10 Easy Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

With Thanksgiving less than a month away, it’s time to start getting into the festive spirit! Thanksgiving decor is an easy way to start getting both your home and your family into the Thanksgiving mood.

If you thought that Thanksgiving decor needed to be as lavish and time-consuming as Christmas, I’ll stop you right in your tracks there! All it takes is a few stunning Autumnal touches to bring in the air of the Fall harvest and create a warm atmosphere for your loved ones.

Here’s 10 easy Thanksgiving decor ideas that are sure to catapult you right into the holiday spirit!

1. Pumpkin Garland

diy pumpkin garland Thanksgiving decor

(Photo Source: coco29.com)

Before you adorn your home with garlands of bells and snowflakes, celebrate Thanksgiving and Fall with these cuter-than-cute pumpkin garlands! They are super easy to make and will bring smiles to the faces of the younger members of your family.

You can read up on the whole tutorial here.

2. Cosy Cushion Corner

Thanksgiving decor cosy corner with cushions

(Photo Source: rusticandwoven.com)

Wooden benches and seats can look a little bit cold for Fall. Turn up the heat and snuggle up with cozy cushion and blankets. This combination of rustic neutrals and faux squashes will make a lovely comfortable corner for your Thanksgiving guests to relax after dinner.

Our Touch

When choosing cushions for your Thanksgiving decor, you may be tempted to go for typical oranges and burnished reds. Although these are undoubtedly Autumnal, rustic beige and cream are far more versatile. Add orange with real pumpkins instead!

Solid geometric pillow cover

3. Thankful Board

Thanksgiving thankful board with leaves DIY

Whether you have family visiting from interstate, or you have just your immediate family popping round for dinner, this board is a wonderful way for you all to indulge in what you are truly thankful for.

Cut out leaves from colored paper, and give one to each family member for them to jot down what they are grateful for. Pin the leaves to a board for a unique addition to your home that will ensure you don’t take everyday things for granted! Plus: When the kids are whining about not having the newest X Box, you can totally show them this!

Our Touch

Make this activity extra Fall-appropriate by placing your cut out leaves in an old tissue box adorned with our hand painted floral tissue box cover. DIY-ing a piece of ‘garbage’ is well in the nature of Thanksgiving, whilst the saffron red tones will add an Autumnal touch to any surface.

4. Simple Tablescape

neutral and classic Thanksgiving table layout

(Photo Source: potterybarn.com)

We are all for easy and laid back, so rest assured that this tablescape has no ice sculptures or ridiculously oversized turkeys carved out of wood. Although this wooden and creamy concoction may be simple, that certainly doesn’t make it any less stunning. Woven placemats and fresh leaves make it luxurious without being too flamboyant. An abundance of earthy textures and harvest vegetables will ensure that your family will embrace the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

Our Touch

If the above layout is a little bit too simple for you, you could always jazz it up with a border printed table runner. Square placemats will also make more of a statement than round placemats under round plates.

Beige & Maroon

Glamorous border table runner

Shimmering spiral hand embroidered placemats

5. Vegetable Toilet Rolls

vegetable toilet roll covers cute fall decor idea

(Photo Source: woohome.com)

Lets be real: a toilet can never be glamorous, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be funny! These fabric toilet roll covers will make your guests smile. Just don’t be too disturbed if you hear fits of laughter coming from the loo!

6. Coffee Table Centerpiece

Thanksgiving decor coffee table centerpiece

(Photo Source: dining-delight.blogspot.ca)

If you want to add a sprinkle of Fall to your coffee table, this centerpiece screams Thanksgiving! All it takes is some dried mini squashes, leaves and seasonal berries and a couple of candles! If you don’t have a fire in your home, this is a wonderful way to inject the glow of an open flame into your Thanksgiving decor.

Our Touch

If you would like to give your coffee table a further injection of Thanksgiving, a leaf printed table runner will do the trick! Opt for orange or golden shades to compliment your centerpiece.

Jacquard Floral Table Runner

Jacquard floral table runner

7. Wheat Wreath

thanksgiving decor DIY wheat horseshoe wreath

(Photo Source: countryliving.com)

Get crafty with wheat and make your dining table chairs a literal representation of thanksgiving. Color co-ordinate the ribbon bow to compliment your table layout.

8. Cute & Cottagey Table

cute cottagey thanksgiving table forest themed

(Photo Source: housebeautiful.com)

If you thought that Thanksgiving couldn’t be as magical as Christmas, think again!! This stunning table pays homage to the country forest, with faux stag horns, green tablewear and fresh fruit. Although blue isn’t traditionally a color we would associate with Fall or Thanksgiving, the contrast between the warm-hued flowers and the blue tablecloth is stunning. Check out our other favorite Thanksgiving Tablescapes while you’re at it!

Our Touch

Printed blue table cloths and runners can give your Thanksgiving table that quirky, yet stylish edge.

Ocean Blue

Ornamental blossom table runner

Hand painted floral round table cloth

9. Thanks Mason Jars

Thanksgiving decor mason jars

(Photo Source: etsy.com)

There is something undeniably cute and homey about mason jars, so why not make them part of your Thanksgiving decor? As well as being a stunning statement, these mason jars also remind us of the true meaning of the holiday.

10. Pumpkin Owls

pumpkin owls cute Fall Thanksgiving idea














(Photo Source: realsimple.com)

Jack o’lanterns scream Halloween, so how exactly do you incorporate pumpkins into your Thanksgiving decor? By turning them into owls of course!

With a few bits of felt and pipe cleaners, your pumpkins can be transformed into cute little table decorations that the kids are sure to love!

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