5 Unique Dinner Party Table Decorations That Will “WOW” Your Guests

You’re hosting a dinner party and want your table to look fantastic – but where do you start? Here are five fun & fresh unique dinner party table decorations what will “wow” your guests and make your dinner party a big hit.

1. Simple & Fresh Green Orchids

Flowers and glassware have been done to death, but they make such a beautiful impact and are easy to do. Cut the stems off your favorite flowers and arrange the florals to your liking inside clear glassware. You can mix up your look by stacking glassware on top of each other, or finding uniquely shaped glassware at flea markets or swap meets. Pair this gorgeous green-orchid look with our golden jade green exotic oriental table runner.

2. Peacock Feathers & Florals


Give your dinner party table decorations a tropical and elegant look with our shimmering ornamental embroidered tablecloth in ocean blue. Fill a vase with an array of tropical flowers, and insert a few short peacock feathers to take “tropical” to the next level.

3. Ombre Themed Florals


Make the most of strictly floral dinner party table decorations by incorporating the trendy ombre theme. Although you can use any color your imagination can think up, this soft pink ombre rose centerpiece is perfect for an intimate dinner gathering and works well with our Hand Painted Deluxe table runner in cotton candy.

 4. Tuxedo Chic


Black isn’t just for Halloween. Use a black and white theme for your next formal dinner party for a modern and chic look. Our mystic crystal Hand Painted Table Runner will beautifully offset simple painted black vases and crisp, white florals.

 5. Guilded Sophistication


Gold is a great color for formal dinner party table decorations, and is of course the perfect color for an Oscar or awards season party! Capture the sophisticated look shown here by simply using gold spray paint on craft branches, and placing them in a vase on top of our Hawthorn Leaf table runner in dark gold.

Remember to use your imagination when brainstorming dinner party table decorations, and ultimately go with the look that best fits the occasion of your party.

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Banarsi Designs

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