2 Simple Hotel Decor Tips For Hotel Owners

Hotel decor is something you definitely want to take into consideration if you own or manage a hotel or motel. Hotel guests want to stay in rooms that are nice, well decorated and comfortable. If you want to make money with your hotel business, you’ll need to focus on hotel decor as one of the aspects that will bring in customers and help them become repeat customers.

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1. Bedding Sets

Of course, since the bed is the primary focus of any hotel room (and the reason that the customer is booking the room), you’ll want to make sure that you address bedding sets first, before addressing any other hotel room decor. Choose quality, decorative bedding sets that will be noticed as soon as the customer walks in the door of their room. If you’re going for a luxury look, select bedding with fine details like embroidery or beading. Make sure you choose a color that goes with the overall decor scheme in the room, although it doesn’t necessarily have to match perfectly. If your hotel features warm colors and rich wood tables and chairs, opt for a bedding set in a warm, coordinating color. The same goes with cool colors – if you have lots of metal accents or are going for a “modern” look, cool colors are your best option.

2. Table Decor

Most hotel rooms will have a table in them of some sorts, be it a large round table, an entryway table or a night table. Don’t make the mistake of under decorating your tables or leaving them bare in an effort to make “bare” synonymous with “clean looking.” A bare table will leave guests feeling like the room is underfurnished. Instead, decorate with an elegant tablecloth, table runner or even a night table placemat depending on what type of tables you have in your hotel rooms. This will make the room feel more home like but with a luxury flair, making guests want to stay again and again. Finish with a lamp and a complimentary bowl of mints or candies and you’re set.

Don’t underestimate the power of the right decor when it comes to putting together the look you want for your hotel rooms. Guests appreciate well furnished and aptly decorated rooms, and in turn, your hotel business will flourish.

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