Crazy Celebrity Homes That Put Willy Wonker’s Chocolate Factory To Shame

These crazy celebrity homes are like a trippy dream come to life…

When you were five years old, did you dream of a home with chocolate walls? Perhaps you begged your Mum and Dad for a pink moat, complete with glowing, unicorn pedalos and a waterfall made from cotton candy?

Whilst most of us grow out of these dreamy, rainbow-embellished, fantasies, some celebrities haven’t. From scratch and sniff wallpaper, to spaceships , here are the crazy celebrity homes that make Willy Wonker’s chocolate factory look as boring as an Ikea Outlet.

Tommy Hilfiger’s Florida Mansion


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Although his runway collections are the epitome of ‘all American luxe’, Tommy Hilfiger’s beach-front, Florida mansion is like walking into a psychedelic rainbow.


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Brash, colorful and futuristic, the mansion features color-themed rooms adorned with giant polka dots, zig-zags, and even bananas! Best of all, this fruit wallpaper is scratch and sniff; how’s that for guest perks?


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Designed to be ‘part gallery, part home’, the abode is a crazy homage to the 1970s psychedelic era. We just hope that Mr Hilfiger’s guests appreciate color…

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Dr Seuss’s Beverly Hills Home


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We have to admit: we didn’t exactly expect Dr Seuss to live in a 5 bedroom brick apartment in the suburbs. However, this crazy concoction looks a bit like a melted birthday cake. Despite it’s absurdity, there is something truly intriguing about this Beverly Hills home.


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The swirling walls surrounding the home look like a real-life illustration from his books. We honestly wouldn’t think we had lost the plot if we saw his characters barging through these walls babbling nonsense.

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Nicholas Cage’s Castle


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Nicholas Cage really is the king of crazy celebrity homes. His real estate portfolio includes the most haunted house in America and two castles. No wonder this actor often finds himself in financial strife!

With as many financial issues as movie rolls, Nicholas has unfortunately had to sell many of his glorious abodes. We are not exactly sure who currently dwells in this Los Felis hill top castle.


Although the outside looks surprisingly tame, the castle hosts some more crazy elements. These doors look like they have been taken straight from a ‘Game Of Thrones’ set.

Other lavish features include purple velvet walls and ceilings with Egyptian stenciling.

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Naomi Campbell’s Moscow Home


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Is it a spaceship? Is it a plane? Nope it’s Naomi Campbell’s Moscow home that was built for her specifically under the order of her Russian billionaire beau.


Above: We’re not exactly sure what this room is, but it looks like it should be hovering above the Earth’s atmosphere!

The 90s supermodel undoubtedly has legs that are out of the world and now she has the home to match! The Russian abode is decked out like a spaceship to match its quirky exterior.


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The home was designed by renowned architect Zaha Hadid, whose quirky architectural designs include the London Olympics Aquatic Center.

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Which of these crazy homes would you like to live in?


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