20 Fall Landscapes You Won’t Believe Are Real

Fall landscapes are undeniably a favorite of nature lovers. Warm, crispy leaves create blankets of vibrant oranges and reds that compliment an array of natural landscapes. But if you thought that you’d seen the best that Fall has to offer, you haven’t seen anything yet!

Here are 20 Fall landscapes from around the world that are so stunning you won’t even believe they are real!

1.The Multnomah Falls in the Columbia River Gorge


(Photo Source: photosnapping.wordpress.com)

How can a double cascade look even more like it’s been taken from a fairy tale? Add golden tinted leaves and a moody Fall atmosphere! Cue the fairies!

2. Chinese Forest


(Photo Source: pinimg.com)

There is something so unusually beautiful about this landscape; dots of crimson trees and dotted, almost crater-like hills, make it look like something we would never expect to see in China.

3. Glacier National Park, Montana


(Photo Source: pinterest.com)

Is this place for real? The blue of that cascade against the green and purple hills are what dreams are made of. And the mountain is just the cherry on the top!

4. Lake Bled, Slovenia

lake bled slovenia fall landscapes

(Photo Source: textbooktravel.com)

There is evidence that mountains and Fall foliage are a match made in heaven. This tiny Slovenian island attracts more visitors than any other place in this country and we can really see why! Off all Fall landscapes, this one is the most iconic.

5. Neuschwanstein Castle, Allgau, Bavaria, Germany


(Photo Source: europescalling.com)

This Bavarian castle is known for inspiring Beauty and The Beast. The way the red bricks compliment the trees and that lake…it’s too much for us to handle!

6. The Italian Alps


(Photo Souce: countryliving.com)

A tiny church looks even tinier when surrounded by mighty frost-topped mountains and tangerine-hued pines.

7. Kyoto, Japan


(Photo Source: mappingmegan.com)

These trees are almost magenta. When paired with a reflective mirror and a Japanese temple, it looks like a painting that we would happily hang on our living room wall.

8. The Scottish Highlands


(Phot0 Source: avenlylanetravel.com)

This theatrical landscape has it all: a reflective lake, hills of colorful trees and a layer of fresh mist.

9. Quebec, Canada


(Photo Source: designpics.artistwebsites.com)

How adorable is this? These trees are so bright and vibrant that they look like they could have been painted by hand.

10. Seymour, Connecticut


(Photo Source: pinimg.com)

This landscape is a flaming blaze of Autumnal trees, cute houses and that oh-so-perfectly placed swan.

11. Dolomites, Italy


(Photo Source: orientartoccident.com)

What makes this to other Fall landscapes is how green those rolling hills are. The contrasting red foliage and the vast array of mountains makes us feel the sunshine and the chill at the exact same time.

12. Conwy, Wales


(Photo Source: sylviayork.tumblr.com)

If this doesn’t say ‘Hansel and Gretel’ I’m not sure what will! This adorable thatched home has literally engulfed itself in the beauty of Fall.

13. Los Glaclares National Park, Patagonia, Argentina


(Photo Source: flickr.com)

Who knew trees could become this stunning crimson hue? The mountains are so perfectly placed that they may have well been Photoshopped there.

14. Norway


(Photo Source: 500px.com)

Brrr! This one looks chilly! But through icy hills and freezing lakes comes unexpected pops of tangerine and cranberry.

15. Grand Tetons, Wyoming


(Photo Source: 500px.com)

These colors are actually unreal! The color of harvested corn has been taken and placed on this stunning mountainous landscape.

16. Tenkwana Mountain Range, Japan


(Photo Source: blazepress.com)

The way those colored trees outline the top of the mountain is just crazy! Nature: you’re awesome!

17. Zurich, Switzerland


(Photo Source: pinspopular.com)

Fall in Zurich looks like it’s been taken from a dark fairytale. A carpet of crimson leaves and a reflective, winding stream makes us think that Maleficent may live there.

18. New Hampshire


(Photo Source: tauck.com)

Although color may typically be associated with Spring, this rainbow landscape makes us think that Fall is the kind of color!

19. Alpine Lakes, Washington


(Photo Source: extrahyperactive.com)

This stunning shot captures the process of Fall in all it’s natural glory; as each tree becomes bronzed one by one.

20. Stockholm, Sweden


(Photo Source: 500px.com)

Autumnal Stockland is like going back to a simpler, more beautiful time.

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Which of the Fall landscapes is your favorite?







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