5 Ways To Transform An Old Sofa

Your sofa= your throne. Today we show you 10 ways to transform an old sofa.

You are the monarch of your home and the sofa is your throne. So if your couch isn’t exactly the standards you’d expect to see in Buckingham Palace, something needs to change!

Problem numero uno: new sofas are super expensive! And chances are, you can’t afford to fork out two grand as soon as your couch starts to show a few signs of wear and tear.

Luckily, there are easy ways to transform an old sofa that won’t leave your poor wallet emptier than a drought-plagued desert. Believe me, I’m a first home buyer.. I know all about saving that dollar.

Watch and learn…

1. Throw On A Throw


(Photo Source: amazon.co.uk)

Let’s play spot the ugly sofa.

Ok, this one is from personal experience! After my boyfriend and I bought our first home, his parents kindly donated us their old sofas so we could actually #NetflixandChill. As sweet as the gesture was, the battered, 80s floral print was pretty much the antithesis of my decor taste.

What did I do? I ran to the hills! Nope, just kidding: I’m still here! I simply grabbed some pretty knitted throws and turned a monstrosity into something rather cute.

Although they smell a little musky (nothing perfume can’t fix), my throw-covered sofas are super cosy and stylish.

2. Adorn With A Table Runner & Printed Pillow Covers


Above: My hideous 80s sofas were given a new lease of life with throws, printed pillows and a table runner.

To add further life and style to the said 80s sofas, I added an array of cute printed pillow covers. To highlight the larger sofa, I also added a printed table runner directly down the center.

When choosing your decor pieces, it’s important to keep both your color palette and home decor theme at the front of your mind. For example, as my home decor style is beachy, with a neutral, gray and blue palette, I chose pieces that would fit well with this theme.

The products I used:

BlueOcean Blue

From left: chic jacquard table runner, jacquard paisley pillow covers, floral embroidered pillow cover

3. Reupholster


(Photo Source: remodelaholic.com)

This option is great for DIY lovers who are looking for a large rewarding project. As long as your sofa’s shape and foundations are in good form, this could be a wonderful option for you.

Re-upholstering is a fantastic way to transform an old sofa to make it completely gel with your living rooms interior. We recommend opting for a neutral, sturdy fabric to ensure your throne is worthy of your palace for years to come.

First home buyers: why not buy a cheap sofa from a thrift store or garage sale and reupholster? It will save you a fortune. Don’t fret: that hideous, loud Seventies print won’t be part of your decor forever!

Once you have reupholstered your sofa **a round of applause to you**, add interest, prints and color with printed pillow covers.

This selection adds texture and print to any monochrome home:

BlackGoldCoffee Brown

From left: Solid geometric pillow cover, hand painted deluxe accent pillow cover, hand embroidered throw pillow cover

4. Add Buttons


(Photo Source: lovelyetc.com)

Love the color, but just want to transform your old sofa? Adding cute buttons or tufting details can really bring an old sofa back to life, especially if the fabric is starting to sag.

Whilst you’re at it, why not change your sofa legs to something more on trend too? After all, it’s the little details that really make a difference on expensive your home looks.

5. Boho It!


(Photo Source: atlantishome.com)

The best thing about boho decorating is that absolutely anything goes. So if your sofa has a retro print or is looking a little shabby, work with it!

The first option is to work with the sofa print you have and compliment it with various printed cushions and throws. Or if you really hate it, cover it with a mixture of throws, fabrics and pillow covers.

Remember: Nothing is too much when it comes to boho!

Time to upgrade your thrown, your Royal Highness!

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Instantly Improve Your Home Office With These Tips

If you’re reading this, I can assume that your home office isn’t exactly the Google headquarters. Whether your home office is old, unstylish, or just dull, all it takes is a few nifty hacks to completely transform it into an inspiring haven.

