Decor Trend Alert: Leaf & Palm Prints

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Be like a palm tree: Stand tall, wear a crown in your head and bask in the sun.

As Summer starts to appear on our radar, we find ourselves craving more and more leaf and palm prints in our abode.

Arguably one of the most popular trends on Pinterest and Instagram currently, leaf and palm prints offer more than just another decor style’. They allow us to live in a tranquil, tropical oasis. Bliss.

With greenery and kale the hottest hues of the year, greenery has made the transition from potted plants, to on our walls, sofas, and, well… everywhere!

From Balinese-style, palm-dotted bathrooms, to farm house fern prints, palm and leaf prints are headed right to the top of the 2017 decor trends.

So stop dreaming of blissful vacations under the palm trees, and experience them everyday in your own home. Here’s enough leaf and palm print inspiration to fill the entire Hawaiian coastline…

A Wall Of Palms


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Floral wallpaper may be as goudy as sparkly dresses with shoulder pads, but palm prints seem to have transcended this ‘hideous flora’ mold.

Clean, simple and green, this simple palm-covered wallpaper turns any room into a resort. Pair with wooden furnishings and live plants for a laid-back, tropical haven.


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Palm and tropical leaf prints will always be associated with the ocean, so they are perfect for bathroom walls.

When opting for a bold, leaf print wallpaper, keep the rest of the decor, clean and simple. This white, gold and palm bathroom looks like something from a luxurious, tropical resort.

Relaxed Minimalism


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Stuck in your minimalist mindset? Add a bit of fun to your abode! Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to turn your home into a walk-in Mardi Gras, but a bit of print never hurt anyone.

Add an instant spark of Summer into your home with some palm print decor pieces. Pillow covers will instantly change things up, whilst real plants will, quite literally, liven up any room.


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Canvas prints are another cheap and easy way to inject some tropical charm into your minimalist abode.

Add them to your office to spend hours dreaming of that special vacay you have booked…

Palms and Pink?


Palm prints and pink may seem like cheese and chocolate, but they actually melt together into something pretty tasty…

To keep it in trendy territory, keep the rest of the palette clean and minimal. However, don’t be afraid to add a pop of green here and there.


(Photo Size:

Flamingos and palm prints= double the dreamy tropical vibes…

In The Jungle, The Mighty Jungle…


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If minimalism isn’t your middle name, turn your house into a chic jungle! As you can see by the bohemian dream above, anything goes! So if you want to combine wild wallpaper, with vintage furniture; be my guest!


(Photo Source:

Checkered floor, blue wall, hanging lights: it shouldn’t work, but it totally does!

Sweet Leaves


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If you live in a colder climate, palm leaves may seem like a bit, fat lie. If you would prefer a print that blends more seamlessly into your outdoor environment, various leafy green prints will do just the trick!

Oak leaf prints and dark kale hues are a match made in heaven. Add undone wooden furniture and shabby chic accessories for a forest take on farmhouse style.


(Photo Source:

Finer leaf prints look fantastic with dainty and vintage-style furniture. Instead of styling with vibrant green and kale tones, pair pine prints with soft duck egg blues and pale mint hues.

Our Picks


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