De-clutter With These Hidden Storage Spots

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‘Out of clutter, find simplicity’, Albert Einstein

To de-clutter is the new trend.  In a world where we have everything, the ‘less is more’ mentality is something that is an up and coming zeitgeist. As a matter of fact, ‘The Japanese Art of De-Cluttering’, by Marie Kondo, is a New York Times #1 best seller.

But as much as we would like to dwell in a sparkling, ridiculously minimalist home, let’s be real. We need ‘stuff’. Those boxes of Christmas decorations are literal joy come December, those gardening tools are not just ‘a waste of space’ and your childhood toys can be as uplifting as a whole crate of chocolates. Long story short, ‘stuff’ is a must, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be on display to gather dust and be frowned upon by our tidier relatives.

It’s time to de-clutter without throwing any necessities away! All you need is some sneaky hidden storage spots for a clutter-free home!

Under Stair Storage


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This has to be the neatest storage area we’ve ever seen! Rather than having a simple cupboard under your stairs, opt for open-out drawers to store all of your bits and bobs in an easily accessible and organized way.

Unless you are a DIY expert, we highly recommend you bring in the experts for this one!

The Easy Hide


Even the most organized shelves can look as messy as a pig stye. The easiest, and quickest, solution is simple: cover it up! Use a printed table runner to hide the contents of your shelves! Plus, the design itself will add a further stylish edge to your room.

This is also an easy hack for covering under-bed storage areas, or even under shelving units.


I used the hand embroidered table runner to hide my internet and electricity cables.

DIY Under Bed Storage


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When storing bits and bobs under the bed, it doesn’t have to look ugly! Invest in some stylish, wooden crate boxes to give your bed frame an industrial edge. Opt for boxes in a wood that is the same shade as your bed frame to avoid unsightly clashes.

If your boxes end up a slightly different shade to your bed frame, add some printed pillow covers to your bed in the same shade as your new storage boxes.

The Bookshelf Hack


Book shelves filled with old classics add a little bit of class and culture to every home. But if your books weren’t, ahem, books? For an easy, and really safe, storage space, glue old book spines to a large box.

This is a fantastic space to store keys, passports and everything valuable.

Extra Bathroom Storage


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The bathroom is undoubtedly one of the rooms in the house that always needs a de-clutter! And with your bathroom drawers bulging, how on earth are you expected to find your bobby pins or nail clippers?

Take a cue from this ingenious hack and add a magnetic strip to the side of a bathroom drawer. This is the perfect place to store all of your essentials that would normally get lost in a sea of ‘stuff’.

De-clutter Your Garden Shed


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Gardening is far much more fun when your tools are organized! De-clutter your shed by installing a simple rack made from PVC pipes.

Laundry Storage


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The space between your washing machine and tumble dryer can totally be utilized! A small, pull-out shelf is the perfect place to store cleaning products and other necessities.

Happy de-cluttering!


Rachel Holliday

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