5 Boho Home Offices That Are #Goals

How important is your office? Sure, you may spend all day in there slogging away, but how many times to you glance up and actually absorb your surroundings? Nonetheless, hundreds of studies have all shown the same results: a bad office vibe equals a bad level of productivity. This is especially important when it comes to those of us who work from home. Whether we are full time freelancers, run our own business or are a first year University student, the distractions of the fridge and re-runs of ‘The Jerry Springer Show’ always lurk in the background like the smell of a tempting pie. In other words, procrastination is a killer. Guilty? We may have the solution…

A productive and well divided work space is key to any at-home work. It’s important to have a space set aside in your home where you can work work work without any distractions.

A dedicated work space doesn’t have to be as boring! With the boho home trend still hot on our heels, why not create a zen, organized work space that is relaxing and fast-paced in equal manner. After all, anxiety is the antithesis to productivity. Here’s 5 boho offices that are serious #LifeGoals…



(Photo Source: advicefromatwentysomething.com)

Who knew that a simple, wooden work desk and a few stacked crates could create the base for something this chic? Instant wanderlust vibes are embraced with a colorful world map canvas placed above the desk. This is complimented by oh-so-boho wooden arrows and colorful, hippy-ish cushions. What better way to convince you to work than the constant need for travel money?

Boho It Up!

Adorn your work chair with our jacquard damask pillow cover and exotic oriental pillow cover for an uplifting and comfortable working day.


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Could you ever imagine being stressed in this easy breezy work mecca? With so much light and greenery, this office provides all the zen of the great outdoors with the productivity of an indoor office area. The tie-dye fabric draped across the curtain pole adds an on-trend bohemian vibe, whilst leaving natural light levels at a maximum. Fluffy rugs adorn the office chair, providing comfort. But the real show-stopping element of this office is that Moroccan-print rug. Top tip: if you don’t have an ‘office’ room, section off a corner of another room by using a rug. This ensures you still have that area in which you have t be ‘switched on’.

Boho It Up!

Section off your ‘office area’ the boho way, with our exotic oriental table runner.

Let that natural sunlight inspire you and swap your heavy curtains for our paisley wool scarf



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This desk crossed with shelves crossed with some sort of architectural pyramid has to be one of the best things we’ve ever seen! And if that alone wasn’t good enough, there’s even a magical ‘floating’ shelf somehow pivoted on the top. Top it off with lashings of natural-fiber boxes and hipster suitcases. Oh yeah…. and there’s even a nonchalant plant on the floor. If there was some sort of hashtag dictionary, this would appear next to #officegoals.

Boho It Up

Although I can’t give you a crazy pyramid table-shelf, I can provide you with these natural-hued place mats to add to the raw vibe of your office.



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If the Aztec trend and Scandinavian minimalism had some sort of office baby together, this is what it would look like! A giant triangle-dotted wall hang provides a vibrant backdrop for this simple, yet effective, concoction of block-y, white furniture and burnished metal adornments. I adore how the entire desk is surrounded by leafy greenery. As well as giving the serene atmosphere of the outdoors, live plants act as an air purifier, so you can, quite literally, send more oxygen to your brain. Once again, the rug is used to section the ‘office area’ away from the rest of the room.

Boho It Up!

Section off your office, whilst adding uplifting color with our chic jacquard table runner. Perfect as a wall hang or as a rug!


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Remember when your Grandad moaned about how people ‘used to work harder in his day’? Put that theory to the test by putting your office in a time machine and sending it back to 1955. Top raw wooden tables with retro books and a simple flower. Keep stationary and files in retro hat boxes: how shabby chic! Finally, re-purpose mesh crates as makeshift shelving and mount above your desk. I am not sure about the sofa that has seemed to have crept into the office area, it looks too comfy to be productive. Falling asleep at work is a total no-no, even if it is in your own home!

Boho It Up!

If you have to have that little bit of comfort, pop our jacquard paisley pillow cover onto your office chair instead!

Which office is your #officegoal?

Rachel Holliday

Rachel Holliday

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