On a budget? This post was made for you. Read on to see the simple and thrifty tips that will instantly transform your office…

Add Motivational Artwork


(Photo Source: popsugar.com)

A motivational piece of art or quote canvas may be all that it takes to give your office that trendy kick. For the best effect, choose a quote that really motivates you and place it smack bang above your desk.

Turn Your Filing Cabinet Into A Chalk Board


(Photo Source: organizationjunkie.com)

A dated filing cabinet alone can be enough to make you want to press the snooze button on your alarm clock. So how do you stay organised and add a fun edge to your office decor?

The answer: chalk board paint. Paint your filing cabinet and you have a multi-purpose office filing cabinet and chalk board to jot down any important thoughts. Plus, there is something so effortlessly chic about matte black.

Makeover Your Office Chair


An ergonomic office chair can set you back a whopping $300, so you want to get as much use out of it as possible.

If your old office chair still does the job, but is looking a little worn out, give it a much-needed makeover! I took my office chair from battered to beautiful by covering it with the hand painted floral table runner and exotic oriental pillow covers.

Voila! An on-trend, ergonomic office chair without even picking up a needle!

Mason Jar Storage


(Photo Source: etsy.com)

Throw those dowdy pencil cases and ‘stationary stations’ in the bin, you’re not in elementary school anymore!’

Instead, grab some mason jars and spray paint rose gold and pastel tones. Fill with stationary and flowers to make a useful storage area that is pretty too!

Create A ‘Feature Block’

(Photo Source: architecturaldigest.com)

Forget a feature wall, this office decor idea will only cost you a tiny can of paint! Uplift a white or cream office by painting the area behind  your desk a vibrant and uplifting hue.

It’s important to take the psychology of colors into consideration here. Yellow is known to have an energizing effect, whereas purple is perfect for sparking creativity in writers or artists.

Add Comfort & Color With Printed Pillow Covers


(Photo Source: bloglovin.com)

Although Scandinavian Minimalism may be the leading trend for home offices right now, clean and colorless can be about as inspiring as blank paper. What do you do with blank paper? You add color!

Rather than faffing around with paints, simply add a vibrant printed pillow color to your office chair for an instant makeover. Team it with a complimentary canvas print for happy office vibes.

We Love


From left: floral embroidered pillow cover, jacquard floral pillow cover, elegant dahlia pillow cover

Go For Greenery


(Photo Source: hi-im-kelly.com)

Plants will, quite literally, put the life back into your office!

As well as making stylish decor accents, live greenery also makes the air in your office cleaner and oxygen is a must when it comes to brain power!

If your home office is near a window, opt for an air purifier, such as a broadleaf lady palm or a spider plant. Those with an office not near a window should opt for cacti and succulents.

Add A Peg Board


(Photo Source: mummyofboygirltwins.com)

An office is all about efficiency, but that doesn’t mean it has to be ugly! A peg board is a fantastic storage facility and is great for notices, stationary and inspiration. Best of all, it looks amazing too!

Looking for more office inspiration? Check out these stunning boho home offices.

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10 Wanderlust-Filled Boho Areas

The love of gypsy decor and the love and travel come hand in hand. Those who have a soft spot for bohemian style often are filled with fernweh; the longing for somewhere they have no yet been.

Whether you’re traveling, or simply looking for inspiration for your own home, these boho areas are so dreamy, you’ll have to pinch yourself!

A Mountain-side Picnic

wanderlust boho areas picnic on mountain
(Photo Source: alikaalove.tumblr.com)

We hope you don’t have vertigo! This dreamy picnic has the views to please a million gypsy souls. Printed cushions and beautiful throws make for boho areas that are pretty and comfy in equal part.

To recreate, grab a printed throw and two printed cushion covers. Then pack your favorite treats and head to the most beautiful view you can find.

