10 Hacks To Make A Small Room Look Bigger

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We don’t all live in homes the size of Buckingham Palace, but this doesn’t have to mean living in  home that feels small and cramped. As a matter of fact, there are several techniques that you can use to a small room look bigger

Whether it’s a living room that feels too jammed or a bedroom that is comparable to a cupboard, here are our top tips to make a small room look bigger.

Decorate With Lighter Colors

light colored living room decor

(Photo Source: home-styling.blogspot.nl)

Lighter and more neutral colors create the illusion of a more open or airy space. If you want to inject some colors, we suggest adding small decorations that will not swamp the area, such as printed pillow covers.

For larger furniture pieces such as sofas and bedding, we suggest opting for white, cream or light beige tones.

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Go for large amounts of light neutral tones and add pops of color with smaller embellishments.


Jacquard paisley pillow covers

Hand embroidered 7 piece duvet cover set

Ornamental embroidered table cloth

Use Mirrors

using mirrors as an optical illusion to make a room look bigger

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An easy way to make a small room look bigger is to use mirrors! Keep it fashionable with hanging wall mirrors or make a statement by leaning a full length mirror against the wall.

Use Artwork For An Optical Illusion

Sometimes spatial perception can be nothing more than an optical illusion. Imagine you are walking through a park, how much larger would the park seem if you could see the horizon in the distance? The same goes for your home! Place a piece or artwork or a canvas on a distant wall, preferably one in the next room that you can see through an open door.

Hanging a mirror in the distance will have the same effect, alongside adding the additional optical illusion of the rooms reflection.

More of a boho lover? Hang a printed table runner on a far away fall for a similar statement effect.

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Table runners can be used to enhance the long length of the floor or as a wall hang to use as an optical illusion.


Exotic oriental table runner

Black & White

Hawthorne leaf table runner

Keep It Vertical

floor to ceiling shelving

(Photo Source: etsy.com)

As tempting as it may be to jam pack your floor space with as much furniture as humanly possible, this will make the room seem cramped and cluttered. Take advantage of your vertical wall space and draw the eyes upwards, making the room seem taller.

High chests of drawers or tall furniture will look far better than longer and thicker furniture. Ceiling to floor curtains can also produce an optical illusion of taller ceilings.

Keep Flowing Uniform

house with laminate wooden flooring

(Photo Source: fantasticfrank.se)

Although using different flooring on each room may create a more defined look, it will make each room appear boxed in. Whether your home is open plan or not, using the same flooring throughout your entire home will ensure that each and every room will look as large as possible.

Use Stripes To Lengthen The Room


(Photo Source: buzzfeed.com)

Just as on clothing, vertical stripes can make a room appear longer. A statement striped rug combined with white or light furniture is a great way to do this!

Paint Your Ceilings!

bathroom with painted ceiling

(Photo Source: mydomaine.com)

A colored or dark ceiling draws the eyes upwards and makes the ceiling appear higher! Paired with bright white walls, it makes a stunning, size-enhancing combination.

Opt For Furniture With Legs


(Photo Source: decoist.com)

You may think that keeping furniture as low to the floor as possible will make your room appear larger, but this is certainly not the case! As a matter of fact, many home decor experts suggest opting for furniture that is elevated about ten centimeters off the floor. Low arms are a great idea too. Round tables and bar stools are great for making a room appear less cluttered too.

Opt for an on-trend, Scandivanian style sofa that is on wooden legs for an on-trend look that will ensure your living room looks as large as possible.

A Few Large Ornaments Will Work

A small room calls for small ornaments right? Wrong! A few statement, larger ornaments will appear less cluttered and thus make your room look larger. Something like a printed table runner will make a wonderful embellishment and will make a small room look bigger.

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Jacquard floral table runner

Golden Orange

Banarsi saree border table runner

How do you make a small room look bigger? Let us know in the comments below.


Rachel Holliday

Interior design and fashion contributor at Banarsi Designs. Writer and Aussie-based fashion and personal style blogger at www.thedailyluxe.net