A Decade In Scarf Styles: 1950s

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The 1950s had many style icons: Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, and, of course: the printed scarf.

If you are wanting to inject a little retro elegance into your everyday wardrobe, look no further than these 1950s scarf styles…

The Hair Wrap

The 195os saw the birth of a trend that would be huge for the next three decades: the hair wrap.

Soft curls often peeped out of pretty printed scarves that were worn loosely over the hair and wrapped around the neck to secure.


(Photo source: stylecraze.com)

Pastel hues and silk fabrics ensure that this scarf look is a total feminine dream. Whispy strands of hair further add to the ladylike innocence.


(Photo source: pinimg.com)

Scarves were also tied more tightly around the hair and tied at the back.

This style is similar to the bandana trend of the 1960s.

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Solid color scarf

The One Shoulder Belt Tuck


(Photo source: tumblr.com)

Look familiar? The scarf ‘belt tuck’ has certainly made an appearance over the last few seasons.

Interestingly enough, this look was huge in the 1950s, when it was all about the waist. A large waist belt perfectly cinched in this double breasted jacket and flowing scarf combination.

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Artistic print silk scarf

The Striped Scarf

Stripes were a huge print trend in the 1950s, so of course striped accessories were too!

Striped scarves were a popular accessory and were worn both around the neck and on the head.


(Photo source: pinimg.com)

This powerful suit is given a nonchalant Parisian edge with the addition of  striped monochrome scarf.


(Photo source: theniftyfifties.tumblr.com)

This striped hair-scarf instantly nails ‘Riviera chic’, which was a huge trend in the 1950s.

The Loose & Lovely

Hair scarves weren’t always worn tight and in a neat bow. Silk scarves worn loosely on the hair were just as popular.


This matching dress and hair scarf set is simply adorable!

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Floral paisley silk scarf


(Photo source: google.com.br)

Grace Kelly looks every bit the original preppy queen in a linen pinstripe shirt and bohemian print hair scarf.

The peep of hair keeps it effortless and casual.

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Exotic silk scarf

The Belt


(Photo source: whosafraidofelizabethtaylor.tumblr.com)

Screen goddess Elizabeth Taylor has a fantastic way to enhance her curves, with a scarf!

She ties a brightly hued scarf around her waist to draw attention to her tiny waist.

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Solid color scarf

After more vintage scarf styles?

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