Flea Market Shopping: 10 Tips To Getting Great Decor Deals

Flea market shopping is a bit like embarking on a mystery treasure hunt. There may be bad waves, you need a solid crew with you and sometimes, if you’re lucky; you pick up a real gem.

For those of us who can’t afford to deck out our homes in the latest high street finds, flea market shopping is a fantastic way to find affordable and unique decor pieces.

The one problem? Flea markets can be seriously hard to navigate.

Buckle up bargain hunter: here’s ten tips to get great decor deals at flea markets…

Get In Early

flea market shopping tips

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If you head to a flea market at 1PM, chances are, all of those fantastic decor pieces will have been snapped up by other buyers.

To increase your chances of bagging a great deal, we recommend getting to the flea market as early as possible. Although setting your alarm for 6.30 on a Sunday may be as painful as a bikini wax, it’ll be worth it for that vintage dressing table!

Comfort Is Key

If you’re trying to look super stylish when going flea market shopping: don’t. Light layers and flat, comfortable footwear will keep the experience enjoyable and easy.

Take A Trailer

Home decor pieces can be pretty hefty and who wants to scratch their car trying to squeeze in a kitchen table?

If you are looking at thrift shopping as a means of decking out your home with larger pieces of furniture, take a trailer. This will avoid having to negotiate pick up and delivery arrangements with the seller too.

Navigate Before Entering


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Flea markets often have different areas for different products, for example, one area may be dedicated to furniture, whilst another may be dedicated to clothing.

Flea market shopping  is all about preparation, so check out the markets Facebook page or website to see if there is a map or layout. Many entry points to flea markets may also provide you with a map.

Take A Mate

Whether it’s your fiance, your great aunt, or anyone in between, flea market shopping is far better with others.

Why? They can give you an honest opinion about that 1960s dresser you’re about to splurge on….

Flash That Cash


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Ok.. we are not telling you do go around waving fifty dollar bills in the air like you just don’t care. Actually, please don’t, it’s pretty much the equivalent of standing on a table and screaming ‘mug me’.

Jokes aside, the majority of sellers at flea markets will not have card machines to cater for your AMEX. Take plenty of cash with you, you never know what kind of treasures may be there!

Ask About Pick Up Policies

So you’ve found a huge sofa that will look so amazing in your front lounge. Before you hand over that cash, have a chat with the buyer about pick up policies. Make sure they want to hold it until you finish shopping.


home-decor-flea-market-shoppin g

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Sellers always incorporate ‘haggling costs’ when pricing their items, so don’t be afraid to put in an offer when something seems a little bit too pricey.

Don’t go too low though, you will just get laughed at if you offer $20 to something priced $150.

Consider Renovations

Don’t pass on a great deal if it can be easily renovated to look amazing. Painting, replacing screws, or varnishing are all cheap and easy procedures that can make that dated decor piece look amazing.

Pair The Old With The New

When thrift shopping, think about how you are going to style a potential item. Although it’s tempting to buy everything second hand, doing so can make your home look a little like a thrift store.

The general rule of thumb is: Pair the old with the new.

These stunning decor set ups below how paired thrift-store finds with new buys perfectly:


(Photo Source: fleachic.blogspot.com)

This stunning shabby chic bedroom ticks all the cute vintage boxes. A flea market bought bed frame and re-purposed wardrobe are beautifully combined with a new bed linen and throw to create something vintage-inspired, yet not too granny-ish.

Get The Look

That ‘farm house’ look is all about neutrals and red. Give your flea market shopping finds a modern uplift with our jacquard paisley table runner and matching jacquard paisley pillow covers.


(Photo Source: instagram.com/fleamarketstyle)

Above is a perfect example of how re-staining wood can truly transform worn-looking flea market finds. Top it with vintage-inspired, monochrome prints and natural textures and it equals something truly beautiful.

Get The Look

Whatever your flea market find, monochrome prints will give it a modern edge, without letting it loose its rustic charm. We recommend our solid geometric pillow covers, colorblock placemats and hawthorn leaf table runner.

BlackBlack & White

Check out our full range of vintage inspired decor.

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