5 Things We Love About Fall

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1. The Colors

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Although we undeniably adore the fresh, green hues of Spring and Summer, there’s something about the rustic, Autumnal landscape that puts a smile on our face. Whether we spend our spare time jumping in piles of crunching leaves or just simply admiring the trees in our backyards, the changing hues of Fall make the top of our list.

2. The Onset Of Festivities

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Now that Halloween has been and gone, it’s time to start getting in the spirit of our favorite holiday: Christmas! Although some people may argue that Fall is too early to get into the holiday spirit, nothing makes me feel warm and fuzzy like the start of Christmas displays in department stores.

3. The Crackle Of A Flame

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Whether it’s an open fire in your living room, a Bonfire Night celebration or simply a cinnamon scented candle, nothing is a relaxing as the sound of a crackling flame.

4. The Starbucks Red Cups

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The satisfaction of those chilly fall days comes in a Starbucks red cup. Warm up and get into the Winter spirit with a gingerbread latte or treat your taste buds to a chestnut praline treat.

5. The Layering

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Layering is undoubtedly chic and dropping temperatures mean that it’s time to up your layering game. So you can totally get away with throwing on that jumper, coat and jacket all at once; why not even add a statement scarf for good luck?

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