DIY Halloween Costumes Using Everyday Pieces

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Halloween has been around for long before your first ‘Trick Or Treating’ session. As a matter of fact, the history of Halloween spans a massive 2,000 years all the way back to The Celts. During the original ‘Halloween’, the Celts would don costumes to scare off evil spirits. Fast forward 20 centuries and this tradition of dressing up is still at Western cultures forefront.

As a matter of fact, American’s alone spend a whopping $6-$7 billion on Halloween. Ouch! Luckily, having a quirky and fun fancy dress costume does not have to mean a huge bank loan. Why not create a costume using everyday pieces that you can rock for the rest of the Fall season?

After that thrilling History lesson, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Here are our favorite DIY Halloween Costumes using everyday wardrobe basics…

The Gypsy Fortune Teller


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With all things bohemian still sizzling on thee fashion hot plate, why not invest in some basic boho beauties to create this cute fortune teller costume? Begin by investing in a white off-the-shoulder blouse, which will look equally as street-style worthy with a pair of ripped jeans as it will with this Gypsy look.

Next, choose a pair of colorful matching scarves. Extra bonus points for choosing one with a lush bohemian print, such as the Floral Paisley Scarf.  Tie one of the scarves around your head and one around your waist.

Invest in this seasons staple, a maxi skirt and gently sew some coin embellishments to the hem. After Halloween, feel free to remove this and rock your maxi on an everyday basis.


(Photo Source:

How beautiful is this embellished gypsy head wear? Even better; it’s made up of fashionable basics that you are sure to wear on repeat. Sign me up!

Invest in a shimmery, metallic scarf, such as the Solid Colour Scarf and drape over your head, securing at the back.  Then add one or two chunky gold necklaces or hair pieces to your forehead and tuck under the scarf and secure. Add complimenting over-sized necklaces around your neck and you are one bohemian beauty!

The 60s Mod


(Photo Source:

Feeling groovy? This Twiggy-esque mod costume may just be your perfect fit for Halloween. And the best news? It only takes two basic, fashion pieces that you are sure to wear again!

Firstly, grab yourself a vibrantly-hued, Peter Pan collared, shift dress. Secondly, add a pop-art print scarf. This Geometric Print Scarf is perfect and comes in enough colors to suit any shift dress you choose.


(Photo Source:

Get your ultimate Twiggy on by copying her statement lashes! All you need is some liquid liner, dark brown shadow and some falsies.



Dressing as the ‘first sinner’ doesn’t have to be as risque as this. Invest in some cute, green, leaf print pieces and you are good to go! Firstly, take the Tropical Floral Scarf in citrus green and wrap around your neck and cross over at your bust to make a cute, halter top. Pair with green or foliage-adorned shorts and a flower crown. Plastic snake optional.

The Mime


(Photo Source:

Chances are you already have most of the components to this easy mime costume hanging in your wardrobe. Combine a monochrome stripe tee and stripe pants. Add a vibrant red scarf, such as The Solid Color Silk Scarf and a black beret.

The only tricky part about this costume is the makeup! Invest in a face paint set and ensure you perfect the mime look before the big night.

The Genie


(Photo Source:

Stick to Halloween’s supernatural roots by rocking this Genie look! If you’re a fan of Aladdin, this feminine-tribute to Robin William’s genie is really easy to re-create yourself.

For the top, simply use a vibrant blue scarf, such as this Solid Color Scarf and tie around your neck and waist as a halter top. After all, surely you are more likely to wear this again than a teeny-tiny crop top?

For the trousers, it’s time to get those harem pants out from your dusty wardrobe? If MC Hammer was never your thing, layer denim shorts over a longer scarf tied around the waist. We recommend this Multi Color Abstract Print Scarf to add some magic to your look.

As for the head wear, there’s no need to invest in this from a fancy dress shop ladies! Simply take an egg cup and cover it with the Artistic Print Silk Scarf. As strange as it may sound, the shape of the egg-cup will create this cool-hat effect at no extra cost. Secure to your hair with bobby pins and wrap the remainder of the scarf around your head and under your chin. Now all that you have to do is restrain yourself from singing out Christina Aguilara’s ‘Genie In A Bottle.’

What are you dressing as for Halloween? Let me know in the comments below…

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