Get The Boho Look

Black & Gold

Hand embroidered brocade pillow cover, modern two tone accent pillow cover

Cappadocia, Turkey

girl under sheets watching balloons over turkey
(Photo Source: hercampus.com)

Wouldn’t this be a wonderful sight to wake up to? Archaic Turkish architecture reflects a stunning sunrise, whilst hot air balloons decorate the sky.

For a snug boho area that is made for views, grab a large throw, a quilt or comforter and several pillows.

Get The Boho Look

Ornamental embroidered rectangular tablecloth, hand embroidered throw pillow cover

Boho Glamping

wanderlust boho areas camping under the stars
(Photo Source: instagram.com/hippiespirits)

If you’re not down with the kids, ‘glamping’ is basically the upmarket version of camping. Dowdy tents and camo have been switched for an airy boho dream of fairy lights, hanging lanterns and an abundance of printed pillows!

Just don’t forget to take bug spray!

Get The Boho Look

Printed table runners are a wonderful way to add texture and print to this makeshift ‘ceiling’.

Golden OrangeCoffee Brown

Saree border table runner, Arabian velvet table runner,

Boho Beach Party

boho beach party
(Photo Source: yahoo.com)

This dreamy set-up is perfect for weddings, baby showers, birthdays, or just for the fun of it! The only rule is: there needs to be enough people to carry this heavy wooden table!

Keeping the palette sandy, this set-up is made for the boho beach babe. Embrace textured pieces such as hemp, bamboo and wood to keep it rustic and add pops of print in understated, neutral tones.

Get The Boho Look

BeigePurpleBlack & Gold

Hand embroidered table runner, velvet sparkle throw pillow cover, hand embroidered brocade pillow cover

Shabby Seaside Set Up

boho beach picnic
(Photo Source: rocknrollbride.com)

Vintage lovers: this one’s for you! An abundance of lace, brocade and mish-mashed colors make this shabby chic set-up one of the easiest boho areas to recreate!

Bring florals to the seaside in the form of retro vases and flora-embellished crockery.

Get The Boho Look


Organza hand embroidered table runner,

Forest Dream

boho forest party
(Photo Source: thehousethatlarsbuilt.com)

If you’re more of a forest fairy, this stunning, boho picnic area is certainly for you! With a stunning hanging canopy cascading from the trees, an abundance of hanging decorations, and an abundance of prints and textures, it really does go to show that more is more in boho areas.

To stop it looking too cluttered, stick to a predominately pastel palette. Add several throws or blankets in various prints and top with as many printed pillow covers as you can carry.

Get The Boho Look


Hand painted floral rectangular tablecloth, damask style elegant table runner, jacquard floral pillow cover

RV Goals

boho campervan RV road trip
(Photo Source: showmeyourmumu.com)

Every gypsy girl gang needs a retro campervan! These ladies have fitted theirs out to absolute bohemian-dream perfection!

Hanging dream catchers, Native American prints and beaded curtains make for something truly stunning that is surprisingly easy to recreate.

Get The Boho Look

If you can’t find a printed blanket you love, why not use a boho print table runner as a bed runner?

Exotic oriental table runner, ornamental blossom table runner

Minimal Boho Beach

boho beach set up picnic
(Photo Source: inspiredbythis.com)

Forget heavy tables and actual furniture, this cute picnic area is all about keeping it simple.

Beachcomb to find a large swig or piece of driftwood to hang lanterns off. Then dot the floor with printed pillows in two contrasting tones. Dot the surrounding sand with mini lanterns for something truly magical.

Get The Boho Look

Hand embroidered brocade pillow cover, velvet sparkle throw pillow cover

On The Pier

boho areas in park
(Photo Source: modcloth.com)

If you’re not lucky to live out in the wilderness, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your own inner-city boho areas! Find a pier, park or green area and get it set up!

This stunning Aztec-print conglomeration of feminine pinks is all a girl needs to escape to fantasy land…

Get The Boho Look


Spring garden floral pillow cover, paisley leaf pillow cover, exotic oriental table runner

Rooftop Hang

boho wedding picnic area on New York City rooftop
(Photo Source: royallacebridal.com)

Now this is what we call city living! Go up to the highest roof top in your city and set up a teepee, pronto!

