Fall Porches That Will Give You A Warm Fuzzy Feeling

Fall porches have the capability of giving your guests that warm fuzzy feeling before they’ve even stepped through your door. Although you may think that outdoor decor is best left to the warm and sunny days of Summer, decorating your porch or outdoor area for Fall can have a whole different purpose.

Whether you want an outdoor area to sit outside with, snuggle up and drink tea, or are just trying to give your home an Autumnal edge, Fall porches are a wonderful way to do so.

Today we show you our favorite Fall porches that are guaranteed to make you feel warm and snug.

The Outdoor Verandah


(Photo Source: stonegableblog.com)

If your missing Summer barbecues and long, warm nights sipping cocktails, this outdoor area will give you the chance to return to the great outdoors. Situated on the porch, this decor gives your home an Autumnal edge, as well as serving a more practical purpose.

If you have a large verandah, recreate this look with a large, monochrome printed rug. Add two rocking chairs and top with Fall-toned cushions and snug blankets. Finally, bring the harvest home with an array of pumpkins and fresh fall Flora.

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When choosing cushions for Fall porches, it is important to stick to warm Autumnal tones. We recommend our pumpkin-hued paisley embroidered pillow and our vibrant floral throw pillow cover.


An Autumnal Swing


(Photo Source: countryliving.com)

This autumnal swing is what dream Fall porches are made of! Instead of leaving a statement chair or swing bare, take inspiration from this photo and add snug Fall-hued blankets and luxurious creamy pillow covers.

Recreate the rest of the porch area by adding lanterns, Fall flowers and a bucket of harvest vegetables. Finally, add a stunning Autumnal wreath to your door for a warm welcome.

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This porch juxtaposes a stunning tartan throw with creamy cushions. Let the tartan do the talking and combine your throw with our neutral-hued hand embroidered brocade pillow cover and hand painted deluxe accent pillow cover.

A Rustic Harvest Table


(Photo Source: ellaclaireinspired.com)

If we saw this stunning set up outside someones home, we would instantly be impressed! Old tin buckets and a rustic wooden desk gives this Fall porch a really on-trend edge.

To recreate, place a rustic wooden desk or table on your porch. Top with a tartan table runner and a wooden tray. Adorn the tray with vintage bottles and old jugs filled with Fall flora. Finish by a taking two metal buckets or jugs and filling with leafy Fall plants.

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The warm and vibrant table runner here really compliments the burnished orange tones in the plants. The hand painted deluxe floral table runner is made to compliment an array of Fall flora.

Rustic Orange

The Maxi Wreath


(Photo Source: pinimg.com)

Who needs a Fall wreath when you can literally create a stunning floral border around your entire door? This sunflower and leaf concoction really has the wow factor. Keep the flowers within the warm end of the color scale and embellish your door with a matching centerpiece.

No flowers? No worries! Fake flowers will look just as lovely and will be able to be reused year after year.

The Harvest Gathering


(Photo Source: fancitaste.tumblr.com)

In traditional terms, Fall is all about the harvest. Bring the hearty goodness of the harvest to your porch and remind passers by of all the things they have to be thankful for!

To recreate this oh-so-warming porch, you will need a few rustic barn items: a barrel, a chest and a table. Stuff the chest with an abundance of hay and top with berries and squashes. Don’t be afraid to get messy; the key here is that it needs to look authentic. A basket of stunning pumpkin-hued flowers is the perfect way to compliment the pumpkins you have in your fall set-up. Sprigs of berries and spiky twigs will ensure that the set-up looks effortless, rather than too overdone.

The Wreath n’ Seat


(Photo Source: houseofhawthornes.com)

Fall for one? Yes please! Out of all of the Fall porches, this one takes the best elements of all of them and places it in a trendy, yet traditional, set-up. Bundles of corn are contrasted with ferns, while traditional Fall wreathes are pulled forward to 2016 with this high-shine black rocking chair.

Ready to recreate? Find an old rocking chair and give it a makeover with a high shine black paint. Add a monochrome printed cushion for comfort. Add traditionally Autumnal elements by hanging a leafy wreath on your door. Tall corn in bundles makes an effortless statement, but ensure you keep it polished by adding pretty flower-filled baskets. Lastly, dot with pumpkins, because Fall without pumpkins is like Christmas without Santa!

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Monochrome printed cushions, such as our solid geometric pillow cover, give this ode to Fall a modern twist.


Which of our Fall porches is your favorite?

Rachel Holliday

Rachel Holliday

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