5 Ways To Update Your Home With Cushions

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I have a confession to make: I am addicted to buying cushions. Printed, plain… you name it! There is just an understated air of luxe that comes with adding that perfect cushion to your decor.

As someone who lives in a rental property, it can be hard to inject an air of myself into my home. After all, wallpapering, painting and even drilling holes in the walls are totally out of the question… unless I want a hefty bill. No thank you!

Luckily, printed cushions are a cheap, cheerful and non-permanent way of upping your home decor game. And the best part? When you move home, you can simply move them with you!

Ready to funk up your decor? Read on for five easy, yet effective ways to update your home with cushions.

The Random Bed Cluster


(Photosource: wheretoget.it)

Your plain and boring sheets getting you down? Add a sprinkle off happiness into your bedroom with a random cluster of colorful cushions. Opt for four different patterns in vibrant prints for a little injection of bohemian warmth.

For a plain white bedding set, this combination will add some oomph:


(From Left) Jacquard damask pillow cover, Ornamental embroidered pillow cover, Exotic Oriental pillow cover, Velvet sparkle pillow cover.

Is your bed donning blue sheets? Warm it up by going for warm-hued cushions with blue accents, mixed with blue cushions with red or orange accents:

(From Left) Floral embroidered pillow cover, Hand Painted deluxe accent pillow cover, Hand embroidered brocade pillow cover,  Hand Embroidered pillow cover

Metallic sheets call for an equally regal cushion combo. Opt for cushions with a metallic sheen:


(From Left) Hand embroidered brocade pillow cover, Paisley leaf pillow cover, Elegant dahlia pillow cover, Exotic oriental pillow cover

Balcony Chic


(Photo Source: 2015decor.com)

Turn your apartment into a resort! No matter how small your balcony is, it can accommodate for a couple of patterned cushions, some matching flora and a glass of wine. If it’s a substantial size, this crate seat is a cheap and chic way to give it a makeover!

The key for this sophisticated look is to opt for two matching cushions in a vibrant palette. Luckily, all of our cushions come in packs of two!


The Jacquard floral pillow covers will add a little air of Springtime to the cooler months. Add a matching wool blanket to enjoy your balcony this fall!

A co-coordinating floor never hurt and this hand embroidered tablecloth adds a touch of hand-crafted royalty to your balcony.

Reading Nook


(Photo Source: myidealhome.tumblr.com)

You don’t need a thousand dollar sofa to snuggle up with a good book! This cosy reading nook needs absolutely zero furniture! All you need is around sixteen cushions. For the warm-meets-minimal look of our inspiration photo, go for a mixture of neutral, orange and red cushions. This combination would make a stylish, yet vibrant reading nook:

(From Left) Damask throw pillow cover, Jacquard paisley pillow cover, Solid geometric pillow cover, Jacquard damask pillow cover, Paisley leaf pillow case, Vibrant floral pillow cover, Velvet sparkle pillow cover, Hand embroidered brocade pillow cover, Ornamental embroidered pillow cover

Makeover An Old Sofa

Can’t afford a new sofa? Inject a little bit of life into your old sofa by topping it with vibrant cushions. Go for bohemian prints and bright tones and your friends will think that the old sofa is all part of the hippy vibe!


(Photo Source: indulgy.com)

The best part? Boho styling has absolutely no rules: so combine prints and colors to your hearts content!

We recommend:

(From Left) Ornamental embroidered pillow cover, Exotic oriental pillow cover, Paisley Leaf Pillow Cover

Brighten Up Your Home Office


(Photo Source: camillestyles.com)

No matter what kind of chair you have in your home office or dorm room, give it a little lift with a few simple steps. Firstly, add a fluffy rug or fluff blanket to give it a shabby chic edge. Then top with one or two statement cushions. We recommend the floral embroidered pillow cover to fit with the shabby chic vibe.

Add some faux or real plants to inject further life into your work space.

Time to get creative with your cushions!

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