10 Stunning Ways To Style Red Home Decor

Red is one color that is known for making a statement. Despite the beauty and drama of this hue, many homeowners steer clear of red home decor, due to its overpowering nature.

However, when styled well, red can be a beautiful and uplifting statement to any home.

Here are 10 stunning ways to style red home decor in your home…


(Photo source: roomdecorideas.eu)

This is a fantastic example of how red home decor pieces can completely warm up a room.

The white walls and leather sofa have been given a modern, luxurious edge with detailed pillow covers, an embellished mirror and vases.

When styling red decor with dark leather, add some white or light pieces too to ensure it isn’t too dark.


(Photo source: laurelberninteriors.com)

We are all for a styling with color clashes and this printed blue and red contrast is undeniably stunning.

A piece of red furniture will make a great color pop against a printed wallpaper. However, it’s important to add solid white or neutral pieces to tone down the decor and keep it classy.


(Photo source: redohomeanddesign.com)

This minimalist bedroom has been given a sleek, bohemian edge with the addition of a red rug.

A statement red decor piece, such as a rug, or large throw, is a wonderful way to try out red decor in your home. Alternatively, dot smaller pieces, such as vases and photo frames around the room.


(Photo source: pinimg.com)

Once again, a red rug takes a Scandinavia-style bedroom and totally warms it up.

Mix red pillow covers in with gray and neutral ones to add even more red.


(Photo source: ourthrifdecor.com)

Once upon a time a red sofa would have made us cringe to our core. However, this perfectly styled red piece shows that it’s all about how you place your pieces.

The sofa seriously pops from the monochrome hallway and is toned down and given a retro edge with printed monochrome cushions.


(Photo source: decophotoblog.blogspot.com)

A red splashback stops this shiny white kitchen from looking overly clinical. Live greenery provides a further contrast and ensures that this stunning kitchen is home-y and comfortable.


(Photo source: sharonscrapbook.blogspot.com)

Much in contrast to the clinical white kitchen is this adorable farmhouse kitsch set-up.

A checkerboard print floor looks incredible against white cupboards and painted red walls. Pops of retro red prints throughout the kitchen are the perfect addition.


(Photo source: issuu.com)

Although this kitchen is choc-o-bloc full of color, it’s the red that really stands out.

A red printed splash-back and red cupboards may be too much for the faint hearted, but it works well in this colorful, bohemian kitchen.


(Photo source: eyefordesignlfd.blogspot.com)

This is the definition of ‘cozy red’! With Fall just around the corner, add red additions to your bed to warm things up.

Red, brown, beige and black work wonderfully together in this bohemian, Western-style bedroom. Alternatively, this palette is a fantastic option for Fall too.


(Photo source: bloglovin.com)

Plaid, chunky knits and brick red make us feel like we have been transported to a snug ski lodge.

Orange-toned reds look great in Fall or Winter palettes. On the other hand, scarlet and crimson are great for warming up your home decor for the cooler months.

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