5 Ways To Brighten Up Your Office

The average adult in the Western world works a staggering 1842 hours per week. Yes; I gasped with horror too! Before you lie in bed and binge on ice cream and netflix and give up on being an adult, let’s try and make this time at work actually enjoyable.

Yes; it can be done! Psychologists have proved that your surroundings, their colors and their atmospheres, can have a huge impact on your mood. So maybe your 9-5 would be just that little bit less hideous without those hideous brown cushions?

Ready to make those 1842 hours a little bit more bearable? You’re in luck! Today, we share with you five ways to brighten up your office.

1. Greenery & Fresh Flowers

(Photo Source: associationsnow.com)

Stale air is about as productive as a broken record player when it comes to the work place, so why not place a natural air purifier on your desk? As you will remember from high school biology, flora takes in carbon dioxide and releases oxygen, making the air you breathe in, cleaner, fresher and more useful for your respiratory system.

Plus: your new green friend may even get you a raise! Boffins at a Norweigan University found that people surrounded by flora and foliage performed better in attention and retention tasks than those sat at bare desks. (Source: insidesource.com)

2. Colorful Comfort


Above: One of the worlds most comfortable offices. If only…. (Photo source: melodyhome.com)

When your boss was picking out those, ahem, quirky office chairs, chances are he was focusing more on cost than on comfort. The result? A bad back and bad mood. In his book ‘Proceedings of Health Buildings Vol 1’, Derek Baizhan found that: ‘Worker comfort directly affects important predictors of operational efficiency, such as productivity, job satisfaction, retention, well-being, and at its most basic level, of course, worker health’. (Source: hermanmiller.com)

Luckily, a more comfortable office doesn’t necessarily mean shouting at your boss for new furniture, printed pillows add support, whilst their bright and vibrant colors will uplift your spirit.

Ocean Blue

Floral embroidered pillow cover


Elegant dahlia pillow cover

3. Creative Workplace? Go For Green


(Photo Source: virtualvocations.com)

Boffins at forbes.com have found that using green in the work place can increase creativity and is ‘related to broader thought.’ If painting your entire office green is totally out of the question, turn that frown upside down! All it takes is a few injections of this natural tone.

Put green in as your central focal point by decorating your table with a green table runner.

Damask style elegant table runner

Hand painted deluxe floral table runner

Alternatively, dot around place mats for useful and productive color placemat. For an extra zen factor, top one with a plant!

Shimmering spiral hand embroidered placemats

Sophisticated two tone embroidered placemats

4. Get Arty!


(Photo Source: homecaprice.com)

Whether it’s a surrealist beach scene or just some photos of your loved ones, artworks or photographs can really uplift a drab work area! Go for a particularly inspiring artist if you want to enhance your creative streak. Alternatively, positive and inspiring aspirations will give you just that little kick you need!

Want to make your workplace more serene! A calming nature of beach scene will be a welcome addition to your desk. Or simply add photos of friends and families to remind you of good times and why you actually need to earn your money!

5. Give Your Desk A Makeover

Nothing drags you down more than a cracked and dull wooden desk! It can be easily fixed! Simply give it a one-stop makeover with one of our colorful table runners.


The exotic oriental table runner is the perfect neutral-hued way to funk up your office space. The Eastern-inspired mandala design will relax you with wanderlust-filled vibes of far away places.

Turn your desk into a palace with the velvet table runner. Psychologists also believe that red increases confidence. What better way to earn your next raise?

Jacquard Floral Table Runner

If your a nature lover, this jacquard floral table runner is sure to add an air of the outdoors to your workplace.

Enjoy your brighter, more uplifting office!

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