Event Planning: A Step By Step Guide

Event planning can be so much work, it can be hard to know where to start! From venue booking, to invitations, to the largest seating plan and all the way down to the tiniest detail, it can be one big head ache.

Luckily, we’ve got your back! Whether you are planning a mates birthday bash, or are thinking of starting your own event planning company, here’s a step by step guide to creating that unforgettable event.

  1. Who? What? When? Where? Why?


(Photo Source: iwhapp.com)

Ah…. the five ‘w’s… as much as they may make you feel like you are back in a high school English lit class, they are pretty darn important to getting your event planning spot on.

Rather than jumping into the deep end without any tangible goal, it’s important to think about the event itself, why you are doing it and what exactly you want to achieve.

So stop Googling ‘helium balloon suppliers’ and ask yourself the following:

  • Who is this for?
  • What do I hope to achieve? (For example, if it is a business meeting, the aim may be networking.’
  • When must the event be?
  • Where should it be?
  • Why is the event happening?

2.  Team and Budget

Feel free to use this image, just link to www.SeniorLiving.Org

If you are a professional event planner, the team and budget pretty much come hand in hand. If it’s a personal event, think carefully about how much you are willing to spend.

If you are planning for a company or employer, your budget will have probably been set for you.


3. Date and Location

Wedding at the Cape Hotel | Photo by CHRIS+LYNN Destination Wedding Photographers www.chrispluslynn.com | Design & Floral by Elena Damy www.elenadamy.com credit: CHRIS+LYNN DESTINATION PHOTOGRAPHERS (chrispluslynn.com)

If your event has to be on a particular date, ring around suitable locations and see if they’re available. If the date of your event is flexible, go for the best venue that suits your event and your budget.

When choosing a location, it’s important to take the following into consideration:

  • Does it have the right amenities?
  • If you are planning for a company or workplace, does it fit their branding and company ethic?
  • The weather! Although an outdoor event may be amazing, it’s important to have a back up ‘indoor area’ in case it rains.
  • Will it bust your budget? Keep in mind that catering, entertainment and decor also need to be covered.
  • Is it easily accessible for guests?

4. Establish Partnerships & Sponsors

Sponsors are only relevant for those event planning for a company or work place! If you want to perhaps expand your budget, why not work in collaboration with sponsors who may wish to provide food, prizes, or even a venue!

If you cannot achieve sponsors, reach out to partners who will provide food, entertainment etc. Organizing these services in good time is core to all event planning.

5. Market!


(Photo Source: shareyouressays.com)

Now it’s time for the fun stuff! When marketing and branding for your event, it’s important to keep your goals and the company’s brand in the back of your mind at all times.

To start with, establish a theme for your event. Some fun theme ideas include Bollywood, 1920s and specific dinner party themes.

If you don’t wish to have a strong theme, it’s important to establish a color scheme. Although you may think that decor is a lot further down the track, branding will be much stronger if any logos, invites or social media posts have the exact same color scheme.

First of all, develop a marketing plan. This will inevitably vary between different event genres. For example, if you are planning a charity event, how do you plan to get the word out? Social media, paid advertising, print advertising and press releases are all great ways of getting your event out there.

6. The Details


Above: An Indian style wedding with our hand painted round floral table cloth.

By this point, you should have the following elements of your event organized: venue, date, food, entertainment, any prizes, any other services. Alongside this, you should have also begun to market your event in various ways.

Now imagine all of this going to plan, for your guests  to arrive at a venue with no interesting decor theme, color palette or decorations. Yep, it would certainly be boring!

An easy way to makeover your tables is with printed table cloths and table runners. Choose a color scheme that fits your events branding and your guests will be completely blown away.

Flower arrangements are also another way to uplift or add personality to any event venue.

In order to create an event your guests will truly remember, decor is a very important part of event planning! After all, you can’t taste food on the event photos!

Looking for decor for your next event? Check out our range of table runners, table cloths, placemats and printed pillows.




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Planning A Spring Wedding? Here’s 7 Things You Need To Do!

