Pillow Talk: 6 Tips and Tricks for Accessorizing with Throw Pillows

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Well-placed throw pillows can effortlessly pull an entire room together, but how do you ever really know if you’re doing it right?  If attempting to arrange throw pillows has you throwing your hands up in dismay, don’t fret. Instead, try these 6 decorator-approved tips for accessorizing with accent pillows.

Six Tips and Tricks for Accessorizing with Throw Pillows

1. Nod at Tradition

One tried and true approach for throw pillow placement? Arrange them in pairs. Both two and four pillows work well when arranged at opposite ends of the sofa.

2.Embrace Asymmetry

While throw pillow pairings are a graceful look for the traditional home, opting for odd numbers offers a fresh spin. While you might have to try and try again to get it just right, the end result conveys a charmingly casual air — as if the pillows were just tossed onto the sofa.

In addition to arranging throw pillows in clusters, you can also try placing a single pillow in one corner and two at the opposite end for a dose of whimsicality.

And remember:  a massive pile of small pillows looks more like clutter than design. Stick with several sizable pillows instead of a mound of miniatures.

3. Mix and Match

The days of matchy-matchy decorating are in the past. If you’re still matching your throw pillows with your sofa, it’s time for a refreshing reboot.

For a contemporary yet coordinating look — start with one that is already represented in the space — offering hue harmony. Keep things lively by layering in a variety of prints, patterns, and solids.

Throw Pillows: Mix & Match

A word of caution: mixing together too many bold or busy patterns can lead to visual chaos. For foolproof flair, try pairing a busy pattern, such as a floral or paisley, with a simpler choice, such as stripe, solid or large-scale graphic print.

4. Artistic Inspiration

Envisioning a boisterous burst of color as opposed to a more monochromatic look? This look is possible but requires some restraint. If you’re struggling to tie down a color palette when one or two is simply not enough, interior designer Andrew Flesher advises,

“Pull them together from a piece of art that’s in the room.”

5. Size Matters

In addition to experimenting with prints, textures, and colors, make sure to vary the size and shape of your throw pillows. A mix of must-have square pillows with oblong, cylindrical, round and rectangular styles is delightfully dynamic.

6. Smart Storage

One last thing to keep in mind when decorating with throw pillows? No one wants to sit on one. Avoid using so many throw pillows that they overwhelm seating. Also, reserve a storage ottoman or large basket for holding throw pillows when they’re not in use or when you’re entertaining. This not only frees up places for guests to sit, but also helps keep your accent pillows fresh and clean.

The best part of today’s convenient throw pillow covers? They can be easily switched out and switched up to completely alter the look of your room. If you’re ready to update your interior, be sure to check out Banarsi Designs’ complete line of decorative throw pillow covers and other chic, authentic Indian-inspired items for your home.

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