20 Things That Prove That You Literally Live For Christmas

Do you literally live for Christmas?

Find yourself rocking around the Christmas tree when everyone else is still dreading the big Xmas buzz?

Here’s 20 things that prove that you literally live and breathe for everything Christmas..

1.It’s November 1st & your home looks like the inside of the Macy’s Christmas isle


(Photo source: theodysseyonline.com)

2. Your house is decked out in red and green all year round

If it isn’t covered with snowman prints it doesn’t count right?


From top left: Arabian velvet table runner, floral embroidered pillow cover, hand embroidered duvet cover set, luxurious artistry table runner

3. You can say “Merry Christmas” in at least 15 languages


…Yet you failed high school Spanish.

4. The Children in your family actually think you are lame for how excited you are on Christmas Eve


Erm… what happened to your Christmas spirit kiddies?

5. You’d rather eat actual poop than go a year without an iconic Starbucks red cup


You actually have a small display of cups from previous years in your spare bedroom. What can you say, you live for Christmas coffee.

6. This Mean Girls scene makes you excited for Christmas


Christmas is less than a quarter of a year away!!! **squeals**

7. You own Michael Buble’s ‘Christmas’ in both regular and deluxe editions


(Photo source: me.me)

Come to think of it, ‘I’ll Be Home For Christmas” would be a good first dance song.

8. When you were a kid you wanted to work in the Elves toy factory when you grew up


(Photo source: magnumlady.com)

And you still hold a slight grudge against your parents for telling you that wasn’t an actual profession.

9. You’ve totally tried to set up some of Kevin McAllister’s traps from Home Alone


And you totally fell down the slippery staircase yourself.

10. People who don’t like Christmas actually scare you


We call is Scrooge-a-phobia.

11. Your friends don’t recognize you when you’re not rocking a Xmas sweater.


Hey, they are cozy!

12. Your December electricity bill is approximately as much as the entire Las Vegas strip added together


(Photo source: me.me)

Who said that money can’t buy happiness?

13. You once asked for mulled wine in a bar…


…and the barman actually laughed at you.


14. It’s November… and you’ve already watched The Grinch 23 times


And by the 19th time, you literally know when the hilarious ‘what will I wear scene’ will come on and laugh before it’s actually happened.

It’s just so darn moving.

15. You are pretty sure that your neighbors have heard you belting out ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’


….In June.

16. You have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to Christmas


(Photo source: https://www.pinterest.com.au/marthastewart)

Actually, you have one for ‘Christmas decor’, one for ‘Christmas food’ and one for “Christmas movies.”

17. You can’t drink Coca Cola without murmuring ‘Holiday’s are coming’ with matching train actions


Ah… childhood!

18. The sauciest thing in your closet is this.


And sometimes you just wear it around the house…

19. This dog is your spirit animal


**Cue chorus of awws**

20. By the end of this article you are singing a Christmas song out loud!


Caught you!

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The Last Minute Thanksgiving Outfits That Are Guaranteed To Hide That Bloat

Thanksgiving= lots of food. Simple. Don’t rock a tight dress that makes you look 9 months pregnant with the worlds largest food baby, try one of these cute last minute thanksgiving outfits instead.

They are 100% guaranteed to hide that bloat. Meaning that you can look and feel great whilst indulging on that turkey.

High Waisted Skirt & Plaid Shirt

(Photo source: http://www.highpe.com)

A plaid shirt is to Fall, what a bikini is to Summer! Be seasonally appropriate in a lose and lovely plaid shirt.

High waist style skirts are a fantastic way to beat that 5 course food baby. Choose a pretty tulle number to contrast with the plaid shirt.

Oversized Sweater Dress & Scarf


(Photo source: instagram.com/junesixtyfive)

An oversized sweater dress is like a Thanksgiving miracle. It skims over any bumps and bloats, meaning that extra slice of pecan pie you ate is nowhere to be seen!

Best of all, most fashionistas own an oversized sweater dress, making it option when it comes to last minute Thanksgiving outfits.

Scarf it up!

A neutral hued sweater will look wonderful with a grey or oatmeal colored scarf.