With Spring being all about growth, life and new starts, there isn’t a better time to have your big day! If you’re planning a Spring Wedding, here’s seven things you need to do…

1. Give Spring-Themed Wedding Favors

We’ve all seen endless chocolate favors and scented soaps, so it’s without a doubt that your guests would have seen these too! The season of Spring is all about growth and life, so why not give a wedding favor that reflects this. After all, chocolates just get eaten before your guests have even left…


(Photo Source: storymixmedia.com)

Seeds are a great idea for a Spring wedding. Plus, they carry a beautiful metaphor that your guests can take home with them. If displaying them in a wheel barrow is a little too messy for your liking, lay them out on a table on top of a printed table runner.

Our jacquard floral table runner is perfect for Spring.

(Photo Source: deerpearlflowers.com)

A succulent is another great Spring wedding favor that carries the same metaphor of growth and love.

2. Have A Quintessentially Spring Bouquet

Just as a Winter wedding wouldn’t be complete without sprigs of holly, a Spring bridal bouquet needs flowers that bloom in Spring time.

Traditional Spring flowers include:

  • Peonies
  • Tulips
  • Roses
  • Dahlias
  • Freesias
  • Cherry blossoms
  • Apple blossoms
  • Poppies


(Photo Source: brides.com)

This pastel pink and green peony bouquet perfectly captures the spirit of Spring.


(Photo Source: brides.com)

This mix of tulips and lillies is great for those who like a more understated approach.

3. Utilize The Outdoors

Spring is all about the resurrection of nature. Bring this in to your wedding by having a cozy outdoor space at your reception or ceremony. An outdoor  bar, seating area, or even photo booth will give your wedding those happy Spring vibes.

(Photo Source: patchworkharmony.blogspot.co.uk)

A cosy wigwam will make a unique spot for your guests to chill out and catch up. Recreate this cute look by layering up cozy blankets and printed pillow covers.


Hand painted deluxe accent pillow cover, jacquard floral pillow cover


(Photo Source: colincowieweddings.com)

Forget Instagram frames! This cute and rustic frame is super fun for your guests to take photos in!

4. A Floral Arch Canopy

Whether you plan to have your wedding inside or in the great outdoors, a floral arch canopy is sure to take your wedding to that fairytale level. Keep it fresh and pretty by opting for nudes, creams and whites and integrate pretty fabrics such as lace and crochet.


(Photo Source: himisspuff.com)

These hanging roses make this canopy the definition of dreamy.


(Photo Source: washingtonian.com)

This cherry blossom canopy brings the outdoors inside in classiest way.

5. Pastel Bridesmaid Dresses

Pastel bridesmaid dresses are always a stunning choice and the demure, fresh palette makes them an ideal choice for a Spring wedding.


(Photo Source: modweddings.com)

Go for flowy, feminine fabrics such as tulle. Leave heavy satin’s for Fall and Winter weddings.

6. Cover Your Tables In Flowers

Spring is all about new blooms, so there really is no such thing as too many flowers! When it comes to your dining tables, use Spring flowers to create dramatic, yet demure centerpieces. Believe me when I say, you’re guests will remember these for years to come…


(Photo Source: bodasnovias.com)

Now this is making a statement! Soft beige table cloths are uplifted to new heights by an array of stunning flora. Note how the flowers are all at different heights here, giving the table center a ‘full’ look.

Get the look with our stunning hand painted floral rectangular table cloth.

Rustic Orange


(Photo Source: oncewed.com)

If you are looking for a more rustic vibe, this simple, indoor table layout is perfect for you. Combine classic white roses with Spring florals and leafy greens for something truly stunning. High pillared candles will add to the cottage-like, undone vibes.

Our chic jacquard table runner will make the perfect base for your stunning centerpiece.


7. Don’t Toss Confetti

Confetti tossing has become somewhat of an overused cliche. Instead of giving out confetti to toss on the send away, try dried flower petals instead. After all, rose petals are far better for the environment (and the poor person who has to clear up after your wedding).


(Photo Source: deerpearlflowers.com)

Lavender is another great alternative to confetti.

Looking to add something different to your wedding. Here’s some beautiful wedding color palettes you may not have considered.

Got your wedding planning under wraps? Check out our range of beautiful table runners, table cloths and placemats.

