5 Simple Steps To Create An Indian Themed Bedroom

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An Indian themed bedroom can invoke feelings of serenity, peacefulness and exoticism. When you enter a bedroom with rich, Indian theme decor, you feel transported to another place, where time doesn’t exist and you’re free to do as you please.

Revamp your bedroom space by giving the most personal room in your home an Indian makeover with these five easy steps.


1. Indian Bedding

Purple Indian Bedding
Photo Credit: Banarsi Designs

Since the bed is generally the focal point of the room, you want to select the type of Indian themed bedding you want first. Choose a bold, bright color or rich jewel tones. Our Hand Painted 7-Piece Deluxe Bedding Set is available in a variety of colors to help you create a completely unique space.

Once you have your bedding set chosen, you can put together the other pieces of the room.


2. Swaths Of Fabric

Gorgeous Indian Fabric
Source: Homedit.com

You can easily add richness and dimension to your bedroom with simple swaths of fabric that hang from the ceiling, from the walls or even from your bed itself. Try securing the ends of several sections of chiffon fabric to a lighting fixture in the center of your ceiling. Bring out the ends in every direction and secure to the edge of the ceiling where it meets the wall.


3. Low, Romantic Lighting

Arabian Inspired Bedding

Make the room feel serene and romantic by nixing bright overhead lights and replacing them with low lighting from decorative lamps. Lampshades covered with exotic fabric are perfect for this look! Place your lamps on a nightstand or a table with either a gorgeous Hand Embroidered 5-Piece Night Table Placemat set or an Indian themed table runner to take the look to the next level.


4. Ornate Mirrors

Source: Brides Magazine

Ornate, gilded mirrors are a popular trend in Indian themed bedrooms and although they can sometimes be difficult to find, they are well worth the investment of time and money. A beautifully designed mirror can easily become the visual center of the room, and can make a small room look larger and more inviting.


5. Floor Decor

Bring the Indian look full circle by adorning the floor with a brightly colored, woven rug complete with pillows for a fun and fresh sitting area. Make your sitting area more comfortable to use by adding a low table with a few books, a place for drinks and an Indian inspired tissue box cover.

Feel free to enhance your Indian themed bedroom with walls in rich, bold colors and Indian inspired art and bedroom accessories.

No remodeling needed – these five simple steps will help you create the bedroom you’ve always dreamed about in no time!

Banarsi Designs

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