Boho Accessories: The 10 Styling Tips You NEED To Know

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When it comes to nailing bohemian chic, it’s all about the boho accessories! For the free spirits, gypsy souls and boho babes: here are the ten styling tips you need to know!

1. There’s No Such Thing As Too Much

boho accessories hair scarf

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Whilst the more minimalist fashionista would gasp at the idea of wearing more than one almost-invisible necklace, the bohemian babe is all about maximal-ism! Combine chunky coin necklaces with printed hair scarves and finish with enough bangles to fill a small boutique.

The gypsy girl is anything but a wallflower, so combine as many metals, chunky stones and printed fabric as your wandering heart desires. Now that’s how to make a statement!

If you’re after a beautiful bohemian printed scarf for that perfect finishing touch, we’ve got exactly what you’re looking for!


Floral paisley scarf, paisley wool scarf

2. THIS Necklace Equation

Boho accessories layered chunky silver coin necklaces

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We’ve all seen those Pinterest photos of the tanned beach babe with that perfectly layered necklace. Before you go browsing away for that perfect boho necklace, I’ll let you in on a little secret: it’s probably already in your jewelry box!

Boho accessories are all about layering and this layered necklace can be created by layering up three single pieces. The trick here is to choose necklaces that are the right length to compliment each other.

Just follow this equation and you’re on the right track:

Choker + cleavage + belly button= banging boho babe!
Funnily enough, this equation works with a variety of jewelry pieces, from statement gypsy necklaces, to stone adorned body chains. Even the more minimalist gypsy can rock this look by combining fine, gold pieces.

minimalist gold boho necklace layering

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3. Have An Arm Party

bohemian bangles arm party

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There’s an arm party happening and your whole jewellery box is invited! Get your gypsy on by layering on statement burnished and gold bangles, then cleverly adding in pops of bright color. Extra points for bringing in shades to compliment your outfit!

As for the rings, keep them chunky, silver and exotic! If you are looking for a quirky addition to your arm party, try tying a printed silk scarf around your wrist! Our floral paisley silk scarf will really pop!


4. Opt For Earrings For Your Face Shape

Although bohemian fashion is rebellious by nature, there a few rules you should follow when it comes to boho accessories. You have probably heard about sunglasses and hairstyles for your face shape, but you may be surprised to know to certain earring styles compliment certain face shapes.

Here’s a basic guide of what you should be going for…

Long/ Oval Face


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Those with a longer face shape should look to add volume to the ears. Statement studs, short round drop earrings and hoops are your BFFS. Avoid anything long and fine, as these will emphasize the length of your face.

Heart Shaped Face


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A heart shape face consists of a wide forehead, narrow chin and high cheekbones. As your bone structure is #goals, show it off! Longer earrings with a lot of volume around the chin will make your face appear more symmetrical, whilst still allowing you to rock that bone structure!

Square Face


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Those with a square face should opt for long, fine earrings. Chunky earrings will tend to emphasize your face shape.

Round Face


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A round face can pull of any earring style, so have fun and go for crazy, oversized drops!

5. Put Your Best Foot Forward


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Cliche puns aside, the barefoot bohemian look calls for an abundance of foot accessories! Layer on barefoot sandals, toe rings, anklets and metallic tattoos for something truly magical. Just when you thought that an anklet was the only option…

6. Go For Ethnic

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Whatever boho accessories you choose to throw on, make sure that they have some element of overseas ethnicity to them to make it look authentic. Whether you choose Indian-inspired elephant rings, or Native American style feathers or symbols, there is something so undeniably gypsy-chic about the exotic.

7. Invest In A Handmade Bag


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Whether you opt for a stunning crochet shoulder bag, or a carved leather masterpiece, invest in an artisan bag to really stand out from the crowd.

For a quick injection of boho chic to an old bag, simply tie a boho printed scarf onto the handle! Our tropical floral scarf will give your handbag an effortless, flowing edge.

8. Tan + White Nails


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Perhaps actual hippies will totally tut-tut at this suggestion, but there’s nothing more lovely than a tan, white nails and an influx of layered chunky jewelry. Give your skin a Summer edge by using fake tan.

9. Be A Queen, Wear A Crown

Ok, so not literally, but hair accessories are a sure way to nail boho chic! Hair chains, feathers and hats are all great choices. However, we think that hair scarves truly make the biggest statement! For more inspiration, check out our piece on hair styles using hair scarves.

Wearing the exotic silk scarf.

10. Be Different!

boho mermaid crown

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Find some truly unique boho accessories and rock them! Who knows, you may even set off a whole new trend and be featured in one of these guides one day!

Stay wild moon child!


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