Your Perfect Coachella Outfit

What’s sweaty, fashionable and found in California? Jennifer Anniston on a jog? Erm….no. Here’s a clue: boho. If you’re not on the same line as me, I’m talking about Coachella! the one place where it’s actually acceptable for the glamorous to be a bit pongy and for designer boots and mud to be a legitimate combo.

Whether your headed to California to embrace the glamour or boots, or you just want to bring a little bit of a festive edge to your wardrobe, we’ve got you covered!

Here’s our own recipes for your perfect Coachella look!

(Warning: Cooking style outfit suggestions may induce junk food cravings or boho tendencies)

The Mish-Mash Souffle


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1 x pair of vintage heart sunnies

1 x flowy, asymmetric maxi dress

1 x long sleeved tee

1 x pair of suedette ankle boots

1 x pair of chunky socks

1 x paisley floral scarf

1 x tropical floral scarf

For the first layer, create a solid, crisp base of a long sleeved tee. Mix a floaty maxi dress on top and fluff and fold to perfection. For the icing on this look, juxtapose large and small floral print scarves. Stir in a bucketful of confidence and leave to bake in the company of great mates and vibrant beats.

The Organic Vegan


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1 x white top with crochet details

1 x pair of white crochet shorts

1 x statement feather necklace

A cup of statement leather bracelets

1 x abstract multicolor print scarf

Take a red hot pair of crochet shorts and combine with a white top to taste. Garnish with a statement feather necklace and sprinkle on leather bracelets. Once cooled, drape a tassel scarf over shoulders. Spritz hair with salt until crispy and beachy.

The Palette Pleaser


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1 x pair of flared pants

1 x bardot crop top

8 x boho rings

2 x silver coin necklaces

1 x geometric print scarf

This one is suitable for all palettes! Take a vintage pair of flared pants and saute with a bardot crop top. Sizzle with a geometric print scarf folded over shoulders. Add long silver necklaces until completely delectable!

The Exotic Spiced


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1 x ethnic, paisley print mini dress- the more colorful the better

1 x fringe leather bag

1 x pair of studded sandals

1 x statement silver boho necklace

1 x solid color scarf in fuchsia

Preheat with a soft base tan. Add the printed mini dress, stirring in a boho print necklace to add that little extra Coachella glam. Garnish your fringe bag with a scarf for an extra color pop. Don’t leave to cool, this one is best served hot!

The Fresh From The Forest


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6 x silver boho cuffs

8 x silver boho stacked rings

1 x silver choker

1 x silver coin pendant

1 x pair of round sunglasses

1 x off-the-shoulder crop top

1 x tropical floral scarf in Autumn

This one is all about the garnishes! Begin with a base layer of an off-shoulder crop top and gradually adding statement silver jewellery. Finish by folding a floral scarf into a hair turban and combining with matured sunglasses.

The Oriental Green


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1 x slit tie-dye maxi skirt

1 x coin adorned crop top

1 x bindi

1 x pair of wayfarer sunglasses

1 x ditsy necklace

1 x abstract print scarf in purple

Throw out any past taste preferences for Vanessa Hudgens, the ‘High School Musical’ recipe has officially expired! Bake your legs in a slit tie dye skirt and add a crop top with as many embellishments to suit your palette. Melt a printed scarf around head and secure under chin.

The Moroccan Sunrise


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1 x white slit maxi dress

2 x bauble-embellished anklets

3 x shell arm cuffs

4 x metal boho cuffs

1 x pure wool animal print scarf

This one is saucy and spicy at the same time! Preheat with a white, slit maxi dress and add boho jewellery to taste. Embellish with a tribal print scarf and whisk into a turban.

The Best of The Buffet


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(Serves 3)

3 x pairs of cowboy boots

3 x breezy smock dresses

3 x flower crowns

3 x stripe scarves

Take three saucy dishes and add a base layer of a boho smock dress to each dish. Cool down by adding the cowboy boots, ensuring that each pair of boots compliments the smock dress to perfection. Add a statement scarf and top with a sweet floral crown.

The Extra Ingredients

Much like the sprinkles and cherries on the top of a cake, a few key accessories are such to take your Coachella look to the next level!


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We didn’t know that it was even possible to drool over rain boots! These bohemian embellished wellies are certainly worth craving. Style: 1 Mud: 0.


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If the thought of jewellery when you’re jumping around is off-putting to you, metallic flash tattoos are you festival bestie! These beauties add sparkle and style without any extra weight!


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There is no such thing as a jewellery overdose when it comes to Coachella! Layer up those midi rings to your hearts desire.


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Messy hair= a huge no! A floppy hat is a fabulous fix for those troublesome strands and will protect you from the California sun too!

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