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Dreamy Boho Kitchens You Have To See To Believe

Looking to add a little boho to your home decor? Boho kitchens are a wonderful way to give your home a laid-back, gypsy edge. As a matter of fact, Pinterest is bulging with dreamy, boho kitchens that come with the unspoken promise to make cooking more stylish!

From stunning hanging herbs, to gorgeous Aztec prints, here are the boho kitchens that you really have to see to believe.

We promise they really do exist!

Greenery & Copper


(Photo Source: instagram.com/luna_zorro)

Ever since Pantone named greenery and kale as some of the hottest colors for 2017, we knew that green was going to be a huge hit on the kitchen scene!

Bringing about visions of leafy salads and smoothies, green is the perfect choice for any kitchen. And when rose gold is added into the equation, the result is truly mesmerizing!

Simple, copper accessories make a wonderful contrast to deep greens. Best of all, pieces such as cooking spoons are relatively cheap. Vases, candle holders and salt and pepper shakers make wonderful additions too.

This dreamy, green kitchen adds a further green element through an abundance of live greenery. Wooden shelves keep it looking natural and bring an appetizing air of the outdoors in.

Moroccan Inspired


(Photo Source: brit.co)

Raise your hand if you are well and truly bored of plain black or white splash backs? **Raises hand** Thought so! Statement splash-backs are a fantastic way to take a plain kitchen to the next level. This Moroccan-style print really gives this neutral kitchen a bohemian edge.

The wooden shelves and worktop really work with the print too. Add basil, thyme and other herbs to one side of your worktop for a decor accent that is edible!

Get The Look

Printed tiles can be expensive. Luckily, this isn’t the only way that you can inject a Moroccan edge into your home. A boho printed table runner, or boho placemats, can instantly transform a worktop. Which, in turn, transforms your kitchen!

Above: Exotic oriental table runner and saree border placemats

Gypsy Dining


(Photo Source: instagram.com/salvagedior)

There’s something so raw and natural about this boho dining set-up, that it almost makes us feel like it’s outside. The rustic wooden dining table is beautifully complimented by the stripe table runner. The cacti centerpiece really makes it modern and Aztec.

However, perhaps the most distinctly stunning aspect of this dining area is the wall art. The Aztec-print wall hang and hanging succulent cleverly separate the dining area from the rest of the open plan home.

Get The Look

Invest in some gypsy-style fabrics and adorn the dining table and wall to create a boho dining area.

Coffee Brown

Arabian velvet table runner

Rustic Western

Processed with VSCOcam with f3 preset

(Photo Source: magicdreamlife.com)

We wouldn’t be surprised if this house was in the wild west! Classic ‘cowboy style’ prints and rustic, metal bar stools look straight out of the saloon. Hanging plants and flowers add a distinctly feminine vibe to stop it looking too ‘Clint Eastwood’.

That hanging light fixture is actually genius. We adore the way it floats so perfectly above that breakfast bar. Where can we find a handyman to make us one?

Get The Look

Opt for a table cloth or runner with a Western-style boho print and drape over one side of your breakfast bar. If you’re not lucky enough to have a distinct bar, simply throw over your dining table.

Black & White

Above: Hawthorn leaf table runner and ornamental embroidered table cloth.

Hanging Gardens


(Photo Source: casykaui.tumblr.com)

No matter what kind off state your kitchen is in, it can easily be uplifted with hanging leaves or faux leaves. To add to the boho vibes, hang quirky plates on your walls too. There really are no rules when it comes to boho kitchens!

Boho Accents


(Photo Source: domino.com)

Sometimes less is more and this minimalist-style home certainly proves this! The clean, white fixtures and wooden floor are beautifully uplifted by this statement, boho rug. This alone transforms the room and makes it feel homely rather than clinical.

Cute pendant lights and wooden accessories add to this bohemian vibe, without making it too overcrowded.

Get The Look

We are all about mixing it up, so why not try using a bohemian print table runner as a rug?

Glamorous border table runner

Which of these boho kitchens will you be dreaming of?

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Christmas Table Layouts Using Versatile Pieces

Crazy fact: American’s are spending around 6 billion dollars a year on Christmas. Mind blown. Rather than forking out an arm and a leg on specific pieces for your Christmas table layouts, invest in a few versatile pieces that can be used all year round.

