Bohemian Balcony Decor That Is Chic & Easy

Inner-city living can offer a vibrant and fast-paced lifestyle, but it often lacks the greener side of things. If you find yourself pining over your lack of garden, a plant-dotted bohemian balcony is just what you need!

With just a few simple decor pieces, your apartment balcony will be transformed into an outdoor mecca.

Here’s the bohemian balcony decor ideas that are chic and easy…

Small & Monochrome


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Those with a small apartment balcony, turn that frown upside down! This stunning monochrome bohemian balcony proves that size doesn’t always matter.

Add a cozy corner with old sofa cushions. Next, add a blanket and printed pillow covers for a stylish look. Finally, dot plants and candles around the area. Then sit back and relax with a good book and a glass of bubbly!

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The solid geometric pillow covers will completely transforme an old mattress or sofa cushion.

Inner-city Luxe


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This day bed may have been made for poolside decks, but it looks equally as at home on this bohemian balcony.

Give your balcony a luxurious edge by adding decking to the floor and walls. Decorate with wicker furniture pieces and knick-knacks for a resort feel.

Add to the tropical edge with a large plant and printed blue pillow covers that echo the Summer ocean.

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Blue and wood= a Summer haven.

Coffee BrownSilverYellow

From left: hand embroidered throw pillow cover, exotic Oriental pillow cover, damask throw pillow cover

Rustic & Neutral


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If you are looking for a bohemian balcony that is snug and stylish in equal part, I think you’ve found your perfect match!

This palette bed will make a fun and rewarding DIY project. Add an old mattress, an abundance of pillow covers and a textured throw to make it total #decorgoals.

Add detail to the floor with a printed mat and add unique lamps for a balcony that is made for after-dark chills.

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Black & WhiteBlack & Gold

The hawthorn leaf table runner is great for adding some style to your balcony floor. Carry on the rustic white theme with cream and beige printed cushions. The hand embroidered brocade pillow cover and paisley embroidered pillow covers are great choices.

Eastern Getaway


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Dreading the oncoming chill of Fall? Turn your apartment’s balcony into an Indian style chill-out zone for the perfect Exotic escape.

Rather than breaking the bank on a outdoor sofa, we recommend using old sofa cushions and placing against the perimeters of your balcony. Give them an exotic makeover with warm-hued throws or blankets. Add an abundance of printed cushions in pink, oraneh, and red.

Finally, create a stunning contrast by adorning your floor with a blue-hued mat or mandala hang.

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Begin by layering up your sofa bed with warm-hued table runners.

Golden Orange

From left: Saree border table runner, exotic Oriental table runner, Arabian velvet table runner

Warm up your balcony even more with red, orange and pink pillow covers.

From left: floral embroidered throw pillow cover, paisley leaf pillow cover, ornamental embroidered throw pillow cover

Cute & Scandi


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This boho balcony is so easy to create, we bet our bottom dollar you could do it in one day!

Firstly, create a seat with a bench, or even a wooden crate. Add white and cream throws and top with pink and white cushion covers.

Next, add a little side table and dot with succulents. Add hanging plants, hanging Edison bulbs and finish with glowing candles.

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Baby pink and white pillow covers will ensure that this balcony is an on-trend Scandinavian dream.

Coffee Brown

Hand embroidered throw pillow cover

Statement Plant Wall


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Who says you need a garden to grow plants? This garden wall is a wonderful way to bring the outdoors to your apartment. Best of all, it can be easy made with wooden crates.

Add extra plants in random pots and don’t be afraid to go over the top!

This bohemian balcony is all about being random! Head to the thrift store and pick up random furniture and knick knacks to really make this balcony unique.

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Add random colorful cushion covers for comfort and style.

Ocean BlueYellow

Floral embroidered throw pillow cover and elegant dahlia pillow cover

All About The Greenery


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This balcony is another example of how to incorporate greenery!

Go for sleek bohemian vibes with wooden furniture and a monochrome rug.

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Ocean Blue

The ornamental embroidered tablecloth is a stylish alternative to a heavy rug.

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