5 Hot Hairstyles Using Scarves

As much as we don’t like to admit it, we all suffer from the occasional ‘bad hair day’. Whether it be a frizzy halo, unwashed roots or just that your hair seems to have a mind of it’s own, throw away that dowdy Nana hat and embrace this seasons hottest hair trend: the hair scarf.

As a matter of fact, if you want to be ahead of the trends, a hair scarf will instantly up your style game. The Spring/Summer 2016 trends will see the hair scarf sky-rocketing to a must-have status.  At Milan Fashion Week, Dolce and Gabanna sent models stomping down the runway rocking a pastel pink printed rose hair scarf. And hey; if it’s good enough for them, it’s one million percent good enough for us!


(Photo Source: get-the-look.com.au)

This look is super easy and cheap to recreate with this lush Spring Roses Wool Scarf. A catwalk worthy look for $38? You’re welcome.

As well as being versatile when it comes to fashion styling options, scarves also look incredible incorporated into a number of cute and easy hair styles. So whether you’re off for coffee with the girls or you want to rock a new ‘do to the office, read on to find the perfect scarf hairstyle for you.

The Slick Chick


(Photo Source: fashionmio.com)

Direct from Missoni’s Spring 2015 Catwalk, this sleek and feminine style will add some retro glamour to your look. Begin by brushing hair back into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck and securing with a hair tie. Next, take a frizz-reducing serum and smooth over your tied-back locks. As well as recreating Missoni’s must have ‘wet look’ hair, the serum will tame all stray hair and ensure a smooth and polished finish.

Now that the top of your hair is perfectly prepped, take the ponytail and twist into a low bun, securing with bobby pins. Then tie a printed silk scarf, such as the Artistic Print scarf, around your bun in a loose bow. Keep the ends of the scarf long, this look is all about showing off that stunning print.

The Exotic Traveler


(Photo Source: http://t.brauksimkopa.lv)

If you want to inject an air of wanderlust into your life, this haute-gypsy look is the one for you. To create tousled, bohemian waves, spray damp hair with sea salt spray and leave to air dry, scrunching every few minutes to achieve a maximum curl.

Once hair is dry, feel free to use a curling iron if your hair is naturally straight. Simply wind one inch thick strands around a wide barreled-tong, hold for 20 seconds and release. Once all of your locks have cooled, separate the ringlets with fingers and spritz with your favorite long-hold hairspray.

Next, take a wide wool scarf, such as the Abstract Floral Wool Scarf, and tie thickly across your crown, securing just behind your ear. Let the remaining length of the scarf hang down past your locks for a statement traveler look.

Love the soft, leafy print of this scarf? Release your inner tree-hugger with this boho-liscious Mystic Branches Scarf.

The Boho Braid


(Photo Source: blog.vpfashion.com)

Incorporating a scarf into your braid takes it to a seriously quirky new level. So if you are ready to enter this boho-braided territory, read on…

This luscious style is surprisingly easy to recreate. First, take a wide-set, long-length scarf, such as the Floral Paisley Scarf, and wrap around your hair a couple of centimeters in from your hairline. Tie underneath your hair, ensuring that one length of fabric is at it’s maximum length. I recommend tying one side of the scarf off at minimum length at the base of the braid.

To keep the look undone and effortless, pull out a few strands of hair in front of the scarf and spritz with sea salt spray.

Now: it’s time to get braiding! Treat the length of the scarf exactly the same as you would a section of hair. To create this rope braid, simply twist the scarf fabric and the section of hair around each other simultaneously and secure at the end with a see-through elastic.

To finish, tie the remaining length of the scarf fabric into a luscious bow around the end of the braid.

The Modern Pocahontas


(Photo source: maneaddicts.com)

Legend says that Pocahontas was the most beautiful woman in history and many popular culture references have portrayed her with long, braided pigtails. This look is Pocahontas time-traveling to 70s Woodstock: and we love it!

Begin by parting hair in a super-straight center parting and dividing your lengths equally in half. Secure one half of your hair to the side in order to keep the look perfectly symmetrical. Begin plaiting the other half of hair in a regular three strand braid. Finish your braid about three inches from the bottom of your hair and secure with a hair tie about two centimeters under the end of the braid.

Get the over-sized, messy volume at the top of the braids by gently pulling on your strands between the nape of your neck and the top of your ears. Once you have reached va-va-voom-ville, spritz with hairspray to keep in place.

Repeat all of the steps on the section of hair on the other side.

Next, take two scarves, for this statement patterned look we recommend using two of the Floral Wool Scarf, and braid them. To create this scarf-braid simply wrap the two scarves simultaneously around each other in a rope braid. Then wrap around your crown and secure by tying the two scarves together at one side.

If you’re feeling extra colorful, use contrasting colors to create this double-scarf braid. The Solid Color Scarf in royal blue and orange would look breathtakingly bohemian.

The Messy Topknot


(Photo source: stelladezotti.com)

If you are having the baddest of bad hair days; this style is your saving grace! Pull hair up high onto the top of your head and secure with a hair tie. Then simply loop the hair under itself and secure with bobby pins. For an extra nonchalant look, pull out strands of hair.

If you’re not blessed with a lot of volume, feel free to use a hair doughnut to get that over-sized topknot.

Then take a wide silk scarf, such as the Artistic Print Scarf and make a 4 inch-thick strip by folding. Then take the scarf and secure around your hairline, tying underneath.

Loving the mod vibe of this look? The Geometric Print Scarf has enough sixties swing to make Twiggy jealous!

Which scarf hairstyle will you be rocking? Let me know in the comments below.

Rachel Holliday

Rachel Holliday

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