Inside Game of Throne’s Emilia Clarke’s Home

The Mother of Dragons can add Owner of Perfect Home to her long list of titles.

When she’s not donning a blonde wig and emerging from flames in the nude, Game of Throne’s Emilia Clarke is conquering home decor goals in her perfect Venice Beach abode.

Today we play digital fly on the walls of Emilia Clarke’s home… and there’s not an unsullied room in sight!

The Outdoor Area

pool and outdoor area Emelia Clarke's home

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A modern Mareen perhaps? Game of Thrones references aside, the outdoor is the part of Emilia Clarke’s home that will haunt us in our dreams…


Those industrial walls, that greenery, those sofas and that blue pool. This is modern luxury in a nutshell.

A covered outdoor lounge area with a high ceiling and pendant lights makes a fantastic entertaining area. Printed floral and retro pillow covers add a little but of fun to this square and neutral area.

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Uplift gray or beige sofas with pops of retro prints in sunshine yellow and luscious green.

Above: Jacquard paisley pillow cover and damask throw pillow cover

The Library

library in Emelia Clarke's home

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Forget Sam Tarwell and the Maester’s library, Emilia Clarke’s home has a floor-ceiling library that would make any book worm squirm with joy!

A classic oak, expanding table and flocked grey chairs make it classically stylish. Don’t even get us started on those horse statues, they look like they have been taken straight off the set!

The Living Room

living room in Emelia Clarke's home


Is that dragons we see on that rug? House Targaryen represent!

The mild industrial themes are continued throughout the living room with exposed concrete floors and a cupboard spanning the length of the room.

We also spot some more medieval pieces here. A wheel? A chest? Perhaps Emilia is missing Westeros when she is not on set.

Surprisingly, this room may have just swayed our opinion on purple couches. This velvet lavender number adds to the regal qualities of the room.

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Line an exposed floor with a printed table runner adjacent to the sofa.


The Saree border table runner may not be adorned with dragons, but its great for adding modern regal vibes.

The Bedroom

bedroom in Emelia Clarke's home

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Retro California vibes are in abundance here. However, we do think that Emilia could give this room a little bit of fire (excuse the pun). The psychedelic headboard isn’t exactly what we would expect, but it fits in well with the rooms 1970s vibes.

Despite this, the real saving grace of the room is the subtle, printed yellow bedding set.

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Bring Emilia Clarke’s home, ahem, home with the subtle printed hand painted duvet cover set.

The Staircase

staircase in Emelia Clarke's home

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This funky staircase looks like it could be leading to some sort of hidden art gallery. Despite this, we’d really like to see a dragon stomping down there.

Please note: we are well aware that dragons are fictional.

The exposed industrial wall and sleek glass panel make this staircase the perfect balance between polished and raw.

All we have to say is: Emilia, can we come and visit?

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