5 Ways To Make Your Home More Zen

2016: you may be filled with the best technology, travel opportunities and out of this world inventions, but you are making our heads hurt! Between all the emails, phone calls and office- driven Tweets, it seems that switching off from our 9-5 is now harder than ever! And with a whopping three quarters of the population suffering from regular work related stress, leaving behind your work qualms is certainly a must.

It’s time to grab the reigns back on our stress levels! How? Through a little home makeover. With just a few tips and tweaks, turning your home into a more zen abode is sure to make those cortisol levels drop!

So sit back, light a scented candle and ‘oom’ your way through our top tips…

1. Go For Neutral, Earthy Tones

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Just as in nature, harmonization in your home is everything! Neutral and earth tones such as beige, cream and and grey have being scientifically proven to induce a state of relaxation. Continuity between elements such as the furniture, ceiling and floors is very important, so ensure that similar neutral tones are woven throughout your home.

Living Room


Neutral tones doesn’t have to equate to boring! Play with textures and patterns in a few neutral tones to stop your home appearing clinical. However, take caution! Ensure that your larger pieces of furniture, such as your flooring and sofa, are block colored. A patterned sofa with patterned cushions and wall decor can appear cluttered, which is the anti-thesis of zen.

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Opt for neutral toned cushions in relaxing Moroccan prints.

Floral embroidered pillow cover

Elegant dahlia pillow cover



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Warm golden neutrals ensure that the bedroom is still cosy and welcoming. When choosing a bed, opt for a shape that matches the symmetry of the overall room to create a harmonious balance. A neutral carpet adds comfort whilst acting as a zen-enhancing noise blocker.

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It doesn’t get more blissful then neutral tones and soft, silk fabrics.

Hand embroidered 7 piece duvet cover set

2. Hide Sharp Edges

Feng Shui master Ann Bigley Gallops states that ‘hard table edges are called poison arrows’ and recommends covering them up with soft fabric (Source). When one of these ‘arrows’ faces you, you unconsciously take it’s sharp energy into your body. Ouch! So it’s time to embrace those table runners and table cloths! Luckily, we’ve listed our favorite picks in oh-so-zen tones.


Hawthorn leaf table runner


Hand painted floral table cloth

Soft Gold

Saree border table runner

Pink- Beige

Exotic oriental table runner

3. Add Soft Blues & Greens

There’s a reason that spas choose a color palette of soft blues and greens, they are the definition of relaxing! To ensure your room is unwinding, not cluttered, dot a few items of this color in among a room that has a neutral palette.

Living Room


(Photo Source: housebeautiful.co.uk)

These soft blue-hued cushions add an understated oceanic vibe to this neutral living area. The slightly Scandinavian vibe of the rest of the room adds to the tones soothing qualities.

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The geometric print pillow cover is cooling and calming in both tone and texture.



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A neutral palette of brown, white and beige is complimented and uplifted by a duck egg chair and pillows. When it comes to the bedroom, less is more with these cool tones. A few pillow cases or a bed runner alone will ensure that the room reserved for love isn’t left too cold.

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Ocean Blue

The ornamental blossom table runner is a calming way to dress up any neutral bed.

4. Incorporate The 5 Elements

The ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui thrives on the harmonious balance of the five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Ok, we don’t expect you to have a fire breathing dragon, a magical koi carp pond and a giant fan in your home, but there are some methods that allow you to easily inject the 5 elements into your abode.



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The easiest element to add by your home, you can add wood, by, well, adding wood! Whether this be through natural branches, or wooden furniture, embrace wood and the vibrant health that it brings.



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Scented candles are a must! If you don’t like their smokey counterpart, you can also inject the element of fire into your home with red decor. The Arabian velvet table runner is a regal way to inject some fire!


(Photo Source: apartmenttherapy.com)

The most beneficial way to add the earth element, is through live greenery. As well as encouraging nourishment and knowledge, plants also act as natural air purifiers. And old, dirty air is such a killer when it comes to zen.



(Photo Source: blog.freepeople.com)

This ones totally literal! Those who follow feng shui believe that the metal element encourages strength and independence. So grab some metal pots, ornaments and furniture and allow your strength to develop.



(Photo Source: blog.freepeople.com)

There’s nothing more relaxing than the sound of running water! Embrace this element in all it’s glory with a soothing, indoor water feature. If that’s too expensive, flowers floating in a water bowl is a beautiful addition to any room.

5. Natural Materials

natural textures

(Photo Source: decoholic.org)

Wood, marble, stone and bamboo all have highly zen qualities. As well as Being neutral in color, these materials literally bring the freshness and peace of nature into your home. If you’re on a budget, a DIY driftwood ornament can work wonders. Or add an air of bamboo to your kitchen with our shimmering spiral placemats.


And exhale! I don’t know about you, but I feel zen!

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