DIY Outdoor Meditation Area

Meditation retreats are the new all-inclusive cruises. In today’s fast-paced, post-modern, society, those with blessed bank accounts are switching the glossy, Las Vegas resorts for something a little more zen: the meditation retreat. It seems that the phrase vacation is finally living up to it’s unwinding definition!

Meditation is an easy and relaxing way to escape and alleviate from everyday stresses, and with one in four individuals suffering from mental health issues, it’s time that we all sat down and got our ‘ooooom’ on!

Unless you’re Bill Gates, chances are you can’t escape to a meditation retreat every time your stress levels peak. So why not create your own outdoor meditation area at home?

Whatever your level of building expertise, there’s a DIY outdoor meditation area for you to create in your own home. Time to find yours…

For The First Time DIY-er

If a hammer and a saw are your arch nemeses, this easy to create area is for you! All it takes is a whole lot of patience and some cracking decor….oh yeah, and maybe a ladder.


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The wonderful thing about this meditation mecca is that it takes absolutely zero building skills! Wahoo! Let nature be your structure, and find a tall, sturdy and leafy tree in your back yard.

  1. Let’s start from the top! Take two large, plain white sheets and secure to the center-point of the tree. Take the fabric and create drapes, securing to near-by tall structures of trees to create a shaded cover.
  2. Whilst you’ve got that ladder handy, hang a string of fairy lights underneath the white sheets. I suggest you hang these i the central focal point of the drapes, as they may come in handy for meditation!
  3. Hang two dream catchers or hanging macrames at either side of your drapes, creating a welcoming ‘entry’ to your meditation area.
  4. Take three Arabian velvet table runners and layout consecutively on the ground, creating an Indian-inspired meditation mat.
  5. Dot around colorful, bohemian print cushions and enjoy!

You Will Need

3 x Arabian velvet table runners

2 x Elegant dahlia pillow covers
Black & Gold

2 x hand embroidered brocade pillow covers

2 x exotic oriental pillow covers

2 x large white sheets

2 x dream catchers/ hanging macrames

1 x string of fairylights


For The Handyman

With only one timber structure and a whole lot of prettiness, this four poster bed style retreat is ideal for anyone who has a little bit of building knowledge.


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What’s more zen than a four poster bed and fresh air combined? This Meditation area is all about options, with mat-covered floor areas or a make-shift bed both ready for your relaxation techniques. The mini Buddhist shrine on the wall gives in a extra edge of spirituality too.

  1. Let’s get the hardest bit out of the way first! Create a timber four poster bed frame and secure on top of a raised area.
  2. Once secure, hang plants and lanterns from your frame to create a zen atmosphere.
  3. Take an old mattress and adorn with the hand painted floral duvet cover set. Place this under your frame and dot with colorful cushions of your choice.
  4. Decorate the lower-level ground with the hand painted floral table cloth and the hand embroidered table cloth.


You Will Need

1 x hand painted duvet cover set

2 x paisley embroidered pillow cover

1 x floral embroidered pillow cover

1 x solid geometric pillow cover

1 x hand painted floral tablecloths

1 x hand embroidered table cloth

1 x single matress

1 x wooden frame

3 x hanging lights

For The Building Guru

Up for a challenge? This curtained gazebo is what meditation dreams are made of! So get yourself a hammer, an array of wood and a builder, if needed, this one is well worth the hard slog!


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Who needs to go to some swanky resort when you could have this in your backyard? It’s fabulous for outdoor entertaining as well as meditation. If you are not a pro builder, entrust your mecca in builder or a handy friend.

  1. Lay down timber boardwalk in the area you wish to have your meditation retreat.
  2. Build a gazebo on top of the boardwalk and adorn with drapey white curtains.
  3. Surround by statement shrubs and plants in stone columns.
  4. Add a stone coffee table to the center-back of your area and dot with vases of fresh flowers.
  5. Add neutral, Moroccan decor and add a few of the floral embroidered pillow cases for comfort.

You Will Need

2 x floral embroidered pillow covers

1 x high quality timber gazebo

White curtains

Timber board walk

1 x stone coffee table

1 x mini table

A variety of adornments

4 x vases of fresh flowers

Have you tried Meditation before? Let me know your techniques in the comments below…


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