Paisley wool scarf and floral wool scarf

Boho Dress & Boots


(Photo source: justmarvellous.com)

If you fancy something a little less Wintery, a loose fitting bohemian print dress is a fantastic option. Embroidered details and drop waist patterns are on-trend and totally full-tummy friendly.

Add ankle boots for a cute and stylish look.

Peplum Top & Jeans


When it comes to nailing last minute Thanksgiving outfits, it’s all about choosing the best pieces you already own. Anyone who already owns a peplum top will know that it is an absolute saving grace for those bloated days.

Team it will slim fit jeans that are not too tight for a balanced look. Finally, add a bit of detail with a neck tie.

Scarf it up!

Our exotic silk scarf will add a colorful flair to any Thanksgiving Day look.


Velvet Wrap Dress


(Photo source: cellajane.com)

If your family get quite dressed up for Thanksgiving dinner, opt for a wrap dress. These babies are made to be slimming! Alongside this, they are also easy to loosen if you do get a little bloated.

Warm velvet dresses are a wonderful way to stay cozy and chic.

Loose Linen Shirt & Jeans


(Photo source: seejanewear.com)

Bring a little ooh la la to the dinner table with this oh-so-French oversized button up and jeans combination.

Add a silk neck tie for a side of je ne sais quoi with that turkey.

Scarf it up!

The artistic print silk scarf was made to look Parisian.

Oversized Sweater & Midi Skirt


(Photo source: whowhatwear.com)

A bell sleeved sweater is a must-buy for this Fall. For a bloat-appropriate Thanksgiving look, layer up a long and oversized sweater with a tighter fit midi skirt.

The tighter fit of the midi skirt will balance out your proportions whilst the sweater skims flatteringly over any lumps and bumps.

Open Blazer & Statement Scarf


An open blazer will skim over your tummy, whilst a statement scarf draws attention away from any unsightly bloating.

Add comfy jeans and loafers for a look that you will feel great in all day long.

Scarf it up!

A patterned scarf, such as the stripe print scarf will add an element of fun to your look.


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Christmas Planning: FAQS Answered

Want to know when to start shopping or put up your Christmas decorations? This ultimate Christmas planning guide answers all those sticky common questions.

Christmas? I hear you scream in surprise. It’s the start of November!

True. But the malls are already decked out in giant snowflakes and twinkling lights, Advent calender’s are at the forefront of every grocery store in town and I swear that we heard ‘Last Christmas’ playing on the radio yesterday…

As the temperatures continue to fall and the evenings get a little frosty, we can’t help but feel a little Christmas joy every time we see a speck of tinsel or stray fairy-light.

Not sure how early is too early to start planning for the holidays? We answer the FAQs everyone wants the answers to in our Christmas planning guide…

When Should I Put Up My Christmas Decorations?


(Photo source: idolza.com)

Ah… the age old question. How early is too early? Traditionally Christmas decorations are put up on the first day of Advent, which is the 3rd of December. Despite this, many Holiday fanatics put up their decorations and tree in early-mid November.

If you’re planning on having a real tree this year, don’t buy it until December the first. Any earlier and it will have biodegraded to a pile of fallen pine needles come December 24th!

When Should I Start Christmas Shopping?


(Photo source: womensday.com)

According to time.com, 30 million American’s had already started Christmas shopping by September the 30th. Before you start panicking, we’ll let you in on an even crazier fact: 30% of American’s have not finished their Christmas shopping until Christmas Eve! Eeek!

Unless you like feeling like a sheep in a meat market and elbowing your way through hundreds of unorganized husbands and boyfriends to snatch that last perfume bottle for your Mother in Law, don’t leave it until the last minute!

We recommend starting your Christmas shopping whenever you feel like it (duh). However, it’s sensible to be finished by the around the 20th to avoid the last minute Mall-panic!

If you hate crowds and rude retail staff altogether, why not do the majority of your Christmas shopping online? After all, there is far more variety. Here’s our Christmas gift guide to get you started!

Here’s some of our fave gift ideas for Mom:giftsformom

1. Paisley Wool Scarf

2. Paisley Embroidered Pillow Covers

3. Elegant Dahlia Pillow Cover

4. Hand Painted 7 Piece Table Runner and Placemat Set

5. Hand Painted Duvet Cover Set

How Much Should I Spend On Christmas Presents?


