Transform Your Home With A Color Pop

Does your home decor feel as frumpy as a pair of thrift store curtains? Fear not: there’s no need to take a sledgehammer to your home! As a matter of fact, you can transform your home by simply adding a color pop.

If you fancy changing the entire aura of your home without breaking the bank, add color!

A simple pop of yellow here and there may be all it takes to add an air of Summer to your home. Furthermore, color can have a huge affect on your mood.

Read on for the inspiration if you’re considering selling your home fast that will make you want to add a pop of color to your home pronto!

Neutral With Blue Pop


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A neutral-hued home can be turned into a coastal haven with a few pops of blue here and there. In fact, a couple of printed pillow covers and some new artwork may be all that it takes to give a room a whole new vibe!

For a stronger element of blue, try adding a bed throw or printed table runner.

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With neutral decor, prints and colors will both add detail without looking too messy.


Elegant dahlia pillow cover, damask throw pillow cover

Monochrome With Yellow


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If you have a black and white home, bright yellow will add an instant retro vibe. For example, this kitchen above is completely transformed by three stools and a statement phone.

Now that’s an easy and cheap way to mix up your decor!

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Add a yellow color pop to your kitchen with the modern squares rectangular tablecloth.


Pastel Color Pop


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If all of these bright hues seem too garish for your taste, opt for something a little more demure. Pastel hues make stunning, understated color pops.

Best of all, pastel hues can be mixed and matched very easily. So if you like a bit of baby blue here and a bit of lilac there, it will still look lovely!

However, we recommend having one statement piece that pulls all of the pastel hues together. For example, the artwork in the inspiration photo above.

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Opt for plainer colored pillow covers and pull the hues together with a statement printed piece.

White & Turquoise


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A clean palette of bright white and wood can be given a colorful edge with mint or turquoise accessories.

If you prefer a sleek, Scandinavian style opt for one or two pieces to add detail, but keep it simple.

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A simple table runner will add a pop of mint, but will still look sleek and polished.

Chic jacquard table runner

Coral & Navy


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Sometimes two colors are better than one! In fact, this stunning combination of coral and navy proves it.

When adding pops of color in two vibrant hues, keep the rest of the palette simple. Furthermore, avoid too many prints as this will look busy and will take away the magic of the color pop.

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Add more coral than navy (about 2/3 navy to 1/3 coral) to keep it sleek and organized.

Coffee Brown

Velvet sparkle table runner and hand embroidered throw pillow cover

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