7 Boho Scarf Hairstyles You Must Try

Fed up of your daily hair do? No need to do a Kylie Jenner and invest in a trillion wigs!

A statement scarf is a quick and quirky way to add a bohemian flair to your locks. So grab your fave statement scarf, a brush and get in front of that mirror!

Wrap It!


Wearing: Exotic silk scarf in berry

This style is perfect when you’re in a rush and just want to add that little something extra to your hair. Just take a silk scarf, follow the steps below and voila; total bohemian perfection!

  1. Take your silk scarf and fold until it is about 5 inches thick.
  2. Starting from the back centre of your head, take half of the scarves length in each hand and wrap round head.
  3. At your centre parting, tie the two lengths of scarf loosely in a knot.
  4. Continue wrapping the fabric around your head and tuck in at the back.


Wearing: Solid color scarf in royal blue

The simplest style, this regal look is all about that flowing scarf!

  1. Fold your scarf so it’s your preferred width.
  2. Wrap around crown and tie at the back.
  3. Take half of your hair and place above the scarf for a tousled look.

Braid It!

DSC_0221 DSC_0220

Wearing: Exotic silk scarf in berry

Pretty, feminine and undone, this look is equally as striking for the beach or bar. It may look like something that only Picasso can create, but rest assured it is totally easy to do!

  1. Put your scarf under your hair, leaving about two inches of hair loose in front of the scarf
  2. Knot at the top and cross the two fabric lengths over.
  3. Tie each scarf side in pigtails with your hair.
  4. Do a three strand plait on each side (using the scarf fabric as one section of the three)
  5. Secure the ends of the plaits with a hair tie.
  6. Cross the plaits over each other at the back and secure.

Stuck? Check out the step by step diagram below:pigtails

(Photo Source: kitsylane.net)


Wearing: Exotic silk scarf in berry

This twisted treat looks like it could equally be Swiss or Moroccan in origin. Twist your way to this statement boho updo by following a few simple steps.

  1. Tie one end of your scarf  discreetly in the underneath of the back centre of your hair.
  2. Take the scarf length in your hand and begin twisting the hair around your scarf, adding hair as you go (as you would a French plait).
  3. When you have no more hair left to twist, wrap the scarf length under your hair and secure.


Wearing: Exotic silk scarf in berry

Add instant vibrance to a braid with a silk scarf! The longer your hair is, the better!

  1. Tie your hair in a low ponytail.
  2. Wrap the scarf around your ponytail and tie so that two pieces of fabric are hanging down.
  3. Do a four strand braid (using two hair sections and the two fabric pieces.)
  4. Secure and tie the scarf around your hair and into a bow.

Bun It!


(Wearing: Solid Color Scarf in maroon)

Bring your top knot into boho territory by adorning it with a statement scarf.

  1. Brush your hair into a high ponytail and secure.
  2. Make into a bun by wrapping your hair around and securing. If you have fine or short hair, add some va-va-voom with a hair doughnut,
  3. Wrap your scarf around the base of your scarf.


(Wearing: Floral Paisley Scarf in Autumn)

Keep fly-aways at bay with a printed scarf wrapped widely around your crown.

  1. Make that perfect high bun.
  2. Starting at the back of your head, wrap the scarf around your crown and secure by tucking the scarf into itself at the back.

Which scarf style will you be trying? Let me know in the comments below…

Rachel Holliday

Rachel Holliday

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