15 Stylish Ways To Use A Table Runner

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On first glance, table runners may seem to be limited to fancy dinner parties, dining table-scapes and the odd picnic, but do not be fooled! These items are absolute gold when it comes to decorating! What if I told you that there were five stunning ways to use table runners in your bedroom alone? Yep: you got it!

Whether you want to uplift your lounge room or add a colorful edge to your office, here’s 15 unique and stylish ways to use a table runner. So get those table runners out of your linen closet and have a go at recreating some of these!

In The Bedroom

A Boho Wall Hang


Who needs a fancy bed head when a table runner can create just as stunning an effect? To recreate this look, blue tack your table runner above the center of your bed, securing with blue tack all the way down.

For my room, I used the exotic oriental table runner in purple and complimented with hand embroidered pillow covers in black and gold.

A Runner For Your Vanity


A retro-print table runner will finish off your vanity to perfection! Plus: if you spill makeup, you can wash it and not sacrifice ruining your wooden furniture.

I gave my dresser a shabby-chic edge with the jacquard paisley table runner in purple.

A Bed Footer


You know the ugly part where your mattress meets your bed stand? Hide it with a table runner. Simply tuck in the top edge of the runner under your mattress for a regal look.

This exotic oriental table runner gives your bed that luxury edge.

A Bed Runner


A table runner is a cheaper alternative to a defined bed runner and looks almost identical.

I clashed this mandala print table runner with my mandala print bedding for a look that’s oh-so-boho. The hand embroidered pillow covers in black and gold adds some extra boho luxe.

In The Living Room

A Statement Throw


Break up a long or square sofa with a printed table runner. Compliment plain sofas with vibrant patterns, or tone down an overly-brash sofa with a solid-colored runner.

Keeping in line with the beach theme of my living room, I lifted my knit-grey sofa base with the suitably oceanic chic jacquard table runner. I injected a bit more tropicana with a stunning pair of floral embroidered pillow covers.

Ocean Blue

A Messy Shelf Hideaway


We all have that shelf in our home that is choc-o-block full of absolute random junk. If it’s things you really do need, you can hide it away from eager eyes with the simple addition of a table runner.

The chic jacquard table runner hides mine and my partners mess to a tee!

A Sofa Topper


If you want to add a simple embellishment to your sofa, add your runner to the very top!

I kept things simple and creamy with the hand embroidered table runner and made things a bit more boho with a jacquard damask pillow and a jacquard paisley pillow cover.


A Furniture Makeover


This old set of drawers NEEDS to go! But until we can afford a stunning TV unit, this chic jacquard table runner makes it look far more presentable!

A Rug


Me and my partner are not exactly electricians, hence the huuuuge, whopping, argghhh-look-at-it power cord running all the way down the room. What cord, I hear you ask? Well, this one has being chic-ly masked by the jacquard floral table runner. Yep: they make great rugs too!

A Breezy Window Blocker


Long, tall windows are about as 80s as Tina Turner’s hair. Give them an oomph by hanging a table runner over them. Extra points if your runner is an exact fit to your table!

The hand embroidered table runner lets the light through, whilst minimizing the chance of neighbors seeing me in my bloomers.


In The Kitchen


Our kitchen table isn’t exactly as hot as Channing Tatum. But with the simple addition of the deluxe floral table runner, it’s a fair Zac Efron.

Rustic Orange

Everywhere Else

A Boho Nook


A chill out area next to an office may seem crazy to you, but I adore it! Create a simple, but stunning, boho hangout by attaching and draping runners from the ceiling or walls.

To create my nook, I draped the embroidered floral table runner across the corner and highlighted with the jacquard floral table runner. The exotic oriental pillow covers really complimented the burnished color scheme.

A Hallway Rug


Before the addition of this damask-style elegant table runner, my hallway was about as interesting as a broken kettle.

A Chair Topper


Believe me when I say that you do NOT want to see this chair sans runner. A printed runner and pair of printed cushions are a comfy way to upgrade your office chair!

This ugly duckling became a swan thanks to the floral embroidered table runner and exotic oriental pillows! Pssst- spot the cute tissue box cover!

Rustic Orange

A Beanbag Cover


It’s official: you can throw a table runner on any cosy area and make it instantly look chic! The jacquard floral runner makes this beanbag look expensive!

Time to get those runners out and let the fun begin!




Rachel Holliday

Interior design and fashion contributor at Banarsi Designs. Writer and Aussie-based fashion and personal style blogger at www.thedailyluxe.net