5 Instagram Hotels For Your Bucketlist

Once upon a time, hotel owners and managers relied on brochures, travel magazines and travel agents as their primary source of marketing. Today, it’s a whole different game; one that fits in the palm of your hands. The idea of ‘Instagram Hotels’ is something that more and more companies are looking into.

2017 is set to be more about influencer marketing than ever, with more and more of the travel market jumping onto its perfectly filtered bandwagon. And who can blame them? Instagram influencers offer a type of advertising that is not only glossy and picturesque, but relatable.

Take for example, popular travel bloggers Lauren Bullen and Jack Morris, who, before racking up a massive 2 million followers, were just normal, everyday Joe’s like you and me. It gives us that tiny glimpse of hope that we don’t need to win the lottery or be born a Kardashian to have moments of pure lavishness.

With more and more Instagram hotels popping up on our feeds, we can’t help but feel serious FOMO. As we sit on our 9-5 desks, we dream of that square of Marrakech pool with the perfect level of ‘Clarendon’. **Sighs**

Put down your phone and bring out your bucketlist, as we show you 5 Instagram hotels you have to visit. Plus, if you have the budget of a pauper, we show you how to bring elements of these Instagram hotels to your home decor. Double win!

Riad Yasmine, Marrakech

instagram hotels marrakech


This is the one that haunts you in your dreams: that perfect symmetry, that tiled aqua pool, those impeccably placed palms. This slice of paradise is the Riad Yasmine in Marrakech, ‘a safe haven of peace’ with only seven rooms.

the best instagram hotels


Any travel lover will have undoubtedly seen several of their favorite travel bloggers floating in this heavenly pool, and that’s no coincidence. The Riad Yasmine was specifically created to be aesthetically pleasing, in order to go ‘viral’ on Instagram. The hotel regularly works with travel bloggers, who, in turn, share their perfect squares of paradise with their thousands of followers.



As if the main pool area wasn’t enough, the rooms themselves also boast classic Moroccan architecture in a photogenic brick palette. To top it off, there’s also a cute resident cat called Bowie. And nothing goes viral like a cute cat.

Home Inspiration

If a flight to Morocco is totally out of your league, take decor cues from the hotel’s clean, Moroccan tiles and neo-gypsy vibes.

Floral embroidered pillow cover

Beige & Maroon

Glamorous border table runner

Azulik, Tuluum



A favorite of celebrities and Instagrammers alike, Azulik is a jungle tree house wonder that suspends right into the Mexican ocean. This eco-retreat has absolutely no electricity, allowing guests to completely detach from the post-modern world and go back to nature, all whilst staying in the lap of luxury.



There’s swings at the bar, staircases cascading down into the turquoise ocean and outdoor private bathtubs. Sounds like the perfect playground for adults!



If that wasn’t enough to make you turn greener than Shrek, the resort itself is in a rainforest canopy and, quite literally, stands above the jungle.

Home Inspiration

Despite it’s reputation with Instagram royalty, the decor of Azulik is rustic, natural and clean. Bring this wanderlust-filled vibe to your home with driftwood, drapey white fabric and an abundance of greenery.

Embroidered leaf placemats

Elegant dahlia pillow cover

Urban Cowboy B & B, Nashville/Brooklyn



The Urban Cowboy looks like the love child of a wandering bohemian and a concrete cowboy. With two photogenic locations in Nashville and Brooklyn, the Urban Cowboy is fast becoming a favorite destination for Instagram-lovers.



The antithesis of the upmarket New York hotel, the Urban Cowboy Brooklyn is ‘a much needed antidote to the mind-numbing pace of Manhattan’. Known for attracting artist, this super hipster spot has certainly gained recognition in the two years it’s been open.

Home Inspiration

The decor of the Urban Cowboy is undeniably unique. Bring this Western-meets-bohemian vibe into your home with seventies style boho prints, carved wood and clashing patterns in brown tones.

Damask style table runner

Solid geometric pillow covers


Byron Beach Abodes, Byron Bay



This Byron Bay holiday rental company offers a number of wonderful rental properties in the stunning, Australian coastal town.



Clean white decor, immaculate pools and outdoor bath tubs make these properties truly amiable. Many of the properties have a unique, cottage-like charm combines with an edge of tropical bohemia.

Home Inspiration

Bring Byron Bay home with clean whites and blues, juxtaposed with cottage-like prints and splashes of cacti.

Chic jacquard table runner

Sophisticated two tone placemats

Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc, Antibes



Celebrities and Instagram stars flock to this Southern France hotel in abundance and who can blame them? This former private mansion boasts a salt water swimming pool that is literally carved into a cliff overlooking the French Riviera.



Although it’s been around since the 1800s, the Instagram generation have undoubtedly given it a new lease of life. It’s popular with the fashion pack and has hosted the Chanel couture house.

Home Inspiration

If you dream of staying in this palace, why not inject its decor into your home? Think Marie Antoinette on vacation and you’re on the right tracks!

Jacquard floral table runner


Vibrant throw pillow covers

Which of these Instagram hotels is at the top of your travel list?





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