3 Indian Wedding Decorations That Are Ultra-Authentic

3 Authentic Indian Wedding Decorations

Indian wedding decorations are becoming more and more popular, and many couples are choosing to either incorporate small Indian themed touches into their traditionally decorated wedding, or they are opting to have an entirely Indian themed wedding ceremony or reception. Either way, you want to make sure your Indian wedding decorations look authentic! Here are three ideas to help get you started.

1. Create An Indian Themed Altar Or “Mandap”

Create an altar that radiates authentic Indian charm by using lots of Indian-made fabric over a covered structure with pillars that the bride and groom will stand under during their nuptials. This is traditionally known as a “mandap” and can be the single most gorgeous attraction at an Indian themed wedding. Drape the fabric in lots of layers around the pillars and over the top of the mandap, and complete with gorgeous bouquets of fragrant flowers. Popular Indian colors for a mandap include white, gold, purple, red and pink.

2. Use Richly Colored Tablecloths At Your Reception

Instead of going with your traditional white or ivory tablecloths at an Indian themed wedding reception, opt for decorative tablecloths in richer colors. Bold colors like red or gold, or even blue or green can make a huge impact on your reception and set the backdrop for simple, affordable centerpieces. Select tablecloths with exceptional details like hand beading or metallic embroidery for an ultra authentic Indian look at your wedding reception.

3. Hanging Crystalsb

Hanging crystal garlands are popular Indian wedding decorations that can easily add flair and excitement to both the wedding ceremony and the reception. You can add them to the mandap in addition to Indian fabric and flowers, or you can hang them over the bride and groom’s table at the reception. Crystal garlands are exceptionally versatile and can be used in any way you can imagine!

When incorporating Indian wedding decorations into your ceremony and reception, remember to honor your own style and allow your decorations to reflect your personality. That will truly make it a day to remember!

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