(Photo source: elledecor.com)

This one’s a little controversial. For many, the thought of buying a family member or friend a $10 gift and receiving a $50 one can be pretty embarrassing. We don’t mean to sound like your preachy Aunt here, but it honestly is the thought that counts!

For some buying expensive Christmas gifts can be too much of a financial strain and it honestly isn’t worth putting yourself and your family through hardships for the sake of a slightly better present.

Disturbingly, one in three Brits put their Christmas gift splurges on credit. American’s aren’t much better and rack up an average debt of  $986 per household. Our neighbours down under buy almost half of their Christmas gifts on credit.

At the start of your Christmas planning, set yourself a strict budget for presents and stick to it!

As a guideline, the National Retail Federation reports that the average American spends $462 on gifts for family members.

Ready to start planning your Christmas? Check out our range of stunning hand crafted Indian decor items that are perfect for gifting.



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10 Stylish Halloween Costumes

10 easy to create stylish Halloween costumes for the ladies who want to look cute, not creepy!

Halloween parties are just around the corner, but who wants to look like a witch, ghoul or member of the undead?

**Raises hand**

Thought so!

Luckily, we are on your side and we’re here to bring you 10 stylish Halloween costumes that are cute, on-trend and easy to recreate.

After all, who wants to go to a party looking like a corpse?

1.Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffanys


(Photo source: tressugar.com)

It doesn’t get much more chic than Audrey Hepburn in breakfast at Tiffanys! Best of all, this costume uses pieces you are likely to already have in your closet!

As for the cigar, make one out of a pencil!

You will need:

  • A little black dress
  • A statement necklace
  • Black gloves
  • Tiara or jewelled hair piece
  • Statement jewel studs
  • DIY cigar/ pencil

2. Gypsy


(Photo source: maskerix.de)

Boho is still all the rage, making the gypsy a very stylish Halloween costume indeed!

You will need:


3. Mary Poppins


(Photo source: popsugar.com)

If it’s good enough for Lauren Conrad, it’s good enough for us!

We bet that you already own a black skirt, black heels and a white shirt. All this one needs is a bow tie, a top hat and an umbrella!

You will need:

  • White shirt
  • Black skirt
  • Black tights
  • Black heels
  • Red bow tie
  • Umbrella
  • Black hat
  • Red flower (for hat)

4. Mime


(Photo source: cosmopolitan.com)

Although mimes can be pretty creepy, they can be totally sexy too! A striped top and overalls make this stylish halloween costume super easy to recreate using pieces you already have.

You will need:

  • Black overalls
  • Black and white striped tank top
  • Black boots
  • Beret
  • 1 x red scarf

5. Unicorn

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - OCTOBER 28: Actress Jenna Dewan Tatum arrives to the Casamigos Halloween Party at a private residence on October 28, 2016 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Casamigos Tequila)

(Photo source: instyle.com)

Don’t pack away your white Summer dress just yet! Layer it up with tights and go as a magical unicorn!

The horn can easily be made with a silver scarf and rolled up cardboard.

You will need:

  • White dress
  • White tights
  • White shoes
  • DIY horn

6. Butterfly Snapchat Filter


(Photo source: youtube.com)

This has to be the easiest of all our stylish Halloween costume, as it’s just hair and makeup!

Rock your fave party dress and adorn your hair with glittery gold butterflies and voila!

7. Pineapple


(Photo source: pinimg.com)

Got a bright yellow dress and intermediate craft skills? This pineapple costume is cute and creative!

Fake leaves are a fantastic way to make the spiked head piece.

You will need:

  • Yellow dress
  • Retro sunglasses (optional)
  • Spiky head piece

8. Regina George


(Photo source: seventeen.com)

The queen bee from the iconic film may have a few different looks, but we are loving this back brace Regina costume!

You will need:

  • Strapless pink dress
  • Fake flowers
  • DIY back brace

9. Marilyn Monroe


(Photo source: pictify.com)

It doesn’t get sexier than Marilyn Monroe in that white dress!

Get yourself a white halter dress, some red lipstick and get ready to be the most stylish lady at the party.

You will need:

  • White halter dress
  • Red lipstick
  • Silver heels
  • Statement gem studs

10. Wednesday Addams


(Photo source: popsugar.com)

Although the youngest member of the Addams family is kind of creepy, she’s still quite stylish!

