5 Ways To Bring The Outdoors In

Psychologists state that January is the most depressing month in the year. **Sighs** Dr Cliff Arnell, of Cardiff University, proved this theory to be true through a formula he developed, which took into consideration weather, debt and failed New Years Resolutions.

One thing we can change is how we interpret the dreary weather in our homes. By bringing elements of Spring inside, our moods will be uplifted. So let’s make January positive month, by bringing elements of the outdoors indoors!

Here’s 5 ways to bring the vibrancy of the Spring outdoors into your home…

1. Spring Floral Prints


(Photo Source: twelveoeightblog.com)

One thing that makes Winter so depressing? The lack of color. The Spring countryside is associated with newly blooming flora such as yellow daffodils, colorful tulips and, of course, freshly grown, green leaves.

Bring the Spring woodlands into your home with a vase of colorful faux flowers. I suggest faux flowers, as out of season Spring flowers could cost an arm and a leg. Plus: Fakies are so much lower maintenance!

Echo the blooms of your new bouquet through new additions to your sofa. Opt for Spring-like shades of yellow, green and bright fuchsia for an instant mood uplift. A mixture of floral and cottagey prints will work wonderfully and will create that outdoorsy, cottagey vibe.

Here are our top picks:

Jacquard floral pillow in green

Paisley pillow cover in yellow

Jacquard damask pillow cover

2. Natural Fibers And Materials


(Photo Source: naturalhomes.org)

Ok: So the photo above is obviously from some sort of fairy tale, but the same idea remains: go for natural materials. This is very easy to implement into your kitchen, and no: you don’t need to change your entire work top to do so!

Go for details and focal points made of natural wood; this could include kitchen tools such as chopping boards, or more decorative items such as vases and wooden sculptures.

To give your dining table an au-naturale vibe, opt for bamboo or pine look-a-like place mats, such as the shimmering spiral hand embroidered place mats.

Marble or stone plates will work wonders too! Opt for look-a-likes to avoid any hefty costs.

3. Floral Bedding


(Photo Source: Pinterest)

There is something so outdoorsy and uplifting about florals, so why not add more of them to your bedroom? We absolutely adore the floral abode above and it can be yours in a few simple steps!

Begin by switching your bedding set to a more floral design. I recommend the hand painted floral duvet cover set in an eye-catching purple or ocean blue tone.

For a certain air of nonchalance, add a contrasting fleece throw in a fuchsia tone. Psychologically, fuchsia increases feelings of positivity, hope and compassion: Perfect for keeping those January blues at bay!

Next, adorn your bed with a plethora of floral-printed cushions in a pink, blue and purple palette. I recommend the designs below:

Hand painted deluxe accent pillow cover


Paisley leaf pillow cover

Ornamental embroidered throw pillow cover

Now: time to add some magic! If you are lucky enough to own a four poster bed, decorate the wooden beams with faux pink and purple flowers and green vine leaves. This is sure to make your bedroom look like a stylish love child between a Pinterest board and ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream.’

No four poster bed? No problemo! Simply attach faux vine leaves above your headboard in a neat line. Dot with faux flora for an extra outdoorsy vibe.

(Photo Source: www.dailysomething.com)

Alternatively, attach strings of faux flowers to a wooden stick, as shown in the inspiration photo above.

4. Greenery


(Photo Source: dreamhomedsgn.blogspot.com)

This one’s a no-brainer! The easiest way to bring the outdoors into your home is inevitably through adding real plants. Plus: they have great health benefits too! If you are looking for an air purifier, go for a ficus alli. Palms are great for adding moisture to that cold, Winter air, as well as giving a warm, beach-y vibe to your home.

And the best thing about plants? They look great in every room in your house! To compliment your kitchen’s new greenery, why not embellish your table with the suitably outdoors-y jacquard floral table runner?

5. Water Features


Whether it takes up a corner of your kitchen table or half of your living room floor, a water feature is a sure-fire way to bring outdoor tranquility into your home.

What better way to beat the Winter blues than listening to the soft trickle that brings familiarity of warm, Summer streams?

Worried about potential leakage? A printed table cloth is a beautiful way to protect your floors from any water overflow.

The hand embroidered round tablecloth is a perfect addition to any water feature.

Do you wish your home was more outdoors-y? Which of our tips are you going to try?

Rachel Holliday

Rachel Holliday

Interior design and fashion contributor at Banarsi Designs. Writer and Aussie-based fashion and personal style blogger at www.thedailyluxe.net