20 Times @tuulavintage Gave Us Life Envy!

Imagine visiting the most photogenic places in the world? And even better, getting paid for it! For Jessica Stein, this dreamy jet-set lifestyle is in-fact a reality. The Australian personal style and travel blogger behind ‘Tuula Vintage’ is officially the worlds most stylish nomad.

With a whopping 2.2 million followers, it seems that many of us want to live her life vicariously through her and who can blame us? From crystal clear, cave pools, to hundreds of hot air balloons with a picture perfect skirt twirl, her whole life seems like an edition of Conde Nast traveller. **Sighs and then goes back to 9-5 job**

We have to admit that we are a whole lot little jealous of her adventures. We’d happily swap our office for her yoga sesh on a Thai beach and our grotty cheese salad sandwich for her wine and canapes.

Ready to get your wanderlust on? Stay tuned for 20 times that Jessica Stein has given us serious life envy…


Jess enjoys a dip in one of natures most beautiful natural pools. This Croatian wonderland looks like something from a Mermaid- fairytale! If only I could literally jump into this photo…


How’s this for a view of New York? The closest we’ve got to this is through watching re-runs of Gossip Girl… And those weren’t even sunset views…



The blogger beauty shows off her fabulous pins in Mexico in this split maxi dress. Hey Jess: can we steal those cushions to make our own outdoor chill zone?

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Bring the Aztec vibes of Mexico home with printed cushions. As the Spring weather begins to roll in, pop them on an outdoor chair or in a hammock for an at-home chill zone! Jess’s legs, however, are something that you can not easily recreate!

Floral embroidered pillow cover and velvet sparkle throw pillow cover


This photo is captioned ‘floating this morning and watching the sunset.’ As if having Krabi to yourself isn’t enough, Jess’s feet seem to be waaay more photogenic than ours too!


Our obsession with Moroccan prints has just entered a whole new level… Que this fashion-meets-fabric photo taken at the markets in Marrakesh. Get us fifty miles of Moroccan print fabric and a lace midi dress pronto!

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If you can’t go to Marrakesh, bring Marrakesh to you! Fill your home with luscious middle Eastern prints, burn some incense and pretend you are there…

Exotic oriental pillow cover, Arabian velvet table runner, Chic jacquard table runner


Croatia has been turbo-sped to the top of my wanderlust list thanks to Jessica’s Instagram. One look at these waterfalls in the Plitvice Lakes National Park is all it takes!


Here’s two words that will turn you greener than Shrek: Jimmy Choo and Marrakech. Them combined= Excitedly gasping for breath. This Jimmy Choo party looks like something we could only dream of receiving an invite too…

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Warm up your dining area with firey red and pink tones. Add a chic Moroccan flair with natural tones place mats and let that wine flow!


Ornamental embroidered table cloth and shimmering spiral hand embroidered placemats


Fancy going swimming a bat cave? We didn’t even know such a thing existed! Jess explores this hidden beauty in Cenote Dos Ojos.


The interior of this mosque has to be some of the most beautiful architecture I have ever seen, just look at those colors! Jessica covers up in a matching palette.

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Wrap up in an paisley print scarf to add a little touch of wanderlust to your everyday wardrobe.

Floral paisley silk scarf and floral paisley scarf


It seems that Turkey is the unofficial land of colors! This hot air balloon meets model scene is so perfect, the only way we could re-create it would be with Photoshop!


This Phuket suite would totally win our Oscar for ‘comfiest looking bed’, if such a thing existed! With four-poster drapes and a luscious sea view, it’s certainly fit for a modern princess.

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Luxury and comfort do not necessarily have to be polar opposites. Opt for clean, neutral tones and a variety of textures for something snug, yet chic.

Hand embroidered duvet cover set and elegant dahlia pillow cover


Just hanging out in the Maldives and casually matching your look to the aqua ocean…. ah, the life of a travel blogger!


‘Revolve clothing’ certainly do know how to spoil their blogger guests! This Miami mansion makes my home look like a literal shed.

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For this Pinterest-worthy style, opt for a minimalist vibe with bright white base tones. Add features in marble, wood and brown tones to make it comfy rather than clinical.

Damask throw pillow cover and paisley embroidered pillow cover


Strolling down El Matador beach looking like a supermodel. Us when we go to the beach? Sweaty, greasy and not that hot!


Hows this for romantic? A ‘four poster’ style gazebo with perfect table decor right on a private Costa Rican beach. And check out those ‘Survivor’ style flaming arrows. Me? Jealous?

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Although you may not have access to a ticket to Costa Rica, you can treat your other half to a private beach picnic. For a timeless and romantic vibe, opt for a pink-hued table cloth and a jar of fresh roses.

Hand painted round floral tablecloth


This makes my inner ‘Princess and The Frog’ come screaming out! This giant, turquoise pool is so perfectly dotted with lillypads. Ah… get me to Tulum, Mexico!


Now this is an infinity pool! Jess knows luxury, and this retreat in the Maldives blends seamlessly into the ocean.


I’ve never seen anything more typically beautifully Mediterranean then Jess’s shots of Positano. Those brightly-hued houses on the hill look like part of some sort of fantastic painting.


The Hamptons: the place that the rich, the famous, and the all-out glamorous go to escape from the Big Apple. Jessica’s visit, courtesy of Revolve Clothing, was all out-chic, if this cosy abode is anything to judge by!

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For a trip to the Hamptons in your own home, opt for a feminine and floral vibe in a lavender palette.

Hand painted duvet cover set and hand embroidered pillow cover.


Jess celebrates a picturesque sunset in Dubrovnik, Croatia. She certainly has a lot to celebrate in her life, everyday is a new adventure!

Which photo fills you with wanderlust? Let me know in the comments below…


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