Cushion Arranging 101

Cushion arranging: yep, it’s actually a thing.

As tempted as we are to throw our cushions onto our bed/sofa/general seating area and lay on down, cushion arranging can actually make a huge impact on your decor.

Ready for a crash course in cushion arranging?

Fantastic. Here’s cushion arranging 101….

For The Sofa

A sofa without cushions is a little bit like an ice cream sundae with no toppings. Grab those cushions, arrange them for your sofa type and get cozy!


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The most simple way to arrange cushions artfully, is to place them next to each other, coming forward, with a slight overlap. Think of your sofa formation as a V shape and you’re on the right track!

Although you don’t necessarily have to, it’s a great idea to place similar cushions in the mirror image spot. Symmetry is proven to be aesthetically pleasing.


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The illustration above highlights the key fundamentals of cushion arranging. Start from the outside with the largest cushions at the back, alternate between patterned and block colors and put shaped pieces in the center.

Yep: it’s really that simple!

Using Textures


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If you have a neutral sofa, textured pillow covers can really make it look interesting. However, style textured pillow covers with caution! Too many and it looks like you have the cast of The Muppets taking camp on your sofa!

Alternate fluffy or knitted cushions with plain textured pillows. Keep the palette minimal here too, otherwise your risk it looking a little brash.

For The Bedroom

Mixing Shapes & Sizes

Wanting to up your cushion game? Try adding various shapes and sizes.


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As the above examples show, rectangular cushions look great grouped in front of square cushions. If you have various sized square cushions, start with the largest at the back and gradually get smaller towards the front.


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Dotting smaller cushions in between a line of larger ones also looks polished and effortless.


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When it comes to round cushions, less is more. Draw attention to contrasting shapes by dotting one or two round cushions in among square or rectangular ones.

Playing With Color & Pattern

With an absolute rainbow of cushions out there, why stick to white? Add pops of print and block colors to really make your bed come to life!


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Clever cushion arranging is vital when it comes to mixing colors and patterns.

The bedroom above combines vintage, floral cushions and navy blue cushions perfectly. The reason it works so well is that the two different types of cushions are in separate lines. This ‘line’ mimics the effect that the blue bed runner has on the white bed.  This also compliments the lined wallpaper. It’s all about repetition.

Recreate It

To recreate this stunning combination, line three of the hand accent pillow covers behind two of the elegant dahlia pillow covers.



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Only got one printed pillow cover? Make it an accent piece by putting it right at the front-center of the arrangement. Spread the other colored pillow covers equally throughout to make it symmetrical.

Now you’ve got the cushion arranging skills, it’s time to invest in some stunning pillow covers! Check out our beautiful range of hand embroidered and painted Indian cushion covers here.


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