5 Christmas Gift Ideas For The Travel Lover

We all have that friend/relative who seems to have a passport constantly glued to their hand. Whether they’re hiking in the Himalayas or cruising round the Greek Island’s, they eat, drink and breathe wanderlust.

As they touch base for the festive period, they bring with them tales of places unknown, a trillion photographs and a sack full of souvenirs. So what are you supposed to place under the Christmas tree for them? Read on for the ultimate gift guide for the wanderluster…

The Embroidered Table Cloth

If you can’t buy them a trip around the world, why not buy them something that brings that trip to their home?

This stunning hand embroidered table cloth injects an air of wanderlust into any kitchen. With a vibrant Paisley design that brings vibes of Morocco, India and Aboriginal Australia alike, your wanderluster friend can dream about lands far-far-away every meal time!


(Photo Source: nomadicdecorator.com)

If their walls need a quick update, this stunning design can also be mounted on the wall to make a bohemian wall hanging! It ticks all the boho-trend boxes and is sure to add some much needed warmth to the Winter chill!

A Statement Scarf

If you thought scarves were just for keeping the chill at bay, think again. Here’s how a scarf could be a beneficial gift to your travel-loving friend:


(Photo Source: boardwalk-style.com)

A scarf can be used as a cute beach cover-up to keep sunburn at bay. The tropical floral scarf is the perfect gift for any beach babe!


(Photo Source: dornob.com)

Scarves can be used to snuggle up in during a flight. The pure wool print animal scarf is 100% wool. SUPER COSY!

neutral on neutral-summer

Above: Wearing the abstract floral wool scarf

A scarf acts as a quick and easy shoulder cover-up when visiting Mosque’s, Temples and places of worship.


(Photo source: banggood.com)

A scarf makes a cute addition to a backpack and makes it easier to find in that hostel back pack mound! With the artistic print silk scarf, her bag is bound to stand out for all the right reasons!


(Photo Source: chicfashion.co)

Last, but certainly not least, a scarf is a stylish, boho injection to any outfit! Traveling is all about embracing that on-trend nomadic vibe. Plus: It takes up ZERO space in their backpack! You can’t get more fashionably bohemian than the exotic silk scarf!

Foreign Currency


(Photo Source: cashstop.com.au)

Know where they’re headed to next? A great and thoughtful gift idea is to give them some foreign currency. It show’s your interested in their adventures and ensures they have that little bit of cash tucked away for necessities when they get there. If their itinerary is a total mystery to you, travelers cheques may be a better choice!

A Cushion/Throw Pillow Cover

What better way to remind them of their epic travels than with a decorated cushion cover? With various prints and colors, you are sure to find one that will give them sweet dreams of their travels! Check out my guide below….


watphoBlack & Gold

(Photo Source: thailandmusings.thaivisas.com)

The hand brocade pillow cover will bring back memories of the stunning architecture of Wat Pho.



(Photo Source: thesmartgirlstravelguide.com)

This floral embroidered pillow cover perfectly captures the bustling vibrancy of a Marrakesh market.



(Photo Source: aboriginalartstore.com.au)

The ornamental embroidered pillow cover is very reminiscent of Indigenous Australian art.



(Photo Source: viaa.nl)

Nothing says The Netherlands tulips like the Jacquard Damask Pillow Cover.

Boho Print Place Mats

A set of stunning bohemian print place mats gives your loved one the perfect excuse to invite friends round to show them holiday snaps.

They could show off their newly acquired Asian cooking skills with the Saree Border place mats:


Alternatively, they can echo the sophisticated vibe they felt in Europe with the two tone place mats:


Now sit back, relax and enjoy listening to the travel tales these presents bring out…

Rachel Holliday

Rachel Holliday

Interior design and fashion contributor at Banarsi Designs. Writer and Aussie-based fashion and personal style blogger at www.thedailyluxe.net