5 Ways To Make Your Office Boardroom Less Boring

It’s that big meeting, that make or break deal. You’ve repeated that speech to utter perfection, you’ve got the team prepared, you’ve made a slideshow that is amazing enough to put the works of Mozart to shame. You’re all ready, but one problem: your office boardroom is about as interesting as the back of your Grandma’s refrigerator. Luckily, we’re here to help! We’ve come up with five sure-fire ways to make your boardroom a less boring!

Add That Greenery


(Photo Source: premierplanters.co.uk)

As well as impressing business partners, an interesting environment for meetings is likely to have a positive effect on your team members too. Research has proved that different elements of office decor can actually improve employee performance. For example, green plants have been shown to increase happiness amongst employees. Alongside this, live plants improve air quality, add a bit of natural beauty and just generally make the office seem less ‘clinical.’

So what plants are likely to survive in an indoor office environment? Hilariously enough, mother-in-law’s tongue is made to withstand indoor office conditions. If even the idea of anything to do with a mother-in-law is too stressful for you, why not opt for the complete office: a peace lily. These beautiful plants love low-light conditions, making them the perfect office companion.

Worried about making a mess of that oh-so-expensive timber desk? Pop your potted plant on one of our place mats to stylishly leave any mess at bay!

The floral embroidered place mats will hide any dirt, as well as add a floral edge to your office.


If you want to make your boardroom more colorful, the floral paisley placemats will be perfect for you!

Give Your Tables A Psychological Uplift

Let’s be honest, a plain brown or black table isn’t exactly the most stimulating thing to the working brain! Colors are uplifting to the soul and can have surprisingly positive psychological effects on the brain.

If you work in creative industry, blue is sure to get those juices flowing, as well as calm any jitters during important work meetings! For a plain and classy injection of blue, we recommend the hand embroidered table runner. The velvet floral table runner is perfect for adding a more exotic touch of blue.



If you want a confidence boost for boardroom meetings, pop some red on your table! Psychologists have shown that red is shown to enhance power and increase confidence and self-esteem. Give your office some retro appeal with our damask-style table runner.

The Wall Of Positivity


Got a work mantra or culture statement? Pop it on the wall! What better way to remind your team of the companies ethics? This ensures that your companies mission statement is always at the forefront of the teams’ mind and will make the board room look more interesting in the process!

Create A Theme

If your brand or company has a strong theme or color scheme, why not incorporate this into your office boardroom decor? This could be through table decor, chairs or the color of the walls.

Just for fun, here’s our dream office boardrooms for some of our favorite brands:

Coca Cola

White and red table runners, such as the jacquard paisley table runner.



Minimal, monochrome table decor such as the sophisticated two tone placemats.



Happy themed, yellow and blue table decor such as the chic jacquard table runner.


Let That Light In!


(Photo Source: viewpictures.co.uk)

Blessed with a boardroom next to a window? Open up those curtains! Vitamin D is sure to lift everyone’s spirits! Not near a window? The lighting fixtures you choose can decide what kind of impact you make in your meetings! Psychologists have found that direct lights create stimulation, making them the perfect choice for getting those brain synapses firing! If you would like your team to take the time to relax and create, indirect lighting is your best option! For a stylish indirect lighting try hanging pendant lights or a Scandinavian style lamp.

Finally, and most importantly of all, don’t forget a happy atmosphere!




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