5 Ways to Add Bohemian Flair to Your Living Room

If there’s one style that never really goes out of style, it is definitely bohemian. The whimsical, classic and chic designs can bring so much life to any room, but the one we want to focus on is the living room. Regardless of how you choose to decorate, a subtle bohemian flair can add a unique ambiance to your living room.

Crisp and Clean

If you’re looking for a crisp, clean bohemian feel, having large windows to let in a lot of natural light will give that feeling of an airy, open space: Even if the room is on the smaller side. Light, natural wood, bamboo, plant life, and even a white piece or two will accentuate this overall feeling of bringing the outdoors inside.   Keeping the rest of your décor simple while adding one focal piece, such as the chandelier, will also help achieve a natural elegance throughout the room.


photo credit: hgtv

Water-Colored Walls

Matching patterns with bright or bold colors can be a risky move. But opting for a more water-colored look on the walls instantly softens any color and avoids any air of stiff, stuffy, or overdone. This also complements the distressed look found in the wood flooring and furniture.   The couch is the standout piece so pulling colors from its pattern with accent pieces will bring the room together and complete the look.


photo credit: House and Garden

Classic Look

Floral wall paper, dark wood, and structured furniture all contribute to this room’s classic look with a twist. Vibrant, multicolored curtains keep this look on track by steering clear of an old fashioned vibe. Neutral flooring keeps the room from looking too busy. Wall hangings, lamps, and accents that imitate nature also liven up the space and while staying in line the bohemian style. Bright, decorative sofa pillows pull shades from the wallpaper, furniture, and curtains to complete the room.


photo credit: Home Design Lover

Retro Vibe

Dark browns, reds, and a shag rug give this room a 70’s feel. The elegantly patterned sofa pillows and ornate lighting fixture keep the room from crossing over to sloppy and add just a touch of modern. The sectional is created by storage for vinyl records serving both a functional and decorative purpose: This is especially appropriate for small spaces. Retro wall hangings and natural wood floors complete this room’s throw back vibe.

apartmenttherapyphoto credit: Apartment Therapy

Accent Pillows

Adding the perfect pillows or pillow covers to your living room will also add the perfect touch. We love these Floral Embroidered Pillow Covers , that will add the perfect bohemian touch to your living room look. These floral embroidered pillow covers offer beauty and elegance for any comfortable living space.

Floral Embroidered Cover Pillow

How do you decorate your living room with bohemian inspiration?

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