Boho Chic For Your Bedroom

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Beating that Fall chill doesn’t have to mean buying a plane ticket. With the bohemian home decor trend still at the top of it’s trend game, filling your life with an air of wanderlust no longer requires escaping to warmer climes. It all starts in your very own bedroom. With Moroccan-esque prints, bright colors and lush textures, let the bohemian trend take you away to unexplored territories!

So pop that dream catcher above your bed, swap your white linen for a rainbow of color and snuggle up in your new bohemian abode…

The Muted Color Clash

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If you have a tendency for all things matchy-matchy, it’s time to throw that habit out of the window! Known for being perfectly brash, colorful and clashing, the boho bedroom can combine as many prints and textures as your heart desires. On the plus side: you don’t have to look for ‘matching sets’, which is a wonder for your wallet!

For this muted fabric clash, begin by draping two sets of printed fabric off the ceiling, above your bed. The ‘hand embroidered tablecloth‘ and ‘ornamental embroidered tablecloth‘ are perfect prints to choose for this classy ceiling clash. Plus, the more sturdy fabric will ensure that your hippy ceiling will have just the right amount of drape.

For a continued clashing effect, invest in two contrasting bed covers. Begin by adorning your duvet with the stunning, warm-hued, ‘Ornamental embroidered set in saffron red.’ Next, choose a contrasting, cool-hued quilt cover, such as the ‘Hand Painted set in ocean blue‘ and use as a decorative bed spread. Plus: when Winter strikes at it’s coldest, you can snuggle up under both!

For this shabby-chic look, opt for cushion covers that have a worn-in and vintage look. The ‘Hand Painted Deluxe Accent Pillow Cover’ has a certain well-traveled, nomadic vibe to it. Opt for two or three different colors to adhere to the chic clashing theme of the room.

The Neutral Minimalist

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If you’re a beginner to colorful decor, you may want to opt for this minimalist, bohemian bedroom. Sticking to a neutral palette of soft greys and creams, this look is all about embracing texture.

Choose a bed spread in a neutral tone, such as the ‘Hand Embroidered Set in Beige‘ to begin your neutral color theme. The subtle and sophisticated embroidered floral details on this bedding set ensures you are ticking all the boho boxes.

Now, it’s time to clash those textures! Sticking to a neutral palette, add layers of bed spreads and fabrics in faux-fur, wool and chunky knit. If you’re feeling glamorous, the ‘Solid Colour Silk Scarf in light grey‘ would make a subtle and chic bed runner and would add a glamorous silky touch to your decor.

What would a bohemian room be without a plethora of pillows? The cushions in this look are more about quantity than color, so opt for four or five cushions or pillows in neutral tones. The ‘Ornamental Embroidered Pillow Covers in snow white‘ would be a perfect choice for this subtle nod to Bohemia.

The Bright & Beautiful

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With a Eastern-inspired palette of rich saffron hues, pinks and oranges, this decor wouldn’t look out of place in a palace!  If your bedroom currently consists of classic furniture, a rich velvety headboard and dressing table, this bohemian makeover is certainly for you!

Begin by choosing a duvet cover in a rich shade with expensive metallic details. Luckily, this ‘Hand Embroidered Duvet Cover‘ ticks all the boxes without breaking the bank! Plus, as it’s hand crafted in India, you’re in for the real bohemian deal!

Our inspiration photo has a whopping twelve cushions! So dig out any old pillows and cushions you can get your hands on and start embellishing them with as much color as you can. The ‘Hand Embroidered Brocade Pillow Cover‘ and ‘Exotic Oriental Pillow Cover‘ just scream Palace! Add as many colors and prints as you can and you’re on the right track!

If your blessed with a luxurious dressing table, it’s time to bring in another bohemian element: animal print! The ‘Pure Wool Animal Print Scarf‘ will make a cheap and stylish center piece, plus, you can wear it too!

If you have a four poster bed, choose shimmering curtains in vibrant pink and orange tones. Opt for contrasting ceiling drapes in subtle, Oriental prints.

The Details

Whether you opt for minimalist-boho or full-blown-hippy, one thing’s for sure: it’s all in the details! With a few swift additions to your abode, your room can go from boring to blissful!

Fabric Tapestries

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Who needs wallpaper when you have this? A bright, paisley-patterned fabric wall-tapestry can instantly add that bohemian flair to your bedroom. Hang this ‘Ornamental Embroidered Tablecloth‘ in your room for an instant feature wall.

Printed Cushions

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As I have mentioned previously, cushions are certainly key when it comes to nailing this trend. There is not set rule; so add as much color, print and texture as you like! For an Authentic, Indian bohemian look, check out our range of hand embellished pillow covers here.

Dream Catchers

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A bohemian room simply wouldn’t make the cut without a dream catcher! Hang above your bed to adhere to the Native American tradition or dot mini-dream catchers along the ceiling for a statement look.

Wooden Elements

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Get your DIY on and save money by creating wall hangings and in-room wardrobes out of old driftwood. The hippys would approve.

Statement Table Decor

It’s all about those little details! Add a boho flair to your bedside table with this ‘Hand Embroidered Tissue Box Cover‘. Add some scented candles and you’re ready to relax!


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Bring the East to the West with intricately detailed Moroccan lanterns! Perfect for lighting up those dark fall nights too!

Night Stands

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Bohemian-embellished night stands can be super hard to find. Luckily, they are also super easy to cheat! Simply adorn your night stand with a printed table runner. The ‘Hand Embroidered Table Placemat Set‘ will immediately take your night stand from boring to boho!

I hope you enjoy your new bohemian abode! May the wanderlust and warmth of the warmer climates warm you up this Fall!

Rachel Holliday

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