You will need:

  • White shirt
  • Black long sleeved dress or black long sleeved top and black skirt
  • Black tights
  • Black brogues

After more Halloween stylish Halloween costumes? Here’s 10 cute halloween costumes that are surpisingly easy.

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Adorable Summer Scarf Looks To Copy

Note to self: these Summer scarf looks= instant babe status.

It may be bikini weather, but that doesn’t mean you should throw your printed scarves into the dark depths of your wardrobe. When styled well, printed scarves can take a Summer look to the next level.

Whether you want to sip cocktails beachside, or hit the shops, here’s the Summer Scarf looks that you will want to copy ASAP…

(Photo source: Instagram.com/vanessamooney)

Looking for an easy and on-trend bandeau top? Dig out a printed scarf and simply tie in a feminine bow below the bust.

For a vintage-inspired edge, team with high-waisted jeans and layer over a long gold necklace. If you’re not confident enough to bare your abs, try layering this DIY bandeau over a plain white t-shirt.

Get The Look

Our striped scarf is made for tying, plus it is available in eight color combinations.



(Photo source: witanddelight.com)

It’s a little strange, but there’s something so darn quirky and effortless about this scarf worn as an anklet.

Go for a slim, silk scarf to ensure it’s not bulky and pair with cropped jeans with a hem just above the ankle.

Get The Look

Go for effortless boho chic with the floral paisley silk scarf


(Photo Source: urbanoutfitters.com)

Monochrome is a fail-safe option for any season.

This Summer scarf look is great for any fashionista who likes to make the most of her wardrobe basics. Grab a pair of slim-fit black jeans and a black tank top and give it some edge with a black scarf worn short.

Get The Look

The high-sheen pattern on the solid color scarf will add interest to a monochrome outfit.


(Photo source: southerly-styled.tumblr.com)

This bohemian style little white dress just screams Summer vacation. Just when you thought that this outfit couldn’t get any more cute and effortless, she adds a tied silk scarf to her hair!

Hair scarves are a fantastic way to keep fly-aways at bay, hide any greasy roots, or just embrace your inner hippy chick.

Get The Look

The artistic print silk scarf will really pop when worn with a little white dress.


(Photo source: wachabuy.com)

This Summer scarf look is made for balmy evenings when it starts to cool down.

A printed scarf is a fantastic light alternative to a jacket, plus it looks incredible. Tie around the shoulders for something really elegant.

Get The Look


The floral paisley scarf is the perfect pretty statement to snuggle up in.


(Photo source: luvsomuch.com)

Denim shorts and a white t-shirt are as staple to a Summer wardrobe as bread is to a pantry!

For a less-sweaty take on the double denim trend, add a denim-style or denim-colored scarf. Layer with nude necklaces and pair with nude accessories for a fresh take on minimalism.

Get The Look



Go for all-over pops of blue for something truly stunning. Above: Pure wool animal print scarf.


(Photo source: shopstyle.com)

Gingham is the one trend that you need in your wardrobe this Summer! The problem with key trends? Everyone is wearing them.

Add a difference to your gingham look with a hot red scarf. There’s something so retro and understatedly sexy about the combination of gingham and red. Think a modern 1950s bombshell and you’re on the right track!

Get The Look

The exotic silk scarf will look fantastic paired with any monochrome print, gingham included.


(Photo source: Instagram.com/lornaluxe)

How adorable are these hair bows? Opt for a flowy, wool scarf for a romantic look.

Don a trendy off-shoulder top for extra trend points.

Get The Look

Make this Summer scarf look yours with our tropical floral scarf.


(Photo source: mappcraft.com)

When it comes to print clashing, stripes are practically a neutral.

Give a classic striped top a saucy tropical edge with a scarf that screams resort.

Then add those giant sunnies and watch the boys stop and stare…

Get The Look

Sizzle in the orange floral paisley scarf.


(Photo source: turbanista.com)

This model looks like a young Madonna. That alone is enough to show that Summer scarf looks aren’t necessarily for girly girls.

Rough it up in a white tank top, chain and turban.

Get The Look

Fold the solid color scarf into a turban and voila!

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