one for the makeup moguls! Team this stunning face makeup with a cheetah print outfit and you will look grrr-eat!! (Sorry: had to!)

If you don’t have any animal print clothes in your wardrobe, this leopard print scarf is the answer to all your problems.



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Fear not: this scarecrow costume is anything but Jeepers Creepers! All it takes is a plaid shirt, some distressed denim and a bandana. Our stripe print scarf would be a great addition to your scarecrow costume!

Then all that is left to do is add a hat and get funky with some facepaint!

Marilyn Monroe


How to guarantee you’ll have the cutest costume at the party? Recreate the most iconic look of the sexiest woman alive.

Recreate Miss Monroe’s famous ‘Seven Year Itch’ look with a white, halter neck dress. Add red lippy, pearl earrings and tightly curled hair and you’re ready to go! Watch out for those pesky vents though!

Which of these cute Halloween costumes takes your fancy? Happy Halloween!




Rachel Holliday

Rachel Holliday

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