6 Egg-cellent Easter Table-Scapes

As the Easter eggs begin to come to the front of the stores, bunny ears in tow, it means one thing: time to rejoice! For many, Easter is not only a religious celebration, but a celebration of the coming of Spring and the new life it brings to our environment. And personally, we couldn’t be happier to escape from the cold clutches of Winter!

For whatever reason you choose to celebrate Easter, we all have one underlying element in common: family. Whether your extended family is coming around for an egg hunt, or you are simply having a few close friends around for coffee and hot cross buns, what better way to welcome Easter than through home decor?

Get out your plush bunnies, everyone! It’s time for our five favorite Easter table-scapes and our top tips on how you can recreate them for your own abode…

Down The Rabbit Hole


(Photo Source: theparishouse.com)

This grassy-woodland wonder makes us wonder if we have hopped into Lewis Carroll’s iconic novel! Not short of creativity, this detailed artwork featuring numerous woodland creatures, faux flowers and a bed of grass, is sure to impress those who celebrate Easter at your table.

Firstly, lay your table with a light green table cloth for an instant Spring makeover. We recommend the hand painted floral table cloth in green. Handcrafted in India, the floral embellishments were practically made for a Spring celebration!

It’s time to create our grassy wonderland. If you don’t like mess, I strongly suggest that you invest in a sheet of nylon faux grass. If you like it authentic, why not pick some leaves and grass from your garden. Warning: check none of your guests suffer from hay fever before you go out snipping! If all of this sounds crazy to you, the green jacquard floral table runner will create a stunning, grassy base.

Now: it’s time to embrace our inner child! You will need several bunny ornaments/Sylvanian families/ whatever you can manage to nab from your child’s toy box. Place your cute bunnies in among st the table center, creating a story as you go. Add some leaves to add to the Spring forest scene. Finally, place a high candle on either side of your creation. Extra points for a Spring-y green shade!

Choose vintage or shabby chic plates, the frillier the better! Finally, add some extra Madhatter vibes with a single place mat folded in half next to each plate. The floral embroidered placemats are perfect!


Candied Eggs


(Photo Source: sandandsisal.com)

This sweet, duck-egg blue creation brings a sweet taste to the mouth. Fresh, pretty and oh-so-Easter, this candied conquest is super easy to recreate.

For a calming, yet fresh base tone, lay the chic jacquard table runner down the center of your table. With an elegant jacquard design, this piece is vibrant, yet sweet at the same time.

The next part takes a bit of prep work, after all, eggs are not naturally pastel toned! Hard boil around 20 eggs, leave to cool, then gently paint pastel blue and pink. When the eggs are dry, take two white pots and add some faux moss or grass. Gently place the eggs among-st this to create a stack. Add a few subtle candles and you’re ready to go.

If you don’t have blue plates, why not layer your white plates on top of pastel printed place mats? The saree border place mats would also make a pretty statement layered between two white plates.

Bits, Bobs and Bunnies


(Photo Source: jobourgwest.getitonline.co.za)

This easy-breezy tablescape makes us literally smell cut grass! Natural textures, fresh flora and typical Spring iconography, make this table a breath of fresh air.

For a clean and crisp base, adorn your table with a white table cloth. The ornamental embroidered table cloth adds a little bit of extra uniqueness!

For the table center, fill a glass vase with one of the iconic symbols of Spring: daffodils. Add smaller vases of fresh Spring flora and a basket of pastel painted eggs. Place a chocolate bunny in the center of the table, or, if you have little willpower, opt for a ceramic rabbit.

Dot natural-textured place mats in front of each chair. The shimmering spiral place mats are like the love child of fresh grass and oriental bamboo!

Dot your plates on top and add an extra pastel element with printed, pastel napkins.

Simply Spring


(Photo Source: makingitlovely.com)

If you’ve spent all of your time playing Easter bunny, fear not! This simple, neon-dotted table layout is a DIY job suited for beginners!

Time to get your DIY hat on! Take four jars and paint in neon and white tones. Paint three boiled eggs in the same tones. Place white tulips in the jars and dot the eggs in a clean, white bowl.

For place mats, opt for white pieces with a Springtime twist. The tropical floral place mats echo the fresh tulips perfectly!

Adorn your place mats with circular weaved mats and finish with plain white plates.

Floral Flourish


(Photo source: eventnow.com)

If I say the word ‘Spring’, flowers will automatically pop into your brain! This floral table-scape features a statement bundle and fresh floral prints that are sure to make your guests happy.

Begin by taking inspiration from two of Springs most welcome guests; green and florals. Cover your table with the hand painted floral tablecloth in green for an instant temperature increase!

Highlight the center of your table with a white table-runner. With an understated print, the chic jacquard table-runner will fulfill all of your Spring fantasies.


If you don’t wish to invest in both a table runner and table cloth for the occasion, the jacquard floral table runner is a win for all!

Place your beautiful blooms at the exact center of the table-runner. Dot around baskets of mini eggs for a feature that the kids are sure to love!

And voila! Your Easter wonderland is complete! Which ever table design you decided to choose, we can guarantee that will receive a warm response from your guests. Warning: The reaction to the chocolate may be slightly warmer.



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