5 Work Christmas Party Themes That Are Hilarious

Ah…the work Christmas party… loved by most, dreaded by some. This is the one night of the year where you get to see all your work buddies in a totally different light! Away with the suits, work-place formalities and stressful work loads, you get to see your colleagues as not just another office slave, but as an actual human being.

So how do you ensure that everyone is able to throw away that metaphorical suit and tie and actually enjoy themselves? Fun and silly work Christmas party themes! From completely ridiculous party games, to dress themes that are interesting to say the least, here are 5 work Christmas party themes that guarantee the night will be full of giggles!

The Grinch


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If your boss is laid-back and up for a laugh, they may want to play the part of the Grinch themselves. However, I wouldn’t advise that you suggest it! The rest of the office can go all-out crazy and dress like the theatrical residents of ‘Who-ville’!

Just the hair is enough to make any sane person erupt into fits of laughter!


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These cute little Grinch kebabs are sure to please the more health-conscious of your colleagues!

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This ‘Grinch juice’ could really get the party started! Opt for a vodka-infused cocktail for those who want to drink and create a virgin fruit version for any designated drivers.


A Grinch theme is the perfect excuse to go for the classic Christmas red and green combo. However, switch out that Christmas tree green for something more lime hued.

For fun tables that look like they have been stolen directly from ‘Who-ville’, begin by layering your table with the hand embroidered table cloth in red. For that Grinch-y vibe, add the hand embroidered table runner in green.


Dress As Your Decade


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If you have a very eclectic work place with a mish-mash of age groups, this is the creme-de-la-creme of all Christmas party themes! Let your colleagues get all nostalgic, as you all dress up as the decade in which you were born. This hilarious theme could result in a handful of Mod’s, some Eighties lycra and even the odd Spice Girl!

Best of all, this theme is the ultimate  conversation starter! Get ready for your older colleagues talking about ‘the good old days’, whilst you take a trip down memory line and discuss the decade you remember for your childhood.


There are so many party food options to suit this theme. The general rule of thumb is: keep it nostalgic!


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Retro cupcakes are sure to be a crowd pleaser!


The best thing about table layouts for this theme is that it can be a total mish mash! However, we recommend styling up a table for each decade between the 50s and 90s for something really memorable!
Go for a retro damask style table runner for the 1950s table runner and top with the typically feminine floral embroidered placemats.

For the 1970s table, opt for a nostalgic bohemian theme. The exotic oriental table runner is perfect for this.

Christmas Down Under


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Let’s get things straight: we can only see so many snowmen, snowflakes and Santa’s until we want to rip our own hair out! To be completely different, opt for a beach themed Aussie Christmas Down Under! Beach balls, Hawaiian shirts and sandals are an uplifting change from Winter-y knits and bobbly hats!

Christmas party games can include giant, inflatable beach balls, balancing on surf boards and a variety of hilarious beach-themed games that are sure to get even the shyest member of your office involved!



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Keep it all beach themed! Dot blue cupcakes and macaroons among beachy table decor for a unique dessert display. As for the main, go for a classic Aussie barbie! (Shrimps included!)


Go for vibrant oceanic hues with pops of sand to recreate Bondi Beach! The chic jacquard table runner is perfect for this.

12 Days Of Christmas

12 Days Of Christmas Dress - Best Template Collection

If any Christmas carol could provide hilarious costume inspiration, it’s this one! Grab your work colleagues and prepare to indulge in a number of fun costumes, including drummers drumming, french hens and of course the partridge in a pear tree!


A great idea here is to do 12 different dishes! If you really want to get creative, you can decorate your dishes to represent the twelve days.


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These partridge in a pear tree biscuits are a work of art!


Make your table decor as brash and Christmassy as possible! Begin by layering your tables with the ornamental embroidered rectangular tablecloth. Next, add a festive metallic edge with the luxurious artistry table runner.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party


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This one’s a classic! Best of all, everyone in the office already owns an ugly Christmas sweater, even if they deny it! Make your ugly Christmas sweater party a little bit different by presenting an ‘awards ceremony’ awarding the ugliest, tackiest, most colorful and most sparkly sweaters.


Anything goes with this one! As ugly Christmas sweaters remind us of the older relatives who have lovingly knitted them for us, go for snug comfort  food like pies, cakes and casseroles.


Keep it classically festive with an array of reds, greens and metallics. We recommend the arabian velvet table runner and the hand embroidered table placemat set.

Which of our work Christmas party themes do you think would be a hit at your workplace?

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