Classy Ways To Add Velvet Decor To Your Home

For us home decor moguls who went through the 90s, velvet will inevitably remind us of turtleneck tops, The Spice Girls and Drew Barrymore. Fast forward almost 20 years (gosh, we are old) and velvet is making a return on a different cultural scene: velvet decor.

So how exactly do you embrace the velvet decor trend without it looking tacky? Don’t worry: we aren’t going to turn your home into Hugh Heffner’s mansion! We’ve trawled the world wide web for these surprisingly classy takes on the velvet decor. Believe us when we say: once you go velvet, you never go back!

So blast The Spice Girls from your speakers, don your tattoo choker and get ready to add velvet decor to your home…

Emerald Is In


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If you want to kill two home decor birds with one fat trend stone, opt for dark green velvet.

With both greenery and kale topping the charts in Pantone’s 2017 colors of the year, it seems that green is coming off our plates and into our home decor.

As both velvet and dark emerald are not for the faint hearted, we recommend incorporating statement pops into neutral or minimalist decor set ups. This foot stool and cushion combination is stunning and classy, without being too garish or overbearing.

Put A Pillow On It


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Our number one rule for testing out any trend in your home is: put a pillow on it!

Why? A pillow cover is a small, yet statement piece that will instantly transform any piece of furniture. Plus: it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg if you decide that the trend is not your cup of tea.

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See how the velvet trend would look in your bedroom or living room with one of our velvet pillow covers.


Velvet throw sparkle pillow cover

Think Pink


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Ok, so velvet and pink may sound rather twee, but hear us out! There is something so sweet, sugary and feminine about plush velvet and pink, that it is rather irresistible.

If a whole sofa of this unicorn-like goodness is too much for you, opt for velvet accessories, such as a table runner, a pillow cover, or a bed throw.

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Pink may not be the most popular choice with the hubby, but pink velvet really lights up our inner princess. Go for small, statement accessories for an easily interchangeably, non-permanent look.

Creamy Brown

Velvet hand embroidered pillow cover

Dark Neutrals


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Velvet and brown may make you think of those vile, Seventies sofas from your Nan’s house, but it doesn’t always have to be that way!

Neutral hues are often the best way to style any tricky decor trend and when it comes to velvet, it’s all about choosing the right neutral hue.

Lighter beige and brown tones can look slightly ‘mucky’, whereas tan hues are smack bang in tacky 70s territory.

So how exactly do you nail neutral velvet decor? The trick is to opt for tones that are on either end of the lightess-darkness scale. Creams will look clean and cute, whilst deep chocolate tones will add an understates regal air to your home. Contrast the two tones for something that will look truly magical.

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The Arabian Velvet Table Runner will add an on-trend touch of velvet to any room. Glam up your kitchen table or dresser, or drape over your sofa for an instant style update.

Coffee Brown

Green On Green


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If you haven’t already guessed, green really is the color of 2017! What makes green even more appealing and on-trend? Greenery!

Add a leafy friend next to a green velvet piece for a beautiful textural contrast. The sheer luxury of the velvet next to the raw and natural leaf is the definition of a beautiful juxtaposition.

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Opt for our green velvet table cloth and dot with fresh greenery for an instant take on the velvet decor trend.


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