After all, you can only use that sparkly, Santa-embellished table runner for a few days. Plus: you’ve already spent enough money on presents, food and decoration. It’s time to give that poor wallet a rest!

Here are some stunning Christmas table layouts that consist of versatile pieces…

Dreaming Of A White Christmas

Clean white christmas table layouts

(Photo Source: inspiredlivinghome.blogspot.com)

For some people, reindeer embellishments, glitter and an overdose of red just scream tacky. If you’re one of those people who enjoys the more refined things in life, this simple table layout embraces the holiday season without screaming ‘SANTA’.

Best of all, it’s made up of stunning, minimalist pieces that can be used to uplift your dining table every single day of the year.

Recreate this table by adorning your table with a clean, white table cloth. Next, add a neutral runner with a metallic sheen to make it just a little bit special. Add neutral placemats and dot with cream and white plates. Finally, create a centerpiece that looks like it has been taken from nature itself. Dot glass candle holders in amongst pine branches for something that is undoubtedly festive.

The best part? All of these pieces can be used again! Well, apart from the pine leaves, but you are likely to get these for free.

Get The Look

Saree border table runner

Shimmering spiral hand embroidered placemats

Have A Holly Jolly Christmas


(Photo Source: masom.com)

If you would like to embrace red in your Christmas table layouts, why not opt for flowers? Although red flowers, such as holly, are inevitably Christmassy, red floral pieces have the versatility to be used all year round too! A red table runner could be perfect for a Spring tea party, whereas red placemats are a must have for Summer bohemian decor.

Get this holly jolly look by teaming a white table cloth with an eye-catching, red floral table runner. Add white candles and an abundance of red flowers to create a striking centerpiece. If you would like more of a contrast, evergreen leaves and fircones will add the Winter outdoors to your table.

Dot every guests seat with a red floral placemat and top white napkins with red present bows. Keep cutlery and wine glasses plain to stop it from becoming too cluttered.

Get The Look

Hand painted deluxe floral table runner

Floral embroidered placemats

Bright Star Of Bethlehem


(Photo Source: redonline.co.uk)

Who ever thought to use a mirror as a table runner here is some sort of decor Einstein! This dreamy table layout looks like it’s been sprinkled with stardust and, luckily, the majority of these pieces can be used again!

To make your Christmas dinner guests all starry eyed, start by layering up your table with a plain, white table cloth. Next, add a long, rectangular mirror. Please note: ensure this is in the center of the table, no one wants to catch a glimpse of themselves eating Christmas dinner.

Add metallic silver placemats and top with white plates. Now for the fun part! Sprinkle stars and snowflakes evenly across your table cloth. Add an abundance of silver candle holders and two large silver vases. Fill your vases with ivy and top with candles. Next, recreate this with mini vases of ivy on every placemat. We are not exactly sure how to recreate that hanging garland, but if you manage it, you rock!

Get The Look

Hand embroidered table placemat set

Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer


(Photo Source: blog.hobbycraft.co.uk)

Looking for a cute and fun layout that won’t cost you half of the contents of Santa’s sack? Ta-da! Cute, Festive, and using versatile pieces, this red patterned table reminds us of Rudolph’s cute red nose! The only really Christmassy things you will need to buy are these glittery reindeers. One dollar store: here we come!

Grab your finest white table cloth; it’s about to get a fun uplift! Add a retro printed red and white runner for some Festive cheer. Take some embellished plates and top them with a glittery Reindeer. Add DIY place cards between the antlers to make it really personal!

Get The Look

Damask style elegant table runner

Which of our Christmas table layouts will you be trying?




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The Winter Wedding: A Literal Fairytale

Despite the chilly weather, a Winter wedding will undoubtedly have that ‘fairytale’ edge. Is it just me, or is there something so darn romantic about Winter in general? Whether it’s ice skating in the park hand in hand or snuggled up next to the fire with some egg nogg, the festive period is made for lovers.

Just imagine saying your vows in between glistening snow flakes, or having your reception dinner in front of a roaring open fire. Snow-dotted trees and frozen lakes are about enough to make any lady feel like a complete Elsa on their wedding day.

Not convinced? Here’s why a Winter wedding is, quite literally, a fairy tale.

The Winter Wedding Venue

Whether you opt for scenic views of snowy hilltops, or take the more cozy route, these venue’s may have well of literally being taken from ‘Beauty And The Beast.’

Quaint And Picturesque

winter wedding cosy venue with a view

(Photo Source: destinationweddingmag.com)

This small, rustic building provides the warmth and comfort of a Summer wedding, set against the stunning backdrop of the Wyoming mountains. The gold, dark beige and white decor keeps it neutral, yet slightly festive, whilst the candle lanterns give it an impeccable Winter air.

Get The Look

Drape our table runners over the edge of the benches to recreate this stunning plethora of texture and neutral tones.


Hand embroidered table runner and hand embroidered table runner

Warm Winter Wonderland


(Photo Source: youmeantheworldtome.co.uk)

If you like it minimal, this indoor Winter wonderland is for you! Bringing the light embellished trees of the festive outdoors indoors, this venue is like one huge family Christmas! An abundance of candles create a modern take on a roaring Winter fire.

The Great Outdoors


(Photo Source: happywedd.com)

If you truly love Winter, you can embrace everything the great outdoors has to offer with this stunning outdoor setup. Rustic wooden floors and a Native American print rug adhere to the Mother Nature theme, whilst the snowy backdrop truly looks like something from a fairytale.

Get The Look

Add a Native American style quirk to your wooden floors with our oriental blossom table runner.

The Winter Wedding Accessories

Just when you thought buying a dress couldn’t be more exciting, the cold temperatures of Winter call for extra pretty pieces to keep you warm. A stunning jacket will emit a classy vibe, or opt for a faux-fur stole to go all-out Russian princess!

All Rugged Up

(Photo Source: weddingforward.com)

A scarf and gloves may not exactly be what you had in mind, but if you have your wedding ceremony outdoors, they are a necessity! The chunky knit scarf and gloves make such a stunning contrast to the bouquet of roses and evergreen leaves. Plus: as soon as you arrive at the indoor reception, all eyes will be on your dress!

Faux Fur


(Photo Source: pinterest.com)

These faux fur shawls are absolutely stunning and provide a stark, yet beautiful, contrast to the sequin bridesmaid dresses. Faux fur coats and shawls are a wonderful way for the bride to keep warm too.

The Winter Wedding Banquet

By having your big day in the festive period, you are able to embrace Christmassy colors in your banquet table. Whether you opt for warming berry tones, or simple snow whites, your Winter wedding banquet table is sure to look dreamy.

Warming The Heart


(Photo Source: ruffledblog.com)

This classy table layout takes elements of festive decor, such as metallic, and gives them a wedding makeover. Mulberry and red violet roses are mixed with bushy evergreens for a quintessentially Winter look. Candles and wine glasses are left plain and simple to let the stunning flowers and table runner do the talking.

Get The Look

Embrace the festive season in your table layout with our exotic oriental table runner.


White Christmas


(Photo Source: deerpearlflowers.com)

White and silver come together to create a stunning, winter banquet table that reminds us of snow. If you prefer a minimalist wedding, this one is certainly for you! Begin by layering your table with a white table cloth and adorning with a silver table runner. Add voluminous bouquets of white roses and sprinkle with faux snow. Add a warm vibe with a plethora of plain silver candle holders.

Get The Look

Our soft, silver hand embroidered table runner is made for a snowy vibe.

The Winter Wedding Finishing Touches

Sometimes, it’s the small things that can make a wedding really special and it doesn’t get more quintessentially Winter than these stunning finishing touches!

The Hot Chocolate Bar


(Photo Source: upcycledtreasures.com)

Treat any frostbitten guests to a cute and quirky hot chocolate bar. Include cream, sprinkles and marshmallows and let your guests indulge.

Horse Drawn Sleigh


(Photo Source: whitehorseworkshop.com)

If you are 100% guaranteed snow, why not arrive in a horse drawn sleigh? It doesn’t get more fairy tale than that! Plus: a beautiful draft horse is priceless for snowy wedding photos.

Fir Cone Lapel Pins


(Photo Source: weddinginclude.com)

Embrace the Winter forest by adorning the grooms suit with a fir cone and evergreen plants. It is classy, unique and surprisingly more masculine than typical flowers.

Would you ever have a Winter Wedding?


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