Add velvety cushions, flowers and aztec print rugs and you have the cutest boho hangout in town!

Get The Look

Ornamental embroidered rectangular tablecloth

Want to create a boho outdoor area at home? Here’s how…

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Laundry Room Ideas That Are So Chic

Laundry room and chic aren’t exactly known for being synonymous. As a matter of fact, our laundry rooms can often consist of dirty piles of clothes, strewn boxes of laundry powder and a whole lot of junk that we can’t seem to find a home for.

It’s time to turn this room from blah to beautiful! These gorgeous laundry room ideas will make you actually want to take your guests through the laundry room as they enter and exit the house!

Let’s make the laundry room the room we no longer want to avoid!

For The Tiny Laundry Room

laundry room idea for small room

(Photo Source: hometreeatlas.com)

If you’re laundry room is little more than a cupboard, don’t fret! Having a chic laundry room doesn’t mean it has to be the size of Texas!

The tiny, yet stylish laundry room above packs a whole lot of function into a small space without looking cluttered. This is a fantastic example of making the most of the length of the room.

When using numerous shelves and stacking white goods, keep the decor clean and minimal to ensure it doesn’t look cluttered. This white and wood combo looks neat and tidy.

If you do wish to add a little print or color, do so by hanging an ironing board on a side wall. This ensures it’s functional as well as stylish.

The Navy Bohemian

navy bohemian laundry room
(Photo Source: brepurposed.com)

Who knew that a laundrette could look so darn nautical and boho? Rather than leaving your washer and dryer bare and boring, build a small structure to put them under. This is great for neatly storing washing powder and another goods too.

We often place the ugliest and cheapest sinks that we can find in our laundry rooms, however, this laundrette makes us really re-think our choices. A navy sink with matte gold hard wear makes doing menial chores seem just that little bit more glam.

The room is topped off perfectly with a wooden shelf, hanging plant and stunning, contrasting boho rug. Add some boho chic to your laundrette with our hand painted deluxe floral table runner.

Rustic Orange

For The Pet Lover

laundry room with dog bed
(Photo Source: thisoldhouse.com

We love our fur babies, but litter trays and dog beds aren’t exactly gonna make our house look like The Ritz! The laundry room is often where our furry friends sleep, so what better way to make them feel at home than to build their amenities into your laundrette?

This little fella above is loving his new hideaway! Best of all, you don’t need to be a tradesman to do this yourself. Simply take the door out of one of the kitchen cabinets and add his dog bed!

This set up is fantastic for anyone who is refurbishing their kitchen and wishes to reuse their old cabinets. Simply paint them the same color as your washer and dryer and you’re ready to go.

Add color to this neutral set up with statement pots and ornaments. Then compliment this color by using a printed table cloth on your floor.

P.S. Does this dog seriously have this own private shower?
laundry room with cat bed and feeder
(Photo Source: BHG Style Spotters)

Cat parents, rejoice! We have found somewhere that litter tray will not be an eye soar! Place a double shelf in between your washer and dryer. Place the cat food on the top level and the litter tray on the bottom.

To make the cats area look glamorous, add a place mat under the feeding area. Our Saree border place mat is great for all neutral decor.

Alternatively, opt for a matching set to use under the litter tray and the feeding station, such as our placemat and table runner set.

Cute & Clean

clean minimal chic laundry room
(Photo Source: frenchcountrycottage.com)

If this isn’t the definition of a chic laundry room, we don’t know what is! The best part of this design is that it’s relatively simple to recreate.

Begin by adding a wooden shelf on top of your washer and dryer. Add cupboards and shelves and then finish by attaching a clothes rail for those freshly washed linens!

Finally, add cute touches such as shabby chic laundry baskets, faux roses and vintage jars.

Rustic Touches

rustic industrial laundry room
(Photo Source: southernliving.com)

Here’s one for the thrift shop lovers! Although this laundry room may not be as clean and neat as the others, it still has that stylish charm that makes us want to recreate it!

Metal shelves and hangers give it an industrial edge, whilst floral print rugs and woven basks place it into rustic territory.

To ensure your laundrette doesn’t look overly cluttered, keep it neutral and add a few statement colors and prints. Add one of our printed table runners to add a pretty, vintage edge to this room.

Ocean Blue

From left: jacquard paisley table runner, exotic oriental table runner, ornamental blossom table runner

Still want to de-clutter? Check out these hidden storage spots!

On a roll with a home decor makeover? Here’s how to make your home look more expensive.

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De-clutter With These Hidden Storage Spots

‘Out of clutter, find simplicity’, Albert Einstein

To de-clutter is the new trend.  In a world where we have everything, the ‘less is more’ mentality is something that is an up and coming zeitgeist. As a matter of fact, ‘The Japanese Art of De-Cluttering’, by Marie Kondo, is a New York Times #1 best seller.

But as much as we would like to dwell in a sparkling, ridiculously minimalist home, let’s be real. We need ‘stuff’. Those boxes of Christmas decorations are literal joy come December, those gardening tools are not just ‘a waste of space’ and your childhood toys can be as uplifting as a whole crate of chocolates. Long story short, ‘stuff’ is a must, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be on display to gather dust and be frowned upon by our tidier relatives.

It’s time to de-clutter without throwing any necessities away! All you need is some sneaky hidden storage spots for a clutter-free home!

Under Stair Storage


(Photo Source: roomdecorideas.eu)

This has to be the neatest storage area we’ve ever seen! Rather than having a simple cupboard under your stairs, opt for open-out drawers to store all of your bits and bobs in an easily accessible and organized way.

Unless you are a DIY expert, we highly recommend you bring in the experts for this one!

The Easy Hide


Even the most organized shelves can look as messy as a pig stye. The easiest, and quickest, solution is simple: cover it up! Use a printed table runner to hide the contents of your shelves! Plus, the design itself will add a further stylish edge to your room.

This is also an easy hack for covering under-bed storage areas, or even under shelving units.


I used the hand embroidered table runner to hide my internet and electricity cables.

DIY Under Bed Storage


(Photo Source: bobvila.com)

When storing bits and bobs under the bed, it doesn’t have to look ugly! Invest in some stylish, wooden crate boxes to give your bed frame an industrial edge. Opt for boxes in a wood that is the same shade as your bed frame to avoid unsightly clashes.

If your boxes end up a slightly different shade to your bed frame, add some printed pillow covers to your bed in the same shade as your new storage boxes.

The Bookshelf Hack


Book shelves filled with old classics add a little bit of class and culture to every home. But if your books weren’t, ahem, books? For an easy, and really safe, storage space, glue old book spines to a large box.

This is a fantastic space to store keys, passports and everything valuable.

Extra Bathroom Storage


(Photo Source: buzzfeed.com)

The bathroom is undoubtedly one of the rooms in the house that always needs a de-clutter! And with your bathroom drawers bulging, how on earth are you expected to find your bobby pins or nail clippers?

Take a cue from this ingenious hack and add a magnetic strip to the side of a bathroom drawer. This is the perfect place to store all of your essentials that would normally get lost in a sea of ‘stuff’.

De-clutter Your Garden Shed


(Photo Source: craftriver.com)

Gardening is far much more fun when your tools are organized! De-clutter your shed by installing a simple rack made from PVC pipes.

Laundry Storage


(Photo Source: homeanddecor.org)

The space between your washing machine and tumble dryer can totally be utilized! A small, pull-out shelf is the perfect place to store cleaning products and other necessities.

Happy de-cluttering!


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