DIY Boho Outdoor Area

It’s August the 31st. My jaw drops to the ground. Summer seems to have flown by like a turbo jet, leaving the Northern Hemisphere basking in the last few days of sun until the trees start to brown and knitwear becomes a must. I order you now to get out of your living room and into your garden! Sure, it may not be as glam as a celeb retreat in The Hamptons and hey; your lawn might need mowing, but I forgive you! But guess what? You can enjoy the last few days of Summer in a Pinterest-worthy outdoor abode. All it takes in some boho decor, a ladder and ten minutes of your time to create this boho outdoor area! So let’s get on it like a car bonnet!

P.S. Why not invite your friends round for some end of Summer drinks? They are sure to be impressed by this boho paradise! After all, Summer may not last forever, but memories do!

Step One: Create Wonder Walls


Before I loose myself in a chorus of ‘Oasis’, let me tell you something: even the ugliest outdoor walls can be completely transformed by beautiful fabrics. I added a giant printed mandala to make my white criss-crossed walls look less vast. The brick pillar was looking a little worse for wear, until I completely covered it with the hand painted deluxe floral table runner.  I topped it with a printed canvas and dream catcher for that stunning gypsy-style clash! For some reason, the brick pillars in my yard are already full of nails (don’t blame me, we’ve just moved in!), but if you’re walls are nail-less, blue tack works a treat. I then created a draped feature by draping the jacquard floral table runner between walls and layering the chic jacquard table runner over the top. And ta-da! Not an ugly wall in sight!

You Will Need

Rustic Orange

Hand painted deluxe floral table runner in rustic orange

Jacquard floral table runner in gold

Chic jacquard table runner in sky blue

Add as many wall hangs, paintings and general pretties as you want, this look is all about being random!

Step Two: Brick Floors, Be Gone!


Ugly red bricks are barely the height of decor fashion! I covered my less-than-lovely, paint-stained (yes, really) floor by layering up printed table runners and topping with a fluffy rug. To keep the floor looking less cluttered, I opted for two table runners in purple, which complimented the gray tones of the fluffy rug to perfection.

You Will Need

Exotic oriental table runner in purple

Jacquard paisley table runner in purple

Add a faux fur rug or throw to mix up your textures.

Step Three: Mix Up Your Levels


The key to any good decor is levels and outdoor areas are so exception! My yard has a random risen, box-like area, which I covered with a throw and topped with the hand embroidered table runner to make it look chic. This could be recreated using a large cooler or coffee table. I also added height by placing a stool in the center of the outdoor area. In short, it’s all abut levels baby!

You Will Need


Hand embroidered table runner in beige.

A few stools, a coffee table, or whatever takes your fancy.

Step Four: Comfort Is Key


Never underestimate the comfort power of cushions! I gave my outdoor area a touch of boho comfort by layering up different cushions to create three ‘seats’. I also added a knitted throw to a bean bag and topped with two exotic oriental print pillows.

You Will Need

Exotic oriental print pillow covers in coffee brown


Jacquard damask pillow covers in blue

Hand embroidered brocade pillow covers in beige


Jacquard paisley pillow covers in blue

Floral embroidered pillow covers in king blue

Step Five: Green It Up


Is it just me, or do green leaves make everything more fresh and appealing? I topped off my boho outdoor area with randomly placed greenery. How lush!

You Will Need

Potted greenery. Go for fakies if you can’t even be trusted with a cactus!


Enjoy your boho outdoor area and live up those last few days of Summer like a total Queen!



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