Decorating A Loft Apartment: What You Need To Know

When it comes to decorating a loft apartment, it’s all about enhancing a unique and structurally interesting area. Unlike standard apartments, loft apartments are often one large space, without interior walls. Often found in old, industrial buildings, loft apartments are a popular and trendy choice for inter-city living.

If you’re the lucky owner of one of these spaces, here’s everything you need to know about decorating a loft apartment…

Draw Attention To The Architecture

decorating a loft apartment with pendant light

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When decorating a loft apartment, it’s important to enhance and draw attention to its quirky architecture. Many of these spaces are blessed with detailed roofs, such as exposed beams or an angled roof.

Draw attention to your apartments quirky roof, through the addition of pendant lights, hanging plants or simple down lights.

The only rule is: no plastering! This space is all about that interesting, industrial roof!


Keep Flooring Raw

loft apartment wooden floor

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As a loft is a single open space, carpet would completely swamp the area, making it appear smaller. Instead, opt for wooden flooring that compliments your exposed beams or roof.

To add an element of coziness to the ‘bedroom’ or ‘living room’ area of the apartment, use a printed table runner as a luxurious rug or under a coffee table.

Opt for a neutral table runner, such as the hand embroidered table runner or hawthorn leaf table runner.

BeigeBlack & White

Stay Neutral

Although apartments with separate rooms can get away with color, loft apartments are best kept neutral. As all of the ‘rooms’ are in one space, you want to stick to one color scheme. When decorating a loft apartment, you should aim to make the space look as large and open as possible. This is best achieved through incorporating a neutral color scheme.

However, a neutral color scheme doesn’t mean that decorating a loft apartment has to be boring! Here are our tips for neutral decorating that will make your loft apartment feel like it has elements of separate ‘rooms’, whilst keeping it breezy and open.


bedroom loft apartment

A wide rug, slightly larger than your bed frame, is a great way to create the illusion of a ‘bedroom’. Keep it detailed, yet neutral, with one of our embroidered duvet cover sets. The hand embroidered duvet cover set in beige will look fantastic!

Keep away from large clumps of furniture and opt for two bedside tables either side of your bed frame.


loft apartment kitchen

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Keep it minimalist and clean with a wooden or metal table, dotted with neutral place mats. You could also add to the industrial feel of the apartment with metal chairs.

Shimmering spiral place mats

Living Room


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Although it depends on the shape of your loft apartment, the living room is best suited to one corner of the space. Arrange neutral sofas in an L shape to keep your living area open. Opt for a coffee table in a neutral or industrial material, such as marble, wood or metal.

Finally, add detail to your sofas with printed pillow covers. We love these neutral ones below:

Solid geometric pillow cover and damask throw pillow cover

Give It An Arty Edge

loft apartment gallery wall

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We’ve all watched enough sitcoms to know that loft apartments are synonymous with arty people. As a matter of fact, these large, open spaces are made to be given an arty edge!

Why not dedicate a whole wall to photographs or art works? Make it really hipster by using vintage-style white photographs. Or if your not one for personal photographs, put up some interesting paintings or canvasses.

Another great way to give your loft apartment an arty edge is to add a small sculpture. This could be a great centerpiece for a coffee table or kitchen table.

Bring The Outdoors In

loft apartment plants

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As most loft apartments don’t have their own gardens, it’s important that you still get your dose of greenery! An easy way to do this is to integrate house greenery into your apartment. As well as making your apartment look more stylish, it will also give your space clean, fresh oxygen.

Statement plants such as leafy ferns are a great way to break up the ‘rooms’ in your loft apartment. Hanging plants are another great option, as they will attract attention to the interesting architecture of your roof.

Are you decorating a loft apartment? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below…

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