5 Crazy Expensive Celebrity Weddings That Will Make You Gasp

These crazy expensive celebrity weddings will have you asking: “Erm… they spent how much?:

For the everyday couple, a wedding is one of the most expensive investments they will ever make. However, for these celebrities, their wedding was just another thing to throw their not-so-sacred dollars at.

From the lavish and luxurious, to the down-right ridiculous, here’s 10 crazy expensive celebrity weddings that will make you gasp…

1.Kate Middleton & Prince William


(Photo source: marthastewart.com)

Cost: $34 million

Venue: Westminster Abbey

Guests Included:  David & Victoria Beckham, The Queen, Sir Elton John

Who can forget that humble day in 2011 when brunette beauty Kate Middleton walked down the aisle to become a member of the royal family?

The whole world looked on as Kate Middleton and Prince William said their vows in front of 1,900 royals, political figures, friends, family and celebrities.

The whopping $34m covered Kate Middleton’s custom Alexander McQueen wedding dress ($434,000), $32 million on security and $800,000 on flowers. Erm… were the flowers made of solid gold?

Their Wedding Decor On A Budget

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(Photo source: graciejewellery.blogspot.com)

Kate’s lavish banquet was certainly fit for a future queen, but you can recreate the look yourself on a budget.

Begin by layering the table with a white, floral detailed table cloth, such as our hand painted floral table cloth.

Rustic Orange

Next, add gold centerpieces, such as statues or ornaments. If cheaper gold ornaments look a little tacky, why not try spray painting roses gold?

Finally, add a mixture of flat and tall flower arrangements in an array of pink and white.


2. Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel


(Photo source: perezhilton.com)

Cost: $6.5 million

Location: An Italian resort in Borgo Egnazia

Guests included: Jimmy Fallon, Andy Samberg & Timbaland

Justin famously sang ‘let me show you all the good things about love’ and I guess his money is one of them! The ex N-Sync star tied the knot with actress Jessica Biel at a swanky five star resort in the Italian city of Fasano.

The do’ included Justin performing a song he had written specifically for Jessica, hors d’oeuvres such as lobster in turnip top and Jessica’s custom, light pink Giambattista Valli gown.

Their Wedding Decor On A Budget


(Photo source: insideweddings.com)

There is something so elegant and simple about Jessica and Justin’s wedding table. Soft pink seat cushions and flowers compliment the bride’s stunning pastel pink gown, whilst a mirrored centerpiece and white tablecloth make this lavish set-up really easy to recreate on a budget.

Inject a little baby pink into your wedding table with the velvet table runner.

3. Kim Kardashian & Kanye West


(Photo source: eonline.com)

Cost: $12 million

Location: Forte di Belvedere, Florence

Guests included: Andre Leon Talley, Alexander Wang & Chrissy Teigan

When it comes to flashing the cash, it doesn’t get more over the top than Kimye.

The King and Queen of controversy had their nuptials in the stunning Forte di Belvedore. Creepily enough, they chose to get married in Florence as it was where their daughter, North, was conceived.

The couple arrived in a horse-drawn carriage and exchanged their vows in front of a stunning flower wall. Kim made a total of four dress changes, which we can imagine cost a couple of million alone.

Their Wedding Table On A Budget


(Photo source: kimkardashianphotomagazine.com)

This table setting is crystal, clean and oh-so-Kim.

To recreate, invest in good crystal glasswear, painted white table and chairs and create a hanging floral centerpiece.

4. George Clooney & Amal Alamuddin


(Photo source: arabiaweddings.com)

Cost: $4.6 million

Location: Aman Canal Grande luxury resort in Venice

Guests included: Matt Damon, Bono & Anna Wintour

As far as expensive celebrity weddings go, George and Amal’s is on the lower end of the scale.

Like many other celebrities, the Hollywood couple tied the knot in Italy. The wedding began with a civil ceremony at Venice City hall, to which Amal wore a beautiful white pantsuit, accompanied by an oversized floppy hat.

They then danced the night away in Hotel Aman with their celebrity friends and family.

Get Their Wedding Decor On A Budget


(Photo source: joanporcel.com)

The table layout takes inspiration from Amal’s Lebanese heritage. Recreate the table with our damask style elegant table runner.


Add crystal glassware and tall candle sticks to recreate the wedding’s regal elegance.

5.Delphine Arnault and Alessandro Vallarino Gancia


(Photo source: forbes.com)

Cost: $7 million

Location:Roman Catholic Cathédrale Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Bazas (a French national monument) & the Château d’Yquem

Guests included: Ringo Star, Jools Holland & Karl Lagerfeld

So you are probably thinking ‘who?’. Delphine Arnault is heiress to the Louis Vuitton dynasty and Vallarino Gancia is heir to a dynasty of Italian winemakers. In other words, they have a whole lot of wealth in their future. Unfortunately, their future was cut short by their untimely divorce in 2010, just 5 years after their crazy expensive wedding.

The silver-spoon-born couple wed at a monument in the South of France and had a reception at a French Chateau. Amongst all the other lavish displays, were 5,000 white roses (yep, you read that correctly).

Their Wedding Table Decor On A Budget


(Photo source: forbes.com)

Ok… we aren’t saying that you can redo those walls and architecture, but the tables are easy to recreate on a budget.

Begin by adorning round tables with our hand painted floral round tablecloth.

For the center pieces, opt for crystal chandeliers, or faux crystal, and surround by a moat of red and pink roses. Finish with white plates and crystal glassware.

Planning a wedding? Check out our gorgeous range of table decor.


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