10 Ways To Wear A Scarf This Summer

With Summer just around that last chilly corner, it’s time to rejoice! Longer nights, beach-y days, endless sunshine and sun-kissed skin are so close that you can practically smell them. Undoubtedly, you are beginning to throw those chunky knits and endless layers to the back of your wardrobes. But before you throw your collection of printed scarves to this winter-y pile, stop and think!

Soft fabric and silk scarves can be a total saving grace when it comes to Summer style. So before you pack them away for colder days, read on for 10 stunning ways to rock your scarf under the sunshine!

The Beach Cover-up


(Photo Source: theadoraandcalluum.com)

Whether you suffer from sunburn or just want something easy and breezy to layer on for lunchtime cafe trips, a scarf coverup is a must! We adore how this Aztec print scarf has being double knotted to create a DIY sarong. Plus, you can even lie on it if you forget your beach blanket!

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This geometric printed Aztec scarf is so vibrant we question if it was actually made for the beach!

The Throw & Go


(Photo Source: fashionandstylev.blogspot.rs)

Those ‘I have nothing to wear’ days can be quite simply solved by a tee and ripped jeans combo, but sometimes, this feels a little ‘meh’. Enter our best friend, the printed scarf, to the rescue! Literally throw it over your shoulders and then let the wind do its work. Then watch the passers by as they murmur: ‘Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s a fashionista!’

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The print on the floral wool scarf is so vibrant that you could totally rock it as one sheet!

The Sweaty Hair Saver

(Photo Source: blog.vpfashion.com)

We may love the 30 degree scorchers and salty air, but it is our hairs’ worst nightmare. Sweat, dried salt and general dirtiness is not cute! So cover it up! A scarf is an easy way to cover up your less-then-lovely locks and everyone will be none the wiser.


To recreate this beach-y boho look, simply layer the floral paisley scarf over your head and tie at the back. Yes: it’s really that easy!!


(Photo Source: brunchatsaks.blogspot.com)

Or simply throw a scarf effortlessly around your hair and cross under your chin for a vintage vibe. A floral scarf will add wonderfully to the 1940s air of this style and you can’t get more retro than our Spring roses wool scarf.

The Instant Halter Top


(Photo Source: glamradar.com)

Picture this: you and your friends are enjoying a relaxing day at the beach, the day whiles away and suddenly it’s 6pm. Your friend suggests a few cheeky cocktails, but all you’re donning is a bikini! The solution? A scarf! Tie it into a sarong or wrap around your neck and tie at the small of your back to make an on-trend printed halter top. That’s the shirt and shoes dress code sorted….

We Recommend

Our tropical print scarf

This tropical leaf embellished beauty practically screams Summer! Wear as a halter top with denim shorts for an effortless look.


The Solid Color Scarf in Orange

This bronzed orange scarf will make one dressy halter top! The tassel details are so on-trend and the metallic flecks are made for a tan.

The Final Embellishment


(Photo Source: prettycurlsandpearls.tumblr.com)

The LWD (little white dress) is the LBD’s more summery sister! Add an extra glam factor to yours with an oversized tan tote and a printed silk scarf! Make sure the colors are as vibrant as possible, this one’s all about making a statement!

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It doesn’t get more colorful than our on-trend exotic silk scarf!

The Hat Topper


(Photo Source: silkphilosophy.com)

I’ve always said that a hat is the easiest way o instantly make an outfit stylish, but who has an endless supply of hats? Customize your hat to your look by tying a silk scarf around the base. Changing up your favorite accessory has never been so easy!

The ‘New’ Dress


(Photo Source: whowhatwear.com)

The best thing about Summer is the easiness of a warm weather wardrobe. What is better than throwing on a dress and walking out of the door? If you find your dress supplies are depleting and you want a new look, I’ll let you in on a secret… silk scarves! Layer over the shoulders and belt around the waist for a completely new look. Don’t be surprised when everyone compliments you on your ‘new’ dress.

We Recommend

The muted tones of the paisley wool scarf will blend seamlessly into your dress.

The Silky Choker


(Photo Source: www.thedailyluxe.net)

Unless you dwell in a cave, you will know that chokers are all the rage right now! With the 70s skinny scarf trend still going strong, why not combine them? The result: the choker scarf. Simply fold your silk scarf horizontally until it is around 2 inches thick, then tie tightly around your neck. The effect of the long strands of scarf trailing behind you is just too pretty!

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Make it a triple trend threat and go for a boho print! Our floral paisley silk scarf is perfect!

The Printed Skirt


(Photo Source: loft.com)

You don’t have to be the Simon Cowell of the sewing world to turn a versatile scarf into a skirt. All it takes it a few knots, or a belt if you want to be really secure! Scarves are so easy to throw in your beach bag for an instant outfit.

We Recommend

Opt for a wider and thicker scarf such as the geometric print scarf.

The Cooling Updo


Summer heat+ loose hair= a sweaty result. Keep cool and braid your hair in amongst a silk scarf for a really unique look. For a full tutorial on how to create this scarf braid check out our piece ‘7 Boho Scarf Hairstyles You Must Try‘.

Wearing the exotic silk scarf in berry.


Have I convinced you that scarves are for Summer?! See